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Qingfeng Li stretched out his right hand abruptly and grabbed Saburo Izu's sword with his palm.

What? He caught my sword with his bare hand?

Saburo Izu's face became pale and his eyes were filled with terror.

This sword was Saburo Izu's weapon. Regarding the power of this advanced level grandmaster tier weapon, he had a perfect understanding of it. It could even cut through a titanium steel plate easily. How did Qingfeng Li catch it with his bare hands?

"Holy smokes, catching a blade with his bare hands. Qingfeng is too good!"

"Yeah, this Qingfeng s too powerful! He caught Saburo Izu's attach with just a palm!"

"I used to think that Saburo Izu ought to be good because he's ranked number three as a sword art master. I definitely didn't think he would be so trashy."

Everybody who was gathered around discussed as they pointed at Saburo Izu.

All these ancient Martial Artists were from major forces of various countries within the Dragon Continent. Naturally, they weren't afraid of Saburo Izu and began mocking him.

Saburo Izu's face became gloomy and he looked at Qingfeng Li angrily. He wished he could kill this person who made him look like a joke.

Saburo Izu used all of his strength pressing his sword, but Qingfeng didn't even move an inch.

Qingfeng was only using his right palm to hold the sword but it felt like there was a mountain weighing on it. The heaviness was on top of his palm and wasn't afraid of the sword.

Qingfeng Li's right hand gripped firmly and twisted the sword into a spiral.

Saburo Izu's pupil contracted after seeing this change. He knew he underestimated Qingfeng power. His body type was purely too powerful and beyond his imagination.

Qingfeng simply turned the sword into a Twizzler's shape and threw it on the ground.

"Qingfeng is strong. Let's kill him together everyone!" Saburo Izu's face changed and he talked to the people of Kendo Sect behind him.

"Yes, captain," All nine people from Kendo Sect were holding swords. The swords drew an arc in the sky and flew towards Qingfeng Li.

Not only the Kendo Sect, but also the Shaman Sect's shamans attacked Qingfeng Li. They panicked when they saw how powerful Qingfeng Li was. Therefore, they wanted to kill Qingfeng Li with the Kendo Sect.

About a few dozens of people were attacking Qingfeng Li at the same time. They all shared the same goal of killing him.

Seeing that Qingfeng Li was in danger, Flower Fairy and Xianzhi Qin led Huaxia's ancient martial art team and wanted to rescue him.

However, when Flower Fairy started moving, the Pacific Island's Bushido and Karate families moved in to prevent her from saving Qingfeng Li.

Even though the Bushido and Karate families were both competitors with the Kendo Sect, they were all Pacific Islander and had pledged their loyalty to the Pacific Emperor. They were all very united so when they saw that Saburo Izu was going to kill Qingfeng Li, they had to help him.

As for Qingfeng Li, they felt like he was a threat. He was also from Huaxia, which was another reason to kill him.

Qingfeng Li's face darkened and there was a coldness in his eyes. In front of him were nine people from the Kendo Sect, and behind him were the Shaman Sect's people. Everybody wanted him to die.

"Hey Buddy, don't worry. Your Mortal Purgatory Body's first layer should be invincible in the grandmaster realm. As long as they're not self-cultivators or wield spiritual devices, they won't hurt your body at all." Dark Night Emperor's voice sounded within Qingfeng Li's mind.

Hearing the voice of the Dark Night Emperor, Qingfeng Li was relieved. He already knew how strong the Mortal Purgatory Body was, but he didn't expect it to be at this level. No wonder it was an existence powerful enough to evolve into an immortal physique.

"Bunch of garbage, come here. I'll stand here and let you guys slash me. I bet you guys can't even do that." Qingfeng Li looked around the enemies surrounding him and said arrogantly.

Qingfeng Li observed just now that the weapons that these people used were all grandmaster realm weapons and there were no spiritual devices among them. They wouldn't cause any harm to him. That's why he was being so provocative.

It was true. Spiritual devices were rare. It was reasonable that these people wouldn't possess any spiritual devices.

"How dare you say that we're garbage. You're so dead!" All the people were angry. Not only the people from the Kendo Sect were angry, but also the people from the Shaman Sect.

They were all supreme masters from each district and were all ancient martial grandmasters. Tens of thousands of people respected them. How were they garbage when compared to Qingfeng?

Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang...

More than a dozen weapons attacked Qingfeng. There were swords, blades, staffs, but there were no exceptions to these weapons - they either all broke into half or several pieces and fell to the ground.

All the people were caught off-guard at the moment and felt as if they were all petrified.

Was this Qingfeng Li a human being or a ghost? How was his body so strong that hitting him with grandmaster weapons will cause them to break into pieces? What they didn't know was, not just grandmaster weapons, even if an evolved wild boar bumped into Qingfeng Li, it would be die as well.

After mastering Mortal Purgatory Body, Qingfeng Li would have an invincible body against opponents of the grandmaster realm. No one could be his rival other than self-cultivators.

"You guys can die now." Qingfeng Li looked at the dozens of people around him and said with a murderous tone.

"Strangle Hell Fist!" Qingfeng Li said with his right fist swinging abruptly towards the people in front of him.

The Strangle Hell Fist was an unique boxing technique for the Mortal Purgatory Body. With the body type's evolution from the Self-Cultivated Strength Technique, the first punch could have a strong explosive force.

This punch was different from Qingfeng Li's punch before. He was in the late-stage grandmaster realm now. Normally, the strength of that fist would be 13 thousand kilograms but because Qingfeng had refined the Mortal Purgatory Body, the Self-Cultivated Strength Technique that could evolve into an immortal physique, the strength of his fist was doubled to 26 thousand kilograms.

Just think about how it feels like to be punched by 26 thousand kilograms. It would definitely explode a regular human body.


The first person's body that came into contact exploded directly into pieces. Blood dripped on the floor and dyed the floor red.


The Thunder Valley was filled with silence. Everybody was dumbfounded. They had seen someone who was violent, but not as much as Qingfeng Li. He was a grim reaper from hell.

"Demon!!! Run everybody!" the people around were all scared as they screamed miserably, and turned to escape.

How could they not be scared? This Qingfeng was merely a demon. Weapons could not go through his body; yet, his fist could explode an ancient Martial Artist. Would there be anyone stronger than him?

Bang bang bang bang...

Qingfeng Li wouldn't let anyone get away for sure. They were all his enemies and wanted to kill him before. His speed was fast enough to catch up with them in an instant. He beat up both the Kendo Sect and Shaman Sect's people to death.

Even though the Kendo Sect and the Shaman Sect's people were strong in their districts and were considered as supreme masters, when they were placed Qingfeng's opponent, no one could take a single punch from him.

"Saburo Izu, your people died. You're next." Qingfeng Li turned and looked at Saburo Izu with a desire to kill.

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