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Qingfeng Li no longer had any enemies after he stepped into the peak-stage of the grandmaster realm, except for Flower Fairy and Xianzhi Qin. The two women had some sort of mysterious powers.

Qingfeng Li got out of the cave and walked between the mountains. The ancient martial teams all wanted to run after they saw him, but they were way too slow.

"Give me your ancient tokens, or I will kill you guys." Qingfeng Li smirked and threatened the ancient martial teams.

These people all knew about how cruel Qingfeng Li was from him killing Saburo Izu and the shamans. In order to live on, they gave Qingfeng Li their ancient tokens without hesitation.

Qingfeng Li was the rumored devil between the Dragon Continents teams. No one would dare to offend him because they knew they couldn't fight against him.

With the rumors, Qingfeng Li quickly gathered tokens from twenty of the ancient martial teams, making the total amount in his possession to be two hundred.

This competition had 500 ancient Martial Artists attending, and only 200 moved onto the next stage. Qingfeng Li had 200 ancient tokens and thus, was the individual that had the most tokens.

With his tokens, Qingfeng Li found team Huaxia.

"Qingfeng Li, exactly how many did you kill to get that many tokens." Flower Fairy was shocked from the number of tokens Qingfeng Li had.

Even though Flower Fairy was powerful, she had to take on Qingfeng Li seriously because she felt that he had some sort of secrets.

In Huaxia, a lot of ancient martial artists were lucky and had fortunate fates, allowing them to become extremely strong.

Qingfeng Li smiled and said. "don't worry, they all gave me their tokens willingly. I didn't kill that many people."

Qingfeng Li wasn't a murderer. If he did, he would have offended a lot of people. The people he killed were from the Taekwondo, Tendo, and Shaman Sect, who were all his death sworn enemies already.

Apart from them, Qingfeng Li only took the other ancient Martial Artists' tokens. He didn't kill all of them.

Flower Fairy sighed. As the leader of team Huaxia, if Qingfeng Li were to kill to many people, he would make Huaxia the enemy of all the forces in Dragon Continent. It would be troublesome.

The first battle ended and everyone exited the mountains with the tokens they acquired.


Outside of the Inferno Thunder mountains.

There was a tall stadium in the middle of a huge field made from black marble stones. In addition, numerous chairs were placed beside the stadium for an audience to sit.

The directors of the competition, Fengwu Cao, Yuanlei Zhang, the Kendo Sect's Third Elder, the Taekwondo Clan's leader, and some other representative were sitting here. They all looked at the entrance quietly.

They were official representatives sent by the different families and clans and were here to see if their ancient martial art team could obtain victory or not. The top three contestants were entitled to several valuable prizes.

The representative from the Pacific Island was the third elder of the Kendo Clan. His other role was as the Pacific Island's Lieutenant.

His name was Ono Izu, a famous character within the Pacific Island. He was born in the Kendo Clan and was also part of the royal family. Overall, he was extremely powerful.

"Fengwu Cao, I think my team won this round." Ono Izu smiled and said.

As an influential giant of the Pacific Island, Ono Izu obviously knew Fengwu Cao. He knew that she was extremely powerful and was known as the Goddess of War, who had defeated the Pacific Island's attacks multiple times.

"I don't think so. I think Flower Fairy had won first round." Fengwu Cao smiled and replied.

Fengwu Cao knew how powerful Flower Fairy was because she was also from a mysterious family and grew up with Flower Fairy. Thus why she was able to invite Flower Fairy to attend this year's competition.

Flower Fairy was extremely arrogant and wouldn't meet anyone; even if it was the mayor of Jing City that invited her.

Fortunately, Fengwu Cao and Flower Fairy's relationship was extremely close. In order to win this year's competition, she asked Flower Fairy to come and help.

Fengwu Cao knew Flower Fairy had enormous strength within her. In addition, she had the spiritual device, the Lotus Mirror so it would be a piece of cake to win the competition.

Apart from Huaxia and the Pacific Island, the other representatives were chatting as well, regarding who would win this round.

"The first team to come out is the Bushido team from Pacific Island. I wonder how many tokens they have."

"The second team to come out is Taekwondo team from Pacific Island, but they don't look too good."

"Why isn't the Kendo Clan present? They are the most powerful team from Pacific Island so its a bit strange that they are so late."


Numerous teams started exiting from the mountains, everyone was shocked when they saw the teams that walked out.

Pacific Island was Dragon Continent's most powerful nation and their ancient martial team walked out first. But they don't look so well.

After hundreds of ancient martial team walked out, Ono Izu's expression changed because he still didn't see Saburo Izu from the Kendo Clan.

Maybe because he got too many tokens and decided to walk at the back to avoid being robbed. Ono Izu could only comfort himself that way.

Qingfeng Li was following Huaxia's ancient martial team at the back. He was extremely attention-grabbing because he was holding onto too many ancient tokens.

When Qingfeng Li exited the mountain, he felt that his control over the Sky Thunder Jewel decreased.

"Senior, what is happening. Why do I feel like I have less control of the Sky Thunder jewel?"

"There were two reasons that you were able to summon thunderbolts within the mountains. The first is the Sky Thunder Jewel and the second was the thunder from the sky. There were enormous amounts of electricity gathered in the sky in the valley but now that those are gone, you can no longer summon thunderbolts."

"But the thunderbolts were my ultimate trump card. What can I do without it?"

"The thunderbolts are most powerful within the mountains. Now whenever you want to summon thunder, you will have to use up large amounts of your vital essence to channel the Sky Thunder Jewel, so try to limit yourself." Dark Night Emperor said to Qingfeng in his mind.

Qingfeng Li was out of words after he heard the Dark Night Emperor's explanations. He thought he could forever use the thunder to kill people effortlessly and he would be invincible, but it was only possible within the mountains. Once he left the mountains, he had to use his vital essence to summon thunder.

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