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 Bo Sakura's body exploded into a shower of bloody rain. Nothing was left but a pungent smell of blood.

 All the people in the audience were stunned when they saw the genius from the Bushido Family of the Pacific Island exploded by one punch.

 "Director, isn't Qingfeng Li a bit too violent?" With a frown, Yuanlei Zhang looked at Fengwu Cao at his side.

 Fengwu Cao was silent for a while and a strange look appeared on his face. Then he said, "He is trying to shock the Pacific Islanders: admit defeat or be exploded." Fengwu Cao was very smart and had rightly guessed Qingfeng's intention.

 The audience were all representatives from different countries and it was the first time they were able to witness the atrocious violence of Qingfeng Li. They had finally understood why the participants had admitted defeat.

 Drying the cold sweat on his forehead, the representative of Singapore Team regretted deeply that he had tried to force Tianming Li to fight Qingfeng Li. It was fortunate Tianming Li didn't obey him or otherwise, he would have been held responsible for Tianming Li's death when he returned home.

 Of course, Qingfeng Li's atrocious violence was limited to the Pacific Islanders. It was his way of stunning his enemies.

 At this moment, all the participants of the convention looked at Qingfeng Li with awe and horror in their eyes.

 Even the second and third elders looked frightened. Exploding Bo Sakura, the pinnacle-stage grandmaster, with only one punch, Qingfeng Li was too powerful for them.

 They exchanged a look and saw horror in each other's eyes. The knew that even they could not defeat Qingfeng Li.

 But they both wanted the upper-grade spiritual device on Qingfeng Li.

 "Third Elder, please go home and bring an array spell master. We will kill Qingfeng Li after trapping him in an array." The second elder Ono Izu whispered to the third elder.

 An array spell master could lay out a powerful array and trap people before attacking them.

 The third elder nodded his agreement, knowing an array spell master had a better chance of beating Qingfeng Li than a grandmaster.

 He cast a chilling glance at Qingfeng Li and left.

 After witnessing the explosion of Bo Sakura, all the other participants admitted defeat.

 There was a deep feud between the Pacific Island and Huaxia and the participants would never have admitted defeat.

 For the honor of their emperor and the Bushido spirit, the Pacific Islanders would have fought Qingfeng Li at the price of their lives if they thought there was a slight possibility of beating Qingfeng Li. But Qingfeng Li was too powerful for them and the possibility was zero.

 Even equipped with a low-grade spiritual device, the Cyclone Sword, Bo Sakura was exploded by Qingfeng Li. Those people, without a spiritual device, dared not fight him.

 The remaining members of Pacific Island Team walked up to the arena and, one by one, admitted defeat.

 In the end, the third round ended in the victory of Huaxia. Qingfeng Li won the match singlehandedly without any contributions from either Flower Fairy or Xianzhi Qin.

When Qingfeng Li returned to Huaxia Team at the end of the match, all the team members looked at him in admiration since it was a great honor for Huaxia people to defeat the Pacific Islanders.

 "Qingfeng Li, you are so powerful that no one can be called your match wiothin the grandmaster realm." Flower Fairy said in a small voice.

 She possessed a mysterious power in her body and could read the strength of Qingfeng.

 She knew that even with her spiritual device, the Lotus Mirror, she may not be able to defeat Qingfeng. She thought his extraordinary physical strength was the result of some mysterious self-cultivation.

 Smiling faintly, Qingfeng Li didn't answer. But he quite agreed with her that he was unrivaled in the grandmaster realm, with the only exception of self-cultivators.

 Xianzhi Qin walked over and said in a low voice, "Qingfeng Li, come with me. I have something to tell you."

 Baffled, Qingfeng Li followed her to a nearby corner.

 "Miss Qin, what's the matter?"

 "After you are named the champion, I need you to do me a favor and ask for the dragon grass, which is a material for the life-prolonging elixir."

 "Don't worry, Miss Qin. I would ask for the dragon grass even if you didn't mention it. I will use it to make the life prolonging elixir for your father."

 Xianzhi Qin looked at him gratefully. She knew she was asking a lot since Qingfeng Li would not receive any rewards from the Special Security Bureau for bringing the Huaxia team to victory if he asked for the dragon grass.

 After a short break, Qingfeng Li stepped on the arena once more.

 Seeing him on the arena again, the participants of the Pacific Island had no choice but to admit defeat since no one wanted to die as Bo Sakura did. 

 Yes, they were scared and didn't want to die. Since they were even less powerful than Bo Sakura, their only option was admitting defeat.

 Likewise, all the participants from the other countries admitted defeat as soon as they stepped on the arena.

 Unrivaled, Qingfeng Li won the first place for the Huaxia Team on the Dragon Continent Ancient Martial Convention while Flower Fairy and Xianzhi Qin didn't even have an opportunity to step onto the arena.

 "The champion of the fiftieth Dragon Continent Ancient Martial Convention is Qingfeng." The middle-aged referee announced in a loud voice.

 All the people looked at Qingfeng Li with envy, jealousy, and astonishment.

 He was a champion with the most victories in the last fifty years since the establishment of the convention.

 Qingfeng Li walked to the award platform and received the Nine Dragon Imperial Jade Seal, the national treasure which had been taken to the Pacific Island and fallen into the hands of the country's ancient martial forces.

The Pacific Islanders had planned to lure the Huaxia ancient martial forces with the Nine-Dragon Imperial Jade Seal to Pacific Island and then kill them. They had never imagined that their own forces would be killed by Qingfeng Li and ultimately lose the Jade Seal to him.

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