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Chapter 868: Obtaining the Heavenly Spiritual Device

The big black hand hovered over Qingfeng Li and the others, with monstrous devilish energy, as if it was going to flatten them in the next moment .

The hand was too powerful, even the atmosphere couldn't stand it, let alone people . Once it hits a human body, the latter would turn into a pancake .

Xianzhi Qin looked up at the big black hand, frightened . Thank god Qingfeng Li had brought her out of the mountaintop, she would have died otherwise .

Although Xianzhi Qin was powerful, she was nothing compared to the big black hand .

An air of complexity appeared on Xianzhi Qin's face . She put her hands on her belly, where a huge gush of energy was stored . . . She would never use this energy unless it was absolutely necessary .

Just as she was deciding between using or not using the energy in her body, Qingfeng Li interrupted her thought .

"You're too slow, I'll help you run . " Qingfeng Li said . He picked her up and began running .

Ah… . . .

Xianzhi Qin let out a sharp scream, her face reddened like a rose in full bloom, shy to the max .

In any case, Xianzhi Qin was still the first daughter of the Fiery Emperor Palace . Her body had never been picked up like this . This was a first .

Watching Qingfeng Li, Xianzhi Qin felt shy, her heart thumped like a deer in headlights . She closed her eyes tightly, afraid to open them .

Qingfeng Li found Xianzhi Qin really beautiful . Her face was delicate, her skin

white and tender, flawless . Her legs were long and straight and her figure was graceful like a mermaid .

If they weren't busy escaping, Qingfeng Li really wanted to take her then and there (TL: yes, not like you have a wife or anything . U do u Qingfeng) . However, he was too afraid to act on his thoughts . She was after all, the first daughter of the Fiery Emperor Palace .

Qingfeng Li carried Xianzhi Qin and ran like the wind, arriving at the foot of the mountain instantly . Right behind him, the First Elder of the Fiery Emperor Palace and the people from the Vampire Sect also made their way down .

Sensing their escape, the big black hand slammed down ruthlessly . This attack was extremely powerful, exploding the air, creating a large black hole . If it had hit Qingfeng Li's body, he would have surely died .

In this critical moment, the Flower Fairy suddenly threw out a mirror . The mirror was the size of a palm, completely white . Carved on it, was a white lotus flower .

The Lotus Mirror flew to mid-air and instantly expanded into a ten-meter long mirror . On it, a white lotus flower appeared, also about ten meters long . It emitted a dazzling white light, directly blocking the big black hand .

"Heavenly spiritual device 'the Lotus Mirror', you're from the Hundred Flower Palace?" The Self-Cultivator Devil asked .

"Correct, you sure know a lot . " The Flower Fairy said with a beautiful smile .

What? The Flower Fairy had a Heavenly Device?

Qingfeng Li and the others were stunned .

Qingfeng Li

Li now finally understood what it was that made him fear the Flower Fairy . Turns out, she had on her the Lotus Mirror, a Heavenly spiritual device .

No wonder the Flower Fairy arrived at the Dark Island with nothing to fear . With a Heavenly spiritual device in her hands, no ancient martialist was a match for her, even regular self-cultivators weren't a match for her .

She must have possessed incredible luck and fortune to receive a self-cultivator's Lotus Mirror, Qingfeng Li thought, shocked .

However, Qingfeng Li was relieved after he thought about his own Red Fiery Sword . Once he lifts off its three-layer seal, his sword would also become a greatly powerful Heavenly spiritual device . His sword also embodied the Dark Night Emperor, if he were to fight the Flower Fairy, he may be just as strong .

After it was blocked by the Lotus Mirror, the large black hand retreated . It was clearly no match for the Heavenly spiritual device . Although unwilling, it still retreated back towards the mountaintop .

"Qingfeng Li, I saved your life, you owe me one . " The Flower Fairy said to Qingfeng Li, giving him a glance .

She was watching from the bottom of the mountain, she didn't go up to the mountaintop . She knew that it was dangerous there .

As for her interference moments ago, that was to save Qingfeng Li . Unintentionally, she also saved both the people from the Fiery Emperor Palace and the people from the Vampire Sect as they were all standing beneath her Lotus Mirror .

"Yes, I owe you one . " QIngfeng Li said, nodding .

Regardless of

Regardless of the Flower Fairy's intentions, she really did save Qingfeng Li's life during that critical moment, so naturally, Qingfeng Li owed her a big favor .

The Self-Cultivator Devil was in strife . He stood at the mountaintop, with two spiritual bodies fighting in his brain .

"Shark Demon King, let me swallow your spirit, it's the only way for us to escape . " The evil cultivator said in his brain .

"Don't even think about it, you heinous evil cultivator . You will never devour my soul or take over my body . Never!" The Shark Demon King shouted in his mind .

His body was on the mountaintop and his ankles were locked by iron chains . The previous self-cultivator had placed the chain on him to suppress the both of them .  Somewhere in the depth of his mind, two souls were fighting . The evil cultivator fought to devour him and he fought back in resistance .

Suddenly, Shark Demon King's soul came on top, temporarily gaining control over his body .


The Shark Demon King pulled out the Heavenly spiritual device from the mountaintop and threw it towards Qingfeng Li . He needed to use this chance to give Qingfeng Li a major advantage .

The Heavenly spiritual device pierced the sky, arriving beside Qingfeng Li like a lightning bolt .

The device was a long sword . It had a green body and its name was the Green Bamboo Sword (TL: wait, what about sealing that hommie, isn't that what the sword is for) . Its sword energy shot for the sky, reaching a full ten-meters long . This was a Heavenly spiritual device .

"Young Master, .

"Young Master, this is the last thing I can do for you . " The Shark Demon King looked at Qingfeng Li before his body began to sink .

Boom boom boom!

Along with violent sounds, the Shark Demon King's body sank . He was pulled into the mountains by the iron chains and was once again, sealed .

The entire mountaintop exuded a monstrous devilish energy as the evil cultivator struggled within his body . However, it failed to resist the seal left by the former self-cultivator and was trapped back into the ground .

Seeing this, Qingfeng Li panicked, he quickly asked, "Senior, how do I save Shark Demon King?

He was now speaking to the Dark Night Emperor . Qingfeng Li knew that he was the only person who had the ability to help him . He valued the Shark Demon King greatly, knowing that he was his father's follower .

"Kid, you can only save the Shark Demon King if you become a master of the Heavenly realm, otherwise you cannot break the seal . "

"Senior, not even you can help him?"

"If my physical body wasn't damaged, I can save him, but my physical body is already damaged . I am no longer powerful enough to break the seal . The Dark Night Emperor said faintly with a trace of frustration in his voice .

He was distressed for a good reason . The Dark Night Emperor was the first person to enter the ancient martial world one hundred years ago, he was once the ruler of the ancient martial world . Now, he had turned into a mere soul . it was natural for him to be frustrated .

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