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Chapter 870: Onwards to Pacific Island

"Qingfeng Li, we meet again . " Yuanlei Zhang said smiling, standing atop the warship .

Although he was smiling brilliantly, his eyes were sparkling and there was strength between his steps . He carried an incredibly powerful energy, impossible to ignore .

However, Yuanlei Zhang was the one who was surprised . He quietly gasped at Qingfeng Li's supernatural-presence . The latter had always presented him with unpredictability every time they met .

"Yes, we meet again . " Qingfeng Li said smiling, curving his lips .

He had a good impression of Yuanlei Zhang, because the man had directly given him a rank of General Major when he was recruited into the Special Security Bureau, making it a lot easier for him to maneuver around the world…

"Qingfeng Li, out ship is heading towards the Pacific Island in attendance for the Dragon Continent Ancient Martial Arts Competition . This time you gotta help and come with us . " Yuanlei Zhang smiled lightly, inviting Qingfeng Li .

Qingfeng Li nodded in agreement . Yuanlei Zhang had previously informed him of their trip to the Pacific Island through the phone .

Of course, Qingfeng Li also wanted to head to the Pacific Island for another reason . He wanted to find the Purple Bat Demon King . Lion Demon King had previously told him of Purple Bat Demon King's location on the Pacific Island . He was being hunted down, and Qingfeng Li needed to go and save him .

The Purple Bat Demon King was one of the ten great Demon Kings . Out of all of them, he was the most agile and was known as having

lightning speed .

At the sight of Qingfeng Li agreeing to go to the Pacific Island, Yuanlei Zhang looked delighted . He was familiar with Qingfeng Li's powers . If would be fantastic if Qingfeng Li could join the battle in Huaxia's name .

"Ladies and gentlemen, our war ship is heading towards the Pacific Island . You are welcome to join us . If you don't wish to join us, you can remain here and wait for the rescue ship from Huaxia . " Yuanlei Zhang said to the rest, smiling .

The Flower Fairy shook her head, she didn't want to go to the Pacific Island . She wanted to return to the Hundred Flower Palace in Huaxia .

Xianzhi wanted to go with Qingfeng Li, but was stopped by the First Elder of the Fiery Emperor Palace .

Finally, it was Qingfeng Li, his Wolf Fang team, Yoshiko Sato, and two Demon Kings who boarded the war ship heading towards the Pacific Island . The rest remained .

-On the war ship-

Yuanlei Zhang guided Qingfeng Li into a room and said, "You guys can rest here, I will arrange for your participation in the Martial Arts Competitionwhen we arrive there tomorrow .

"Can you tell me the rules of the Martial Arts Competition?" Qingfeng Li asked . Since Yuanlei Zhang wanted him to compete, he needed to familiarize himself first .

 Yuanlei Zhang smiled lightly and said, "The Ancient Martial Arts Competition is a Competition held for the entire Dragon Continent . Nations like Huaxia, Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, the Pacific Island all send out people to compete .

"The rules are simple . There is a

a total of three matches . The first is an elimination round . There will be obstacles . Whoever overcomes these obstacles will go on to the next round and the failures and eliminated .

"The second round is ladder-based . The contestants will be matched through a lottery system .

"The third round is competition based . The ancient martialists from each nation will compete against the ones from the other nations . The victor will be awarded a dragon grass .

Yuanlei Zhang explained in detail, telling Qingfeng Li the entire process .

Dragon grass?!

Qingfeng Li was stunned . The dragon grass was an incredibly rare medicine refined to create the life prolonging elixir . Last time, due to the absence of three important ingredients, he was only able to extend Xianzhi Qin's father's life by a month .

 If Qingfeng Li could obtain the dragon grass and find both the flower of paradise and the fruit of flame, he would be able to refine the true life prolonging elixir and truly save Xianzhi Qin's father .

Qingfeng Li had previously promised Xianzhi Qin that he would save her father . This was a man's promise he must fulfill .

Of course, other than his participation in the Ancient Martial Arts Competition, he also wanted to save the Purple Bat Demon King .

After Yuanlei Zhang finished informing the rules, he left in order for the others to rest .

 Ring… . . .

 Qingfeng Li took out his cell phone and called Xue Lin . He had originally planned to head back to ES City after leaving the Dark Island . However, now that Yuanlei

that Yuanlei Zhang had asked him for a favor and he had wanted to save the Purple Bat Demon King, he could only head towards the Pacific Island .

Xue Lin picked up the phone in no time . Her crisp voice ringed through the phone, "Dear, you've been away for so long already, why aren't you returning?"

Hearing Xue Lin's worried tone, Qingfeng Li was deeply touched . He knew that she was worried about him .

"Honey, I've been go for a few days now, did you miss me?"

"No, I would never miss a big bad person like you . "

"Baby you're lying . I even dreamed of you last night . Wait for me to get back and give you a kiss . " Qingfeng smiled and said .

Xue Lin's face ruddied, she huffed, "Bad person, I'm not talking to you anymore . Be safe and remember to come back early .

She immediately hanged up the phone after she finished her sentence . He's getting more and more perverted .

Although Xue Lin hanged up her end of the phone, Qingfeng Li was still holding his, laughing like an idiot .

Seeing him like this, Daoist blinked a few blinks and said, "Boss, are you ok?

"F*ck off, how could a forever-alone person like you understand the true greatness of having a wife?" Qingfeng Li looked at Daoist with eyes of annoyance . Shooing him away .

Daoist looked depressed, feeling like he took ten thousand points of damage .

Sigh, what happened to bros before hoes . Boss forgot about me ever since he got married . So hurtful . Daoist muttered to himself .

Qingfeng Li .

Qingfeng Li kicked him to the side and said, "Go go go, you're disgusting me, I want my wife . "

The others all began to laugh, amused by Daoist's dejected condition .

Hm, after calling Xue Lin I need to call Ruyan Liu as well . Qingfeng Li took out his phone and dialled Ruyal Liu's number .

Ruyan Liu picked up fast . She was on her hospital bed .

"Qingfeng Li, I'm about to give birth in three days . When are you coming to the hospital?" Ruyan Liu's voice travelled through the phone, her voice laced with hope .

Ruyan Liu was living in the hospital . The only person who was accompanying her was her little sister . Her greatest hope was for Qingfeng Li to be by her side . After all, he was her baby's daddy .

The baby's coming in three days?!

Qingfeng Li was taken aback . Shit, how did he forget something so important?

Obviously, he wasn't going to tell Ruyan Liu he had forgotten about her giving birth . If she knew, she would definitely punish him .

"Ruyan, I'm heading towards the Pacific Island, I'll try my best to return within three days . "

"Qingfeng, promise me you'll make it back to ES City within three days . The doctor told me today that I will give birth to our baby in after three days . I want you to be the first person our baby sees .

"Ruyan, I promise you I will return within three days . I will be the first person our baby sees . " Qingfeng Li promised over the phone .

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