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"Young Master, that is the Fire Elemental Evolution Fruit, the fruit that the dude who almost killed me was trying to snatch," Lion Demon King said as he pointed at the fruit far up on the tree.

Qingfeng was thrilled as he pictured his strength would evolve to a higher level with the Fire Vital essence inside the fruit once he consumes it.

Qingfeng knew he would have to use special tricks if he wanted to grab this fruit down. Trying hard with merely physical strength like that stupid Ao Hei would never work.

Fortunately, Dark Night Emperor has already told Qingfeng the trick to grab the fruit. Qingfeng walked beside the little red tree and took out his infernal sword and with it, he blocked the flame around the tree from reaching him and then firmly grabbed onto the fruit.

The red fruit was burning hot, as if it was a flaming torch, that even made Qingfeng's burn by holding it.

Luckily, Qingfeng was trained with the True Marital Emperor Technique before, which was a badass technique that toughened the flesh and made his skin impervious.

Qingfeng slightly twisted the fruit and finally removed it from the tree.

"Yoshiko Sato, you guys stay here and protect the perimeter. Don't let anyone in," Qingfeng smiled faintly while telling Yoshiko and others.

Only people with strong combat strength could survive in the Dark Island, the land of horror.

Qingfeng wanted to stay on this island and train himself to a far higher level with this Evolution Fruit.

Since Yoshiko was the most powerful one among the others beside Qingfeng, she was assigned to protection.

Yoshiko nodded and spread the Wolf Fang team and the other two Demon Kings around the grove. They tried to prevent any enemies from entering or disturbing Qingfeng.

Qingfeng took out the fruit and stuffed it into his mouth as he kept chewing. This fruit tasted similar to an apple, yet, it carried a rolling, intense energy.

A strong stream of fire elemental vital essence was exposed after the fruit was dissociated. It became huge waves of energy that slammed into Qingfeng's veins, muscles, and bones and started to consolidate, purify and finally coagulate within his body.

The power hidden in the fruit was so magnificent that it not only consolidated within Qingfeng's body, but it also rushed towards his dantian with the remaining flow of energy.

The dantian is where all the vital essence was stored. The more vital essence, the more power one has.

All the vital essence from the fruit gathered in the dantian and eventually formed a green swirl.


Loud rumbling sound came from Qingfeng's body which was made by the vital essence. His arm strength had now increased to 12,000 kilograms.

12,000 kilograms is equal to the strength of a late stage grandmaster, the second-last phase of the grandmaster realm.

There was a portion of energy from the fruit that Qingfeng still tried to absorb, yet, the Devourer Bloodline in his body shot out a dark light and caught all the rest of it, which frustrated Qingfeng.

"You are such a gluton, huh?" Qingfeng rolled his eyes, sensing the Devourer Bloodline inside him.

He finally understood that his bloodline would always share any treats he got every single time.

Qingfeng stood back up with cracking sounds coming from his joints. He reached out his fist and immediately punched out 12 black vortexes in the air.

"Master, congratulations! You have reached the final phase of the grandmaster realm," Yoshiko looked at Qingfeng with admiration in her eyes.

 In Yoshiko's opinion, Qingfeng was a genius, a peerless genius that not only comprehend three territory powers but also took challenges past his cultivation state.

Now, Qingfeng could beat peak state grandmasters even without using his bloodline power since he had reached the late-stage of the grandmaster realm. In fact, barely anyone would be his opponent in the grandmaster realm once he activates his bloodline power and spiritual device.

"Buddy, this Lion Demon King and Green Dragon Demon King are not simple too. They both have the power of bloodlines as well," Dark Night Emperor whispered in Qingfeng's head.

In fact, few human beings would own Bloodline powers. It's hard to find one even from millions of people. But now, there were a couple of them around Qingfeng, so Dark Night Emperor was intrinsically shocked.

The Dark Night Emperor also found out that the Wolf Fang team had Bloodline powers besides the two Demon Kings and Yoshiko, yet, only Yoshiko's was activated amongst them.

"Senior, I almost forgot if you didn't remind me. I have the Conqueror's Badge which can help them activate their bloodlines," Qingfeng patted his head as he blamed himself for forgetting such an important thing.

"Buddy, what did you say? You have the Conqueror's Badge?" Dark Night Emperor asked with shock as he was amazed.

The Conqueror's Badge was not just a simple badge, but something mysterious that was previously known to be in the possession of the Conqueror.

"Senior, how do you know the Conqueror's Badge?" Qingfeng asked while feeling surprised. How would the Dark Night Emperor, as someone who constantly lives inside the Infernal Sword, know the Conqueror's Badge?

"Buddy, you have to keep this baby well. It'll benefit you in the future. Activate the blood for the two Demon Kings first and we'll discuss everything else later," Dark Night Emperor smiled faintly and ignored Qingfeng's question.

Qingfeng nodded and no longer asked. Since he knew it was unnecessary. He knew that the Dark Night Emperor would tell him one day, when the time comes.

"Lion, Green Dragon, I'll help you guys activate your blood," Qingfeng smiled while asking both of them coming to him.

"Young master, you can activate the bloodline for us?" Both Demon Kings' face suddenly changed, and a hint of shock flashed past their eyes.

Having their bloodline activated was their biggest dream. They had been trying forever yet they always failed.

Now after Qingfeng told them that he could activate the bloodline for them, they both were shocked.

Qingfeng nodded and took out his Conqueror's Badge directly without talking much.

He rendered his vital essence into the Conqueror's Badge and thousands of little words were induced on the surface of the badge. The words were as small as tadpoles that could only be read by Qingfeng.

These tiny words were exactly the way to activate the blood of the top ten demons. Qingfeng started to activate the blood for the Lion Demon King and Green Dragon Demon King after he found the right words for them.

The blood for Lion Demon King was from the ancient golden lion. It was a powerful bloodline that could turn him into an invincible golden lion once it was activated. 

According to the legend, the ancestor of the Golden Lion was able to swallow an entire city in one go. His power was undeniable.

"Our ancestor, the Holy Golden Lion, who could swallow the sky and the ground, with your pure bloodline from the far away world..." Qingfeng told Lion Demon King the way to activate the Golden Lion and let him activate his own ancestor's bloodline.

Meanwhile, Qingfeng had channeled vital essence into the Conqueror's Badge to bring out a gigantic Golden Lion shadow for the Lion Demon King to feel what his ancestor looked like.

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