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Qingfeng furrowed his brows. Naturally, he could sense the killer intent from the ship of Korea.

Qingfeng narrowed his eyes and realized that it was from a middle-aged man who had a strong presence around him… He was heavily built and his eyes were filled with energy.

Qingfeng discovered that the middle-aged man resembled the King of Tae Kwan Do who he had killed. He was probably a member of the Tae Kwan Do Family.

As expected, Feng Wu Cao said, "Qingfeng, his name is Tianyang Park. He is a super fighter from the Tae Kwan Do Family."

Qingfeng nodded in understanding. As he thought, this fellow was a member of the Tae Kwan Do Family. He had a feud with Qingfeng.

Tianyang Park made a motion to chop off Qingfeng's neck. His intention was clear, he intended to behead and kill Qingfeng.

Everyone looked at Tianyang Park's provocative actions towards Qingfeng. They wanted to see how Qingfeng would react.

Qingfeng smiled lightly and said, "Trash."


Tianyang Park's eyes flashed coldly. This wicked fellow not only killed a member of his family, he also called him a loser. This fellow deserved to die.

As for the surrounding people, they looked at Qingfeng with surprise in their eyes. Bro, this was a super fighter from the Tae Kwan Do family, he was a peak-stage grandmaster level fighter. How could you call him a trash?

At the same time, on the Philippines ship, a man in a black robe looked coldly at Qingfeng and asked, " Qingfeng, did you kill the shaman on the Dark Island?"

The man in the black robe was also a middle-aged man. His face was pale but his eyes gleamed with a green light. He was a powerful shaman. He had sensed a deathly presence of his discipline from Qingfeng's body. This meant that his discipline was dead.

"An impotent shaman was killed by me; do you have a problem with that?" Qingfeng said without a care.

On the Dark Island, the shaman actually assigned his undead underling to kill Lion Demon King. Qingfeng was furious with the shaman's actions so he killed him.

"Qingfeng, you dare to kill my discipline. You are looking to die," the shaman said darkly as he emitted a strong killer intent.

The surrounding people were stunned. This fellow, Qingfeng, had pissed off too many people! He had angered a member of the Tae Kwan do Family just now and now he had angered a shaman from Philippines.

When everyone was still in shock, someone form the Bear Ship also spoke, "Qingfeng, you killed my brother, the teacher of the Assassination Camp. We have to settle this business as well."

The man who spoke was close to 2 meters tall. He resembled a black bear and his body contained explosive energy. he was the force behind the Bear Nation Killer Camp. He was here to represent Bear Nation in the Competition.

His name was Duthbo. He was the brother of the teacher at the Assassin School. He wanted to avenge his brother's death.

At this moment, Ancient Martial Artists of three countries were seeking trouble with Qingfeng. The problem was that it was not an easy problem, they wanted to kill him.

At this moment, even Fengwu Cao was stunned.

"Qingfeng, how many people have you pissed off?" Fengwu Cao asked.

Fengwu Cao felt that Qingfeng had pissed off too many people. These powerful forces all wanted to kill him.

"They are just a bunch of weaklings. Director, you don't have to worry," Qingfeng said as with a wave of his hand.

Fengwu Cao was unsettled. She thought that Qingfeng was too arrogant. They were not weaklings, they were all super strong grandmaster level fighters in the region.

Tianyang Park, shaman and Duthbo all wanted to kill Qingfeng. Sakura Harbor was filled with tension. Battle was about to erupt any second.

Suddenly, a cold voice was heard, "Stop, today is the day of the Dragon Continent Ancient Martial Competition. Fighting is prohibited at the harbor. You guys can fight and kill when the competition starts." 

A young man had spoken. He wore a kimono and carried a long sword. There was a triple sword pattern on the wrist of his kimono.

Everyone was surprised to see the young man.

The young man was the third King of Kendo Sect, Saburo Izu. He was a strong pinnacle-tier grandmaster level fighter. He was followed by the three young men who also had swords in their hands. They were the other three Kings of the Kendo Sect.

The Kendo Sect was in charge of organizing the Competition. As one of the big five companies of Pacific Island, Kendo Sect had tremendous power and influence.

After Saburo Izu spoke, everyone stopped fighting. After all, they were on the territory of Pacific Island. Naturally, they had to respect the rules.

However at the next moment, Saburo Izu's words shocked everyone. He said, "Qingfeng, I want to kill you too."

Saburo Izu's words caused everyone to be puzzled. You just stopped the other powers from killing Qingfeng. How could you want to kill him now?

"You killed my Junior brother, Yoshichiro Izu. Even though i would like to avenge his death now by killing you, you are a participant of the competition. SO, I will let you live for a little bit longer. I will personally kill you during the competition to avenge my junior brother."

Everyone looked at Qingfeng pitifully when they heard his words. This fellow had just angered three members of powerful family. Now, he had pissed off a member of the Kendo Sect. He must be done for.

"Qingfeng, you have pissed off quite a lot of people eh?" Flower Fairy asked with a charming smile.

Her tone was casual. She did not care about those people since they were a bunch of weaklings in her eyes.

As the Saintess of Hundred Flower Palace, she was very powerful. If one included the upper grade spiritual weapon she possessed, no one in the grandmaster level could defeat her.

"It's okay. they are just a bunch of weaklings. They won't be able to do anything," Qingfeng said casually.

Saburo Izu's expression darkened when he heard Qingfeng's words. If it was not for the competition, he would teach Qingfeng a lesson right now.

Suddenly, Saburo Izu spotted Yoshiko Sato who was standing next to Qingfeng. His eyes immediately became heated.

Yoshiko Sato was the young mistress of the Ninja Family and one of the four beauties of Pacific Island. She was charming and pretty. Saburo Izu was one of her pursuers.

"Yoshiko, why are you here?' Saburo Izu asked with love.

Yoshiko Sato rolled her eyes and ignored him. She disliked this fellow a lot. He had pursued her when she was still at Pacific Island but he was rejected by her.

Yoshiko Sato was now Qingfeng's follower. Saburo Izu said that he wanted to kill her master. Thus, Yoshiko Sato disliked him even more now. Naturally, she refused to talk to him.

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