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"You are too weak." Yang Liu turned livid when he heard Qingfeng's words. Qingfeng was looking down at him!

Yang Liu was angered that none of his two attacks caused any harm to Qingfeng. He was extremely frustrated. His anger was about to explode like a volcano.

Yang Liu knew that his feud was established with Qingfeng after today. Everyone in the room were strong fighters of the Huaxia Ancient Martial World. If he cannot defeat Qingfeng today, his reputation will be demolished.

"Sky Essence Triple Stick," Yang Liu yelled as he broke the Sky Essence Stick into three parts. He swung the sticks towards important parts on Qingfeng's body.

 Yang Liu was so furious that his attacks were vicious and attacked he attacked three of Qingfeng's important organs – head, heart and spine.

These were the three most important organs in a human's body; it would be heavily injured if one was not careful.

AT this moment, everyone turned to look at Qingfeng. They were curious as to how he would attack. Would he dodge? Or would he take it?

Qingfeng smiled faintly without a care. Not only his skin and muscles were invincible, his organs including his heart, spine and head were also invincible.

Boom boom boom!

Yang Liu hurled the Sky Essence Triple Stick towards Qingfeng's head, heart and spine. The loud collision force caused the entire ship to shake but Qingfeng was completely unharmed. He did not bleed a single drop of blood, even his skin was completely unharmed.

"Your..your.. body is impenetrable by anything?" Yang Liu stuttered. He was completely stunned to see that Qingfeng was completely unharmed by his grandmaster level Sky Essence Stick.

Everyone else in the room were also stunned. The head was the weakest and most important part of the human body. How could Qingfeng be completely unharmed?

These people secretly placed themselves in Qingfeng's shoes. If they were Qingfeng, would they be able to block Yang Liu's attacks? The answer was no. After all, the Sky Essence Stick was not an ordinary weapon. It was a grandmaster level weapon.

Sky Essence Stick was said to be infused with meteorite. It was extremely hard and powerful. However, it was unable to penetrate Qingfeng's body. How powerful must Qingfeng' s body be?

"Three moves are up. It is time for me to attack," Qingfeng said with a cold smile which sent tremors to Yang Liu's heart.

Qingfeng was angered that Yang Liu attacked his head, heart and spine. Thankfully, he had practiced the "True Martial Emperor Technique>, so his body was invincible against fighters of the same level. Anyone else would have been destroyed by Yang Liu's attacks.

Yang Liu was extremely wicked and malicious. Qingfeng was not going to let him go easily.

"Wind-Edge Palm," Qingfeng roared. This was an attack his teacher taught him. He was unable to utilize the attack to its full potential in the past. However, after attaining the late-stage grandmaster level, he was able to exercise it fully.

As to why Qingfeng did not use the Red Fiery Sword, Qingfeng's had his own considerations. Even though Yang Liu was malicious, he did not deserve to die. Once Qingfeng used the Red Fiery Sword, he would directly kill Yang Liu; it would be difficult to explain his actions to Yuanlei Zhang.

After all, Qingfeng was here to represent Huaxia and Dragon Continent. He was not here to kill others.

Qingfeng used his vital essence to fuel the Wind-Edge Palm. His attack was extremely strong. A green wind blade was formed in his hand. The blade quickly pierced the air and made a horrific rip in the air.

Yang Liu tried to block the Wind-Edge Palm with his Sky Essence Stick. However, the Sky Essence Stick in his hand was broken into pieces by Qingfeng's Wind-edge Palm.

After slicing the Sky Essence Stick, the Wind-Edge Palm accelerated towards Yang Liu's body.


yang Liu's body was sliced by the Wind-Edge Palm. He flew into the air and started coughing up blood. His face was ghastly pale as his body crashed into the sky. Many of the bones in his body had broken, he looked very pitiful.

Yang Liu had blood in his mouth. He felt extremely dizzy and could not speak a word. His organs were heavily damaged. He looked at Qingfeng fearfully before passing out.

even though Qingfeng did not kill Yang Liu, he had used his full powers to break his bones and damage his organs. Yang Liu would only be healed after resting for a few months. This was Qingfeng's punishment towards him.

In a single attack, Yang Liu had lost. He had lost horrifically and even passed out.

Everyone in the room looked at Qingfeng with astonishment and fear in their eyes.

"Too powerful, he managed to defeat Yang Liu in a single attack. I would not be able to do that!"

"It seems like the rumors are true. Qingfeng's body is invincible against fighters who are as strong as him."

"Yeah, Qingfeng can definitely be ranked in the top ten in the Huaxia Grandmaster List."

After a brief silence, the people in the room started to discuss animatedly as they looked at Qingfeng with conflicting emotions in their eyes.

Some of these people had mocked Qingfeng and said that he was too arrogant. They had said that he was seeking his death by giving Yang Liu a three-move advantage.

But now, Qingfeng had defeated Yang Liu with a single attack. He had shut everyone's mouths with his powers.

"Does anyone oppose with Qingfeng joining the Huaxia Ancient Martial Team?" Yuanlei Zhang said with a light smile.

Even though the other nine people did not agree, they could only nod in agreement. Qingfeng was too strong, they would not be able to defeat Qingfeng even if they fought against him.

"Leader Zhang, we would also like to join the Huaxia Ancient Martial Team." At this moment, two crisp voices were heard.

Flower Fair and Xianzhi Qin smiled charmingly as they walked into the room.

Flower Fairy wore a white sheer dress which displayed her curvaceous body. Her sexy body attracted everyone's gaze.

As for Xianzhi Qin, she wore a pale-yellow dress. Her eyes were charming and her skin was silky white. Her charming eyes shone like stars.

Qingfeng was dazed for a moment. He did not expect the two women to be here.

"Flower Fairy, Miss Qin, I thought you were staying at the Dark Island. Aren't you taking the ship back to Huaxia?"

Flower Fairy smiled charmingly and said, "We were going to take the ship back to Huaxia but a woman from the ship asked us to join the Huaxia Ancient Martial Team. She brought us here."

Everyone was stunned. How was so influential that they could directly decide who could join the Ancient Martial Team?

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