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The fact that Xianzhi Qin killed a shaman with a single finger shocked everybody. The faces of the people from the Shaman Sect changed dramatically.

"Xianzhi Qin, how dare you kill one of our Shaman Sect's people! Do you want to create a feud with the whole Shaman Sect?" the middle-aged shaman captain said solemnly.

"I already killed him. What can you do about it?" Xianzhi Qin laughed with mockery.

Even though the Shaman Sect was strong, it was way weaker compared to the Fiery Emperor Palace. Xianzhi Qin wasn't afraid of them.

The people from the Shaman Sect were furious when they heard what she said. They wanted to show their anger, but the sect master stopped them. As the sect master of the Shaman Sect, he knew how powerful the Fiery Emperor Palace was. It was a deeply hidden force of the ancient martial art field in Huaxia.

"Xianzhi Qin, the Shaman Sect will remember this." the Shaman Sect's sect master threatened and led his people away.

Everybody could tell that the Shaman Sect's sect master was afraid, even when he left a threatening message. He just didn't want to look bad at the end.

"Thank you, Ms. Qin." Qingfeng Li smiled and expressed his gratitude.

Although Qingfeng Li wasn't scared of the Shaman Sect, he truly appreciated that Xianzhi Qin stood up for him.

"You must be careful. When you seize the Thunder Spirit Flower later, they will attack you for sure." Xianzhi Qin's lips curled upward and she warned him.

The awakening of the seal inside Xianzhi Qin's body caused her to talk with an inexplicable aura, which was to Qingfeng Li's surprise.

Qingfeng Li smiled and didn't care much about it. He had the Thunder Pearl on him and it was a superior treasure in the Thunder Valley. He wasn't afraid of anyone.

After about fifteen minutes, Saburo Izu suddenly said, "The thunder stopped. We have three minutes. You guys stop whoever that's behind us and I will go seize the Thunder Spirit Flower."


Saburo Izu's body moved like an arrow let loose from a highly strung bow. His speed was as fast as lightning, heading straight towards the other side of Thunder Valley. There stood a red Thunder Spirit Flower on the other side's cliff.

Seeing Saburo Izu rush forward, all the people from the other ancient martial art forces also rushed forward. The Kendo Sect's people moved and immediately blocked those people from entering, creating a chance for Saburo Izu.

Qingfeng Li's feet stepped on the ground with force and he flew up like an eagle. He directly flew over the top of the Kendo Sect's people.

Such fast speed! Flower Fairy's face slightly changed. She felt that Qingfeng Li's power had become stronger since they last met.

Qingfeng Li thought Flower Fairy was mysterious and it was also the case vice versa, Flower Fairy thought Qingfeng Li must be holding some secrets.

Qingfeng Li travelled fast and flew to the other side of the canyon. At this time, Saburo Izu's hand had already reached towards the Thunder Spirit Flower, grasping for the treasure.

The Thunder Spirit Flower absorbed thunderbolts, allowing it to hold the essence of the storm. It was red and about the size of a palm. On the leaves, there were flickers of electricity flowing and jumping around.

Saburo Izu's was rejoicing. He reached out his palm and prepared to snatch the Thunder Spirit Flower.

Qingfeng Li saw it and his body flashed like a lightning bolt towards the Thunder Spirit Flower as well. He fetched it at the moment when Saburo Izu was about to grab it.

Saburo Izu's face changed and anger appeared in his eyes.

"Bastard! This is my Thunder Spirit Flower! Give it back to me!" Saburo Izu said furiously.

In order to obtain this Thunder Spirit Flower, he had planned for a long time. It was because the Thunder Spirit Flower could help him in cleansing his body and raising his power to the next level. It was unexpected that Qingfeng Li would snatch it from right in front of him. He was so angry he felt like a volcano, ready to explode and burn Qingfeng Li to death.

"Who set the rule that this Thunder Spirit Flower must be yours? I grabbed it so it's mine now." Qingfeng Li held the Thunder Spirit Flower and felt a layer of lightning flickering around it, making his fingertips numb.

The Thunder Spirit Flower contained an immense energy. Qingfeng Li could felt it by merely holding it in his hands and he knew he could become stronger once he eats the Thunder Spirit Flower.

"Look! Saburo Izu is going to fight against Qingfeng Li. Who do you think will win?"

"Are you stupid? Of course Saburo Izu will. He is ranked as the third strongest sword arts master on the Pacific Island as well as being at the peak of the grandmaster realm. Qingfeng Li is only at the late-stage of the grandmaster realm."

"Yup, but Qingfeng Li was faster than Saburo Izu and snatched the Thunder Spirit Flower before him."

"So? I think Qingfeng Li is an idiot. Not just Saburo Izu, other ancient martial art forces won't let him go so easily."

The people who were till standing far away behan talking.

Although Qingfeng Li had a huge reputation, it was only within Huaxia's ancient martial arts world. Within the entire Dragon Continent's ancient martial arts field, his reputation wasn't as big as Saburo Izu's.

Also, not many people knew of Qingfeng Li's battle result on the Dark Island. If they knew, they would be stunned.

"Kendo Realm." Saburo Izu said and released his Kendo Realm over Qingfeng Li.

The Kendo Realm had a powerful offense capability and was the strongest realm for attack.

Within three kilometers around Qingfeng Li, countless blades came flying at him to cut him into pieces.

"Gravity Realm." Qingfeng Li released his Gravity Realm and form a huge blacklight veil.

The blacklight veil carried a massive gravitation force which sucked all the blades to ground. Sounds of "pong pong" were made after one another when the blades clashed to the ground and left numerous sword marks.

Even though the Kendo Realm formed into countless blades, none of them were capable of hurting Qingfeng Li.

Seeing his Kendo Realm lose to Qingfeng Li's, Saburo Izu's face was gloomy and he released an intent to kill Qingfeng Li.

Not only was Saburo Izu shocked, but also everyone else around. They couldn't have imagined that Qingfeng Li could break Saburo Izu's realm.


Saburo Izu drew his sword abruptly. His sword was four fingers wide and a bit wider than a traditional sword from Huaxia. The length was also longer, about one hundred and sixty centimeters. This was the characteristics of swordsman of Pacific Island – every aspect had to be a little bit longer than Huaxia.

This was a powerful grandmaster advanced level weapon. It had helped Saburo Izu kill an uncountable number of enemies. Today, he wanted to use this sword to kill Qingfeng Li as well.

"Heavenly King Sword, World Divide!" Saburo Izu yelled and directed his sword towards Qingfeng Li's neck.

The sword cut through the air and sliced through a huge crack, which created visible fluctuations in space. The sword's power was immense and if it connected with Qingfeng's body, it could definitely break his body into half.

Qingfeng wanted to draw out Red Fiery Sword, but he thought about his newly refined Mortal Purgatory Body. Why not try the power of this cultivation technique?

Just a while ago, Qingfeng Li's body type was invincible. An evolved wild boar died after ramming into him. Qingfeng Li understood that his body type was godlike and he wanted to try to use his bare hands to catch the blade.

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