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The conqueror, Third Master Li, was indeed invincible. He actually sculpted the bloodline phantom of the top ten Demons into the conqueror's badge with this unbelievable method.

Qingfeng successfully activated Lion Demon King's bloodline with the ancestor phantom marked on the conqueror's badge.


A huge power diffused from him once the bloodline was activated. It was a tremendous power from antiquity. The power kept spreading away, even pushing down all the trees and flipping the rocks away.

"Peak stage of Lower Heaven? He actually reached the peak stage of the Lower Heaven realm?" Qingfeng felt amazed feeling the robust power emanating from Lion Demon King.

Honestly, Lion Demon King was just a SSS Level master a minute ago, yet his level skipped one huge realm and four small realms, directly bringing him to the peak stage of Lower Heaven after his bloodline was activated.

It could be seen that this Golden Lion's bloodline must be extremely powerful. It must have been a saint-class existence during the ancient times.

"Green Dragon, it's your turn now," Qingfeng giggled while looking at Green Dragon's desperate gaze.

Green Dragon Demon King rushed to Qingfeng desperately. He was so envious about the power that Lion Demon King received that he even slid to a stop in front of Qingfeng to receive his activation.

"Our ancestor, three-head Green Dragon, who owns the power to navigate with clouds and mist with his pure bloodline..." Qingfeng told Green Dragon Demon King the way to activate his bloodline and let him navigate the route himself.

Qingfeng directly rendered his vital essence to the Conqueror's Badge after the first experience. It formed a enormous three-head Green Dragon phantom that allowed Green Dragon Demon King to feel the appearance of his ancestor.

Undeniably, this three-head Green Dragon was completely different than the Golden Lion. It had three heads and was diffusing tremendous power, almost lifting himself up into the air.

Green Dragon Demon King was whispering the words that activated the bloodline recited by Qingfeng without being distracted. He then started to feel the power of the ancestors by navigating the ancestor's bloodline while staring at ancestor's phatom on the Conqueror's Badge.


In a second, the bloodline inside Green Dragon Demon King was also activated. He flew up to the tree with a slight jump.

Normally, only Grandmaster Realm's masters had the power to fly a short distance. Now, it was quite astonishing that Green Dragon Demon King was actually able to also obtain this power after activating his bloodline.

In the meantime, a tremendous flow of energy started to diffuse from Green Dragon Demon King, sweeping all the leaves from the trees. He had officially reached the peak stage of Lower Heaven.

Undoubtedly, both ancestors of the Demon Kings, Golden Lion and Three-Head Green Dragon were so invincible that they could push both Demon Kings up to the peak stage of Lower Heaven after only one tenth activation of his bloodline.

Qingfeng was thrilled and took out his Higher heaven pill directly after seeing both Demon Kings had reached the peak stage of Lower Heaven.

"Lion, Green Dragon, this is my last two higher heaven pills. You two will reach the Higher Heaven realm after you eat it."

The more power you have, the more ability to defend yourself on this dangerous Dark Island.

Lion Demon King and Green Dragon King were excited to receive the higher heaven pill and after they swallowed it, they both felt an intense vital essence flush into their body and gather around their dantian.

Finally, both Demon Kings reached the Higher Heaven realm.

So far, Qingfeng and his team all reached a breakthrough in level. Qingfeng reached the late stage of Grandmaster Realm, Yoshiko was already in the late stage and the Wolf Fang team and both Demon Kings had reached the Higher Heaven realm.

Technically, Qingfeng had an indestructible team that could provide crucial help in uniting the Martial World in the future.

"Let's go to the Dark Island's center," QIngfeng smiled while leading the team to the center of the Dark Island to fight for the powerful spiritual device.

A regular spiritual device wouldn't help anything to attract top-class powers since the power itself already carried a spiritual power. Yet, the level of the device is just not great enough.

However, the spiritual device in the Dark Island had attracted so many people, so its level has to be very high. It was even said that it was a Heavenly Spiritual Device.

A Heavenly Spiritual Device, something only owned by a self-cultivator, actually appeared on the Dark Island! It would certainly cause a brutal fight among those who tried to snatch it.

Qingfeng's Infernal Sword has, by far, only broken through the first seal, it was still an ordinary upper-class spiritual device. It would still only be a heavenly device even if it breaks through all three seals.

The Red Fiery Sword is a spiritual device used by the Dark Night Emperor in the past. If you think about it, you 'll know how appealing the sword would be, as it shared the same level with the spiritual device from the Dark Island.

Qingfeng led his team towards the center of the Dark Island. They had met numerous evolved beasts on their way. Qingfeng let the Wolf Fang team attack the ones that were less powerful so that they could get some training.

After all, these evolutionary beasts were different from any other regular beasts. They were powerful enough for the Wolf Fang team to practice their skills against.

Certainly, if they met any slightly more intimidating beasts, like the ones from the Grandmaster Realm, Qingfeng would try to slay them immediately.

Qingfeng was unconquerable now that he only saw Evil Beasts as his opponents. Some regular evolutionary beasts weren't even considered as a threat at all to him.

When Qingfeng killed an evolved Black Eagle that was in the Grandmaster Realm, Dark Night Emperor whispered into his head, "Buddy, there is a demonic nucleus inside that evil beast. You can absorb its vital essence or use it to set spell formations. "

Qingfeng shocked once he heard it. He suddenly realized that the reason why the green-dressed girl beside the Flower Fairy walked to the end was because she tried to catch the demonic nucleus from the Man-faced Spider. Unfortunately, he wasn't aware of this yet that time.

Qingfeng followed the method that the Dark Night Emperor described as he sliced open the Hawk's stomach and found a black crystal with the size of an egg.

This black crystal was indeed the demon nucleus. Although it was as small as a chicken egg, it diffused an intense flow of vital essence.

Unfortunately, the element of this demonic nucleus was wind. Qingfeng, who focused on fire elemental vital essence, couldn't find it useful at this moment.

However, it was useful for Green Dragon Demon Kings since he was attuned Wind Evolutionary vital essence. It would benefit Green Dragon Demon King the most since he just activated the bloodline for him.

"Green Dragon Demon King, this demonic nucleus is for you, but don't refine it now. You should wait until your Higher Heaven realm has a solid foundation and then refine it to break through to the Grandmaster Realm at once."

Qingfeng knew that strength wasn't stable if one didn't have a solid foundation. Since both Demon Kings had reached the Grandmaster Realm by activating their bloodline as well as eating their Higher Heaven pill, it's better for them not to level up anymore in any short-term periods. Otherwise, it'd damage their body and leave a disadvantage for the future cultivation.

Lion Demon King was so envious when he saw the demonic nucleus in Green Dragon's hand. He used to be more powerful than him in the past. Yet, he now realized that Green Dragon would definitely reach the Grandmaster Realm and pass over him once he refined the demon nucleus.

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