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Chapter 869: Returning Flower Fairy the Favor

"Shark Demon King, don't worry, I'm gonna get you out of there . " Qingfeng Li shouted towards the mountaintop . This was his promise towards the Shark Demon King .

Qingfeng Li vowed to practice until he he reaches the Heavenly realm . Then he would return to the Dark Island and save the Shark Demon King .

The Shark Demon King's body was chained up and he was still battling the evil cultivator in his mind . Although his body was trapped within the mountain, he still heard Qingfeng Li's words .

"Young Master, I will wait for you here . " The Shark Demon King said, he then entered into silence .

The entire Dark Island calmed down . Qingfeng Li walked towards the front and took the Heavenly spiritual device into his hands .

It was a long green sword, two fingers wide, three feet long . On it, was a carving of a green bamboo logo which emitted a green light .

As Qingfeng Li waved it lightly, the long sword instantly released a sharp sword energy . The sword energy shot towards the sky, reaching a full ten meters long, tearing the heavens, shaking the ground .

Just then, the Flower Fairy's voice rang, "Qingfeng Li, I saved your life . This long green sword can be your return of favor . "

Hearing this, Qingfeng Li hesitated, his eyes flashed of dismay . This was a Heavenly spiritual device, he really didn't want to give it up .

"Qingfeng Li, your practice is of the fire style vital essence . The Green Bamboo Sword is of the water style spiritual device . It doesn't suit you, but it suits me perfectly . "

The Flower Fairy said crisply, smiling beautifully .

Qingfeng Li had to admit, the Flower Fairy's voice was enchanting . Within its crispness there was a trace of lure . He really wanted to lift up her veil and witness her unrivalled beauty .

Qingfeng Li observed carefully and saw that the Green Bamboo Sword was indeed a water type . It was definitely a water style spiritual device . His practice was of the fire style vital essence . He wouldn't be able to use the sword even if it belonged to him .

"Alright, I'll give the Green Bamboo Sword to you as a thank you for saving my life . " Qingfeng Li was the decisive type . Since the sword didn't suit him, he gave it away to the Flower Fairy without hesitation .

The First Elder of the Fiery Emperor Palace gazed at the Green Bamboo Sword with hungry eyes . However, he was too afraid of both Qingfeng Li and the Flower Fairy to do anything about it .

After Qingfeng Li gave the Green Bamboo Sword to the Flower Fairy, he turned to seek revenge on the people of the Vampire Sect . However, none of the people from the Vampire Sect was present . After they made it down to the bottom of the mountain, they were so afraid of Qingfeng Li's retaliation that they had long escaped .

The trip to the Dark Island came to a conclusion, with everyone gone .

While leaving the island, Xianzhi Qin's face was ruddy and her expression looked very unnatural . She was still shy and confused from Qingfeng Li's embrace . After all, while he was carrying her, his hands were on

on her butt .

As the first daughter of the Fiery Emperor Palace, her hands had never been touched by a man, let alone her derriere . Qingfeng Li left her feeling perplexed with emotions, creating ripples in heartstring .

Qingfeng Li had definitely fulfilled the purpose of his trip . He rescued both the Lion Demon King and the Green Dragon Demon King . He even managed to find the Shark Demon King .

The trip to the Dark Island did kill most of the ancient martialists however . Other than Qingfeng Li and his Wolf Fang team, the people of the Hundred Flower Palace, the people of the Fiery Emperor Palace, and the escapees of the Vampire Sect, all the rest were killed, even people of the Sword Pavilion had died .

 When Qingfeng Li and the rest arrived outside, they were greeted by the sight of a shipwreck . The crew members had all been killed, their blood painting the sea water crimson . The body of their passenger ship was wrecked to pieces, floating on top of the ocean .

Not far from where they were standing, a large pirate ship had pointed its cannons towards them .

"Pirates, these Pirates again?" Qingfeng Li was enraged, his eyes darkened .

He never imagined these Pirates would wreck their passenger ship . Without their ship, it was impossible for him to leave the island .

In front of them was the vast sea, the Pacific Ocean seemed endless . Without his passenger ship, there was no way he could return to land .

 Even the Flower Fairy was angered by the scene . These Pirates really need to go to hell . Not only did they kill the

kill the ship crew, they also destroyed the ship .

"Boss, we're very far from mainland, it's impossible to get across . " Daoist said as he walked towards Qingfeng Li . His voice was filled with rage, he hated those Pirates as well .

"It's alright, we'll come up with something . " Qingfeng Li could only try to comfort the others .

Oh yeah, how did I forget about the Special Security Bureau? Qingfeng Li patted his forehead at the thought of the Special Security Bureau .

 The Special Security Bureau was a top agency in Huaxia . Qingfeng Li was ranked Major General in the organization so he had the ability to pull strings . In the situation he was in, it was natural for him to call for help .

Qingfeng Li took out his cellphone, found the number to the Special Security Bureau, and dialed the number immediately .

The person who answered the phone was Yuanlei Zhang, he was the group leader of the Grandmasters group within the Special Security Bureau .

"Captain Zhang, I'm trapped on the Dark Island in the Pacific Ocean . Could you send out a ship and save me?"

"Qingfeng Li, we actually have a ship heading towards the Pacific Island for the Dragon Continent Martial Arts Competition . I'm pretty much where you're at now, why don't you join me?"

"Alright, come, I'll wait for you here . " Qingfeng Li smiled lightly as he hanged up the phone .

The Flower Fairy had very good hearing and she heard his conversation . She looked surprised .

"Qingfeng Li, you know people from the Special Security Bureau?" The Flower Fairy's lips raised slightly . For the first time, she was the one shocked .

The Special .

The Special Security Bureau was an extremely mysterious force as Huaxia's higher society . They were feared by all ancient martial forces . How did Qingfeng Li get involved with them?

Qingfeng Li smiled lightly and said, " I'm a Major General of the Special Security Bureau . Don't worry, they're sending a ship over soon . "

The distant pirate ship was very far away . Even though the Pirates had destroyed the passenger ship, they were fully aware of Qingfeng Li's powerful abilities and was afraid to attack .

The Pirates were very clever . They wanted to trap Qingfeng Li and the rest on the Dark Island without food and water . They would attack once Qingfeng Li and the rest starved to death .

Although their plan was commendable, they really undermined Qingfeng Li's abilities . They didn't foresee his involvement with the Special Security Bureau . They didn't predict that, after a little while, they would be greeted by a powerful warship .

Sure enough, after a couple of hours, a gigantic warship arrived, immediately attacking at the sight of the Pirates .


After several hundred rounds of artillery, the Pirates were left dead and wounded . The remaining Pirates left the numerous dead bodies and scattered in an attempt to escape .

The previously pompous Pirates were now scattering like lost puppies .

The warship was enormous, thrice the size of their previous passenger ship . It even carried two helicopters .

A magnificent, bear-like middle-aged man stood at the bow of the ship, his whole entire body exuded a powerful energy .

This middle-aged man was none other than Captain Yuanlei Zhang of the Special Security Bureau, a powerful master of the Grandmasters realm .

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