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Hearing that Qingfeng Li was about to kill him, Saburo Izu's face changed. He turned his body, wanting to escape.

Seeing this scene, everybody around looked like they had seen a ghost. Saburo Izu was a prodigy of the Kendo Sect. He was frequently the one killing others before, but now, he was running away as fast as a rabbit.

Saburo Izu was scared and horrified by Qingfeng Li's skills. This young man was too scary. He killed all the ancient martial teammembers of the Kendo and Shaman Sects by exploding their bodies.

Saburo Izu wanted to escape, but Qingfeng Li's speed was way faster and he caught up instantly.

"Qingfeng Li, I am ranked as the third sword master of the Swordsman League on the Pacific Island. My master is the Sword Emperor. You better not kill me, or else you will not walk out of Pacific Island alive." Saburo Izu's face solemned and he threatened.

The Sword Emperor?

Qingfeng Li frowned and coldness flashed through his eyes. The Sword Emperor was the most powerful existence, as he was the supreme strength of the Pacific Island. He didn't expect him to be the master of Saburo Izu.

Even though the Sword Emperor was powerful, Qingfeng Li couldn't care less. He was in the grandmaster realm and wasn't be afraid of any other grandmaster.

"Finished with your bullshit? You can die now." Qingfeng Li smiled. His right fist swung out like a massive mountain with an unstoppable force and pounded Saburo Izu's body.


Saburo Izu's body exploded and he died right away.

Everybody was in shock when they saw that Saburo Izu had died. Qingfeng Li was way too arrogant. Saburo Izu already mentioned his master's name, but still got killed by Qingfeng Li.

They didn't understand that Qingfeng Li always had no mercy towards his enemies.

Qingfeng Li turned his body. He found twenty ancient Martial Artist tokens from the Shaman Sect and the Kendo Sect's ancient Martial Art teams. Combined with the ancient Martial Artist tokens he obtained from killing the Taekwondo Sect, he had over thirty ancient Martial Artist tokens. Currently, he had the most tokens in his possession.

Qingfeng Li took the Thunder Spirit Flower and walked out of Thunder Valley calmly. When he came out, all the ancient Martial Artist teams backed up with horror in their eyes. They were all panicking after they saw the scene of Qingfeng annihilating everyone.

Not only these people, but also the people from Huaxia's Martial Art team faces were pale as they looked at him with fear.

In Huaxia's ancient martial arts world, other than being known as an absolute genius, Qingfeng also had another reputation of being a devil. The people from Huaxia's Ancient Martial Art team didn't know about this before, but they knew of it now. Qingfeng Li was way too scary.

You could say that Qingfeng Li utilized the battle of Thunder Valley to make his reputation of being a ruthless devil known throughout the Dragon Continent's ancient martial arts world.

Rumors of this battle was spread amongst the Dragon Continent by many ancient Martial Artist teams. Afterwards, many of the ancient Martial Artists from other countries avoided Qingfeng Li when they encountered him. They didn't want to offend this big devil. Of course, these were consequences.

Flower Fairy said as she saw surrounding people's face turned pale, "Qingfeng Li is from Huaxia, just like us. What are you guys afraid of?"

"Fairy, we are... not afraid." Some of the other Ancient Martial Artists said cautiously. Even when they said they're not afraid, they body couldn't stop trembling.

Qingfeng Li rolled his eyes when he saw people from Huaxia ancient Martial Artist squad were scared of him. Was I that scary?

Well, for sure, Qingfeng Li didn't know how scary he was. But for others, he was a devil, and a demon.

"Fairy and Ms. Qin, I have to find a place to absorb this Thunder Spirit Flower. See you guys later." Qingfeng Li talked to them and left.

The reason why Qingfeng Li had to be so violent was to stun those people. Once he obtained the Thunder Spirit Flower, those people would be envious and want to rob it from him.

However, it's different now. Qingfeng Li's strength of exploding Saburo Izu and the others made everyone scared. Even if people were envious, they didn't dare to attack him.

The Thunder Spirit Flower could help Qingfeng Li in advancing his level. He wanted to absorb the power of Thunder Spirit Flower, but he didn't dare to absorb it here. It was because one's body is fragile and therefore, disruptions during the advancement process would be problematic. If someone disrupted the process and attacked, then the body could suffer from serious injuries. It might even cause a drop in realm.

Qingfeng Li had to leave and find a place for breaking through.


All the people spread out into sides and looked at him with horror as he took a few steps forward.

Qingfeng Li treated those people as air and didn't even glance at them once. He flew up and instantly disappeared into the distance.

Qingfeng Li flew towards East for a hundred and fifty kilometers. He found a hidden cave and walked in.

The cave was very deep. The entrance of the cave had some abundant plants, which made a natural shelter.

Qingfeng Li covered up the entrance of the cave and entered it. He sat down with his legs crossed and took out the Thunder Spirit Flower.

There was still lightning flowing on top of the Thunder Spirit Flower. Inside the flower was contained an immense energy of thunder. Qingfeng Li opened his mouth and put the Thunder Spirit Flower inside.


Lightning crackled within Qingfeng Li's body and made loud "pilipala" noises. This time, it was not only the surface of his body that was struck by thunder, but his inner body and internal organs as well.

All the impurities in Qingfeng Li's body were vented out. These impurities were all harmful to internal organs and the effect of the Thunder Spirit Flower was to get rid of them to make his body's essence more pure.

The Thunder Spirit Flower turned into a huge powerful aura that roamed inside Qingfeng Li's body. It not only helped in removing the impurities, but also in tempering his body and internal organs. It made Qingfeng Li's flesh body's strength even sturdier.

After the power of Thunder Spirit condensed Qingfeng Li's muscles, the rest of the power gathered towards his lower abdomen. It spinned, gathered, and condensed consecutively within his dantian.


Qingfeng Li's dantian made a rumbling sound as if the torrential Yellow River and surging Yangtze River broke through the shackles in his body.


The "papapa" sound within Qingfeng Li's body sounded like frying beans. It was actually the friction caused by bones grinding against each other. The sound was very violent and ear-piercing.

As the sound stopped, Qingfeng Li stood up and felt a whole new font of strength within his body. The strength was very powerful.

Qingfeng Li operated the energy within his body and punched out. It instantly pierced fourteen round holes in the air.

Fourteen round holes was the symbol of breaking through the peak stage of the grandmaster realm.

"Hahaha, I finally broke into the peak of grandmaster realm! This Thunder Spirit Valley had such a great impact." feeling the strong power within his body, Qingfeng Li was very delighted.

Qingfeng Li was invincible within same realm as well as having an invincible body. Now that he broke into the peak of grandmaster realm, it meant he was invincible in the grandmaster realm. As long as there were no self-cultivators, he would be the strongest person in grandmaster realm.

"It's time to seize other people's ancient Martial Artist tokens. This time, I will be first place in the Dragon Continent's Ancient Martial Arts Competition." Qingfeng Li said as he walked out of the cave and headed into the distance.

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