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Equipped with the spiritual device from Ono Izu, Bo Sakura started acting extremely overbearing and regarded Qingfeng with contempt.

As a genius of the Bushido Family and a powerful pinnacle-stage grandmaster, he was familar with the considerable power of a spiritual device.

 It could destroy a grandmaster-grade weapon and kill the opponent with just one strike.

 "Qingfeng Li, I'll say it again. Bring your ass up here and die." Seeing Qingfeng ignore his words, Bo Sakura insulted him.

 His insults would have angered anyone, not to mention Qingfeng.

 Qingfeng Li sneered, killing intent flashing in his eyes. He said coldly, "You are asking for your death."


 He leaped up into the air and was on the arena in a blink of an eye.

 "Little one, the spiritual device in Bo Sakura's hand is the Cyclone Sword, a low-grade spiritual device." The voice of the Dark Night Emperor sounded in Qingfeng Li's head.

 Low-grade spiritual device?

 He asked indifferently, "Senior, can I withstand his attack with the Mortal Purgatory Body?"

 "Little one, since you are in the first tier of the Mortal Purgatory Body, you can not withstand it at present."

 "Senior, can my body withstand the power of a spiritual device when I reach the second tier?"

 "Yes. But right now, you can only break his spiritual device with your Red Fiery Sword and then crush his body." The Emperor of Night said.

After a long time with Qingfeng, the Emperor of Night had begun to share some of Qingfeng's violent tendencies for his enemies.

 Qingfeng Li nodded with understanding, knowing that at this time, his body, though invincible against other grandmasters, was vulnerable under the attack of a spiritual device.


 He drew his Red Fiery Sword and pointed it at Bo Sakura, "Come and meet your death."

 "Haha. Qingfeng, don't be so arrogant. In my hand is a spiritual device. That means I can kill you with one sword strike." Bo Sakura raised his head and laughed disdainfully.

 He and Saburo Izu had been good friends and he was furious when he witnessed his friend's death. Knowing his strength was much less than Qingfeng's, he had been suppressing his rage.

 But now equipped with the spiritual device from Ono Izu, he couldn't suppress his excitement and was impatient to kill Qingfeng Li with it.

 "Qingfeng Li, meet your death." With a furious yell, Bo Sakura swung out the sword abruptly which cut a huge crack in the air and hacked viciously at Qingfeng Li's head.

 He wanted to cut off Qingfeng Li's head with one sword strike.

 Faced with the vicious strike, Qingfeng Li calmly stood and didn't move until his rival's sword was inches from his body.

 He lifted his right hand and slanted the Red Fiery Sword with a slash. The sword aura ripped open the air and cut into the Cyclone Sword.


 The two swords collided with a huge breaking sound and the Cyclone Sword fell to the ground into two pieces.

What?! The Cyclone Sword broke into two?

 Bo Sakura was full of horror and disbelief. How could a spiritual device break?

 The audience was also stunned. Most of them were grandmasters and had heard and some had even seen the power of spiritual devices.

 Seeing the low-grade spiritual device broken by Qingfeng Li, they were naturally shocked.

 But no one was more stunned than the third elder Ono Izu. As the owner of the Cyclone Sword, he had used it in several decades to defeat countless enemies. He had not expected that it would be broken by Qingfeng Li when he loaned it to Bo Sakura.

 While everyone was stunned, Nakano Izu, who was presiding over the convention with grimness in his eyes, had a thought occur to him.

That's actually an upper-grade spiritual device in Qingfeng Li's hand. A trace of greed flashed in Nakano Izu's eyes since even he, the second elder of the Kendo Clan of Pacific Island, had only a middle-grade spiritual device

 He had a sudden urge to grab the upper-grade spiritual device from Qingfeng Li, but seeing the people around, he had to suppress his greediness.

 Seeing the second elder's expression, the third elder Ono Izu came to the same conclusion that Qingfeng Li's spiritual device must have been a middle or even upper-grade spiritual device since it had broken his low-grade spiritual device.

 At this thought, Ono Izu, like the second elder, had greed in his eyes, wanting to take the sword as his own.

 But he also decided not to move during the last round of the convention when all the participants were watching the proceedings on the arena.

 He had the same plan as the second elder that he would find an opportunity to kill Qingfeng Li and take his spiritual device as soon as the convention was over.

 Qingfeng Li was oblivious to all the greedy thoughts and killing intent from the Kendo Clan elders since he had focused all of his attention on Bo Sakura.

 "Bo Sakura, since your low-grade spiritual device the Cyclone Sword now is broken, what will you fight with?" Qingfeng Li sneered.

 Bo Sakura was no fool. He realized that Qingfeng Li's sword was a more powerful spiritual device than the Cyclone Sword.

 "Qingfeng Li, if you are man enough, you'll fight me without your sword." Bo Sakura said chillingly.

 Qingfeng Li knew that Bo Sakura was just trying to goad him to give up the Red Fiery Sword, but he did it anyway because his opponent was asking for his death even in a fist fight.

 Bo Sakura was ecstatic when he saw Qingfeng Li put away his sword. Abruptly, he punched his fist viciously at Qingfeng's head.

 "You chose to fight me with raw power? You overestimated your own strength." Qingfeng Li smiled contemptuously.


Qingfeng Li punched his right fist violently with a force as heavy as a mountain. It landed heavily on Bo Sakura with a loud Boom and exploded his entire body.

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