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Qingfeng comforted Lion Demon King after seeing his envious gaze, "Don't be envious, I'll get you a demonic nucleus later."

Lion Demon King jumped out of excitement after hearing what Qingfeng said. "Thank you, young master!"

"Boss, you have to be fair, you gotta find a demonic nucleus for us too," Daoist said while holding Qingfeng's arm.

Qingfeng nodded and replied, "Sure, I'll find one for you all if a suitable one comes up."

The quiet Death God finally spoke up, "Boss, could you activate our bloodlines for us?"

Everyone in the Wolf Fang team had Bloodline Power. Bald Man had activated his monk bloodline before, even though it was just a little part.

As for Death God, his bloodline wasn't activated yet. Therefore, everyone was looking at Qingfeng with expectation.

Qingfeng shook his head, "We needs the chant and the ancestor's phantom to activate a bloodline. I only have the ones for the top ten demons within the conqueror's badge, so I can't help you there."

The team got slightly disappointed for that answer, but they all knew activating a Bloodline required lots of work. The conqueror's badge was something Third Master Li left for Qingfeng and it was only relevant to the ten demon kings. It had nothing to do with any others.

"Let's go, we need to find the spiritual device in the Dark Island. We'll figure out the bloodline later," Qingfeng smiled and continue leading the team towards the Dark Island.

The Dark Island was an enormous island that peaked in the center, like a hill.

Certainly, hills on island wouldn't be as tall as the ones from the mainland. It was only a few hundreds of meters-high. There was a sword inserted on the peak in between those black hills.

Right, you got it right--a long sword ws inserted at the peak. It diffused a fierce force to the sky that was even visible from a few miles away.

The long sword spreaded a formidable aura that felt like it was suppressing the world. All the animals fekt threatened and went to hide somewhere far away, and some of them even bowed on the ground before leaving.

The tremendous coercion from the Heavenly Spiritual Device repressed everything within ten miles of it.

Other powerful ancient martial artist groups had already arrived and took the best spots when Qingfeng and his team reached the hill's bottom.

The spots on the east were occupied by the Sword Pavilion, the ones on the west were occupied by the Hundred Flower Palace, the south was occupied by the Fiery Emperor Palace, and the north was occupied by the Vampire Sect.

Th rest of the other power groups had also occupied the remaining best spots so that they could climb the hill more easily to snatch the spiritual device.

All the front seats were occupied when Qingfeng arrived. If he wanted to climb up to the hill, he would have to wait for others to climb first before him.

"Boss, this isn't going to work. There is no way we can get the spiritual device if we are this behind," Daoist complained while frowning.

Qingfeng nodded as he agreed with Daoist. The Heavenly Spiritual Device was like his Infernal Sword—it was desired by everyone.

The reason why nobody stole Qingfeng's spiritual device yet was because it had only just broken through the first seal and everyone thought it was merely an ordinary spiritual device.

Everyone would definitely change their mind once the Infernal Sword breaks through the third seal and became a heavenly spiritual device.

Qingfeng was clear about the power of the Red Fiery Sword, which was why he wanted to snatch the heavenly spiritual device from the Dark Island.

Ao Hei was reminded of his grudges again when he saw Qingfeng. He was mad that Qingfeng bashed him off and grabbed the evolution fruit from him.

He knew that he wasn't Qingfeng's competitor which was why he ran to Sword Pavilion since he knew Xiao Gu was extremely powerful.

"Elder Xiao Gu, I have to tell you something. Qingfeng has gotten a Fire Evolution Fruit," Ao Hei walked up to Xiao Gu and reported politely.

Ao Hei behaved so well and even bowed to this top-tier master. He didn't have the guts to be aloof.

"Are you sure that Qingfeng's gotten a Fire Evolution Fruit?"

"Yes, Elder Xiao Gu. I saw it with my own eyes!"

"Alright. That is exactly what I need for my fire refinement now. Thank god!" Xiao Gu looked thrilled.

Fire vital essence was what Xiao Gu practiced as well. His sword techniques also belonged to the Fire Martial arts which needed a Fire Evolution Fruit the most.

Xiao Gu had spent a long time searching for this fruit on the Dark Island. It was indeed a rare fruit that was tough to seek out.

"Qingfeng, hand over your Fire Evolution Fruit and I'll let you go," Xiao Gu said arrogantly with his head slightly raised.

Qingfeng heard the conversation between Ao Hei and Xiao Gu. God Damn it, how dare this stupid Ao Hei actually disclosed that I got the Evolution Fruit.


Everyone looked at Qingfeng desperately in the same time. Yet, the thrill in their eyes disappeared right away after they realized the one who asked was Xiao Gu. They certainly knew this horrifying Xiao Gu, he was the Elder of the Sword Pavilion!

"Saintess, how was Qingfeng able to get the Evolution Fruit?" In the Hundred Flower Palace, the green-dressed girl asked the Hundred-Flower Fairy skeptically.

The Hundred-Flower Fairy also looked surprised. She knew that obtaining any evolution fruis required special tricks that normally wouldn't be known by others. How did Qingfeng actually get it? She couldn't answer the green-dressed girl since she was also confused.

At this moment, Qingfeng became the spotlight in the center. Everybody kept staring at him and wondered whether he would hand out the evolution fruit.

"Senior Xiao Gu, I wonder what you want to do with the evolution fruit though?"

"Are you kidding me? I obviously want to eat it for refine it in my body."

"Oh, so you like to eat sh*t," Qingfeng teased him mockingly.

Xiao Gu changed his expression to anger, "Bastard, I said I want to eat the evolution fruit, not sh*t!"

"But Elder Xiao Gu, I ate the evolution fruit though. You could only eat my poop if you want to eat it."

The crowd's jaws almost dropped when they heard what Qingfeng said. They completely lost their reaction.

Dude, could you be less crazy? How could you even articulate such a disgusting word.

Everybody's empathy towards Qingfeng switched last minute to Xiao Gu now. This old man must be furious towards such a reckless dude.

As expected, Xiao Gu was extremely pissed that he even accelerated his breath, as if he was ready to kill Qingfeng any second soon.

In the Sword Pavilion, Xiao Gu was the third elder with both prestige and power. He is also one of the Orthodox masters, ranked as the 15th, and was very formidable.

No one in the Martial Art World would have the balls to humiliate Xiao Gu other than Qingfeng. "This brat must be sick of his life," Xiao Gu glared at Qingfeng furiously.

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