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Chapter 874: Arriving at Pacific Island

"Flower Fairy, who asked you to join the Huaxia Ancient Martial Team? How do I not know about this?" Yuanlei Zhang asked with a frown .

Yuanlei Zhang was the leader of the Special Security Bureau . He was also person in charge of leading the team . How could he be out of the loop for such important news?

Flower Fairy smiled slightly and did not speak . Then, a cold voice was heard, "I was the one who invited Flower Fiary and Miss Qin . Why, do you have a problem?"

Just as the words ended, a woman in an army uniform walked into the room . She was around twenty years old . Her face solemn and she had healthy tanned skin like a leopard .

She was tall and she had a soldier presence . Her legs were straight and her breasts looked like they were about to break out of her uniform . She emitted a strong presence that caused one to dodge her stare .

The woman was like a fierce female tiger . She was beautiful but strong, solemn and sharp .

Qingfeng realized that the woman's beauty was different from other women . Flower Fairy was seductive while Xianzhi Qin was charming . In contrast, this woman had a strong beauty .

Yuanlei Zhang's expression changed when he saw the woman . He asked respectfully, "Director, why are you here?"

The woman was none other than the Director of Special Security Bureau, Fengwu Cao . She was known as the war goddess of Huaxia,

the number one fighter of the Huaxia Special Security bureau .

Even though Yuanlei Zhang was a late-stage grandmaster level fighter, he was not Fengwu Cao . He was once defeated by her with a single strike . She had beaten him up so badly that he looked like a pig head .

In the Special Security Bureau, everyone feared Fengwu Cao .

Qingfeng was also shocked when he saw her . He could sense a powerful force within her body, which made him slightly fearful .

"Team leader Zhang, I specially invited Flower Fairy and Miss Qin to join the Huaxia Ancient Martial Team," Fengwu Cao said with a cold smile .

Fengwu Cao's voice was different from others too . Flower Fairy had a seductive voice which charmed others while Fengwu Cao spoke with a tone of an iron-blood warrior, sending shivers down others' spine .

"Director, we have already decided on the ten team members . It would be bad if we kick people out of the team now . "

"Team Leader Zhang, I just got the news that the prize of the competition has changed . The winner will get the Nine-Dragon Imperial Jade Seal . The second prize is Dragon grass while the third prize is a middle-grade spiritual device . "

"What? You said that the first prize is the Nine-Dragon Imperial Jade Seal?" Yuanlei Zhang asked in surprise .

Pacific Island was so arrogant . How dare they use the Nine-Dragon Imperial Jade Seal as the prize of the Dragon Continent Ancient Martial Competition?

Back in ancient times,

times, the Qin Emperor colonized Huaxia and made the Nine-Dragon Imperial Jade Seal . The seal was the symbol of the Emperor . He was the first emperor of Huaxia . Nine-Dragon Imperial Jade Seal was a national treasure of Huaxia .

However in the recent past, the Seal was stolen by Pacific Island . But now, Pacific Island was using the Nine-Dragon Imperial Jade Seal as a prize for the winner . This was a slap to Huaxia's face .

The higher-ups of Huaxia were furious . They ordered Fengwu Cao to bring a team to Pacific Island to win the competition and snatch back the Nine-Dragon Imperial Jade Seal to reestablish Huaxia's respect .

"Team Leader Zhang, do you understand now? The members in your team are not strong enough so I found Flower Fairy and Xianzhi Qin to strengthen the team . "

As the Director of the Special Security Bureau, Fengwu Cao had a thorough understanding of the Ancient Martial powers . Naturally, she knew that Fairy Flower and Xianzhi Qin were extremely powerful . With them in the team, Huaxia had a greater chance of winning the competition .

Dozens of countries competed in the Competition . In total, there were 500 competitors in the competition . These fighters were all grandmaster level fighters and extremely powerful .

Yuanlei Zhang nodded in understanding . He understood Fengwu Cao's words . The team had to win the competition . The team was too weak so the Director found Flower Fairy and Xianzhi Qin .

Yihe Wang furrowed his brows

his brows when he heard that two people must be kicked out of the team . He said, "one person has already left the team . I don't think anyone would be happy that two more people are getting kicked out of the team . "

Fengwu Cao smiled coldly and said, "Our mission is to win the competition and take back the Nine-Dragon Imperial Jade Seal . Weaklings must leave the team . You guys can compete with Fairy Flower and Xianzhi Qin . The loser can leave the team . "

Fengwu Cao was very direct . She did not give Yihe Wang a chance to rebut . She directly asked Flower Fairy and Xianzhi Qin to choose their competitors .

Flower Fairy smiled charmingly and chose the ninth person since Qingfeng was the tenth person . Naturally, she would not choose to challenge Qingfeng .

The result was very simple, Flower Fairy easily defeated the ninth person with a clean strike .

One had to say that Flower Fairy was extremely powerful . In the room, Other than Qingfeng and Fengwu Cao, no one would be her match .

Xianzhi Qin chose to fight the eighth person . She also defeated the person with a single clean strike . This caused everyone to be stunned .

"Xianzhi Qin seemed to have become even stronger," Qingfeng thought with a smile . He discovered that the seal in Xianzhi Qin's body seemed to have loosened . It seemed like she was close to breaking the seal and advancing her powers .

As expected,

As expected, super-class forces were extraordinary . As members of the super-class force, Flower Fairy and Xianzhi Qin had mysterious powers and secrets that could only be seen by Qingfeng .

Of course, Qingfeng also knew that everyone had their chances . He could obtain the Red Fiery Sword and meet the number one fighter, Dark Night Emperor . It would not be surprising if Flower Fairy and Xianzhi Qin also had special encounters .

Finally, Fengwu Cao led the team which included Yihe Wang, Qingfeng, Flower Fairy, Xianzhi Qin, etc .

The ship speedily headed towards Pacific Island .

Six hours later, the ship arrived at the Sakura Harbour of Pacific Island, it was the number one city by the ocean of Pacific Island .

Qingfeng and the others walked out of the ship and looked forward at Pacific Island . Their eyes were all raging with fire .

The grudge between Huaxia and Pacific Island transcended generations .

Qingfeng looked at the citizens of Pacific Island who were wearing kimonos with coldness in his eyes .

At the same time, the ships of the other countries were also docked at the harbor . Qingfeng looked over and saw the ships of Korea, Philippines, Singapore and Bear Nation .

In total, there were 48 countries which represented Dragon Continent . They were all here to participate in the Huaxia Ancient Martial Competition .

Suddenly, Qingfeng felt killer intent from one of the ships . Qingfeng looked over and saw that a middle-aged man was looking at him with killer intent from the Korea ship .

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