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"Damn it, how dare you destroy my puppet?" The shaman was heartbroken, his lips twitching as he stared at the halves of his wooden doll.

This puppet was an important tool for Shamans to manipulate corpses with and it could be used to control devastating attacks. Instead, it was destroyed right away under the attack of Qingfeng's spiritual device.

Technically, the puppet also counted as an unorthodox spiritual device, though it was just a torn inferior device that couldn't even be compared to Qingfeng's Red Fiery Sword.

Normally, a device was categorized in three types, inferior, medium, and superior. On top of superior ones, they are categorized as earth grade, heaven grade, and emperor grade etc.

The more superior the spiritual device is, the stronger attack power it has.

Although the Red Fiery Sword only had its first seal broken, it was already a superior spiritual device. It would definitely be able to smash the torn, inferior puppet apart effortlessly.

The Red Fiery Sword had three seals in total. It'd become more powerful once all three seals are broken.

"You deserve to go to hell for refining dead bodies into corpse puppets. I am just sending you there," Qingfeng sneered with viciousness.

According to religious belief, the body was the most important thing to a person after their death because it would decide whether they would reincarnate in heaven or hell. Thus, it was pure evil that this bloody Shaman actually turned them into corpse puppets. What a curse!

Qingfeng waved out his long sword. The sharp flaming gas from the sword split the air into a huge fissure and shot it right in front of Shaman in a flash.

The shaman's head was sliced off by the sword as his blood kept splurting into the air.

The shaman was powerful, but he was nothing in front of the spiritual device.

Shaman looked terrified and unconvinced right before he died. As a maleficent shaman that had been roaming freely throughout the Ancient Martial Art World in the Philippines, only he had the right to kill others in the past. Yet, he didn't expect he'd be killed this time.

Actually, Shaman came to the Dark Island for the spiritual device this time. However, he died even before getting the chance to see the device.

Without even looking at the dead Shaman, Qingfeng ran up to Green Dragon Demon King and started to recovering his vital essence by emitting his own through his palm.

Green Dragon Demon King recovered within a second. He said worriedly, "Boss, Lion Demon King has gone to somewhere else and he was also chased by the corpse. Let's help him now."

Qingfeng nodded as he didn't want to waste any time. He still had to rescue Lion Demon King after saving Green Dragon Demon King.

Qingfeng stood up and let Green Dragon Demon King guide the way. They were all heading to one direction.

At this moment, on another path.

Lion Demon King was fighting with the corpse chasing behind him. It was such a powerful corpse that it was even hard for Lion Demon King to fight against it. All of the sudden, the corpse stopped on the spot in the middle of the fight.

"What the heck? The corpse stopped moving?" Lion Demon King freaked out confusedly.

How come this corpse suddenly stopped there when it was still fighting him viciously the last second.

"Whatever, I'm going to destroy his head," Lion Demon King cleared his gaze and smashed the corpse's head immediately.

A bug?

Lion Demon King realized the bug inside the corpse's head was dead. That's why it stopped moving.

In fact, the bug in the corpse's head that was controlled by the shaman would die automatically once the Shaman was killed by Qingfeng. Logically, the corpse would definitely no longer be manipulated once the bug dies.

Although Lion Demon King didn't know how the corpse and the bug died, he was happy since his life was spared.

Lion Demon King walked towards the front after he figured out the path forward.

"Huh, there is a small red tree ahead?" Lion Demon King narrowed his eyes as he found a little red tree at the front.

This red tree was two-meter-tall and even exceeded his height. A red fruit was grown on top on the twig. The fruit was as big and red as an apple, like a flame lingering around the tree.

Although Lion Demon King didn't know what this red fruit is, he could feel the extraordinary power from this fruit so it must somehow be a treasure.

Lion Demon King walked up to the red tree and was trying to grab the fruit down.

"Stop there!" All the sudden, a huge sound came from behind. Ao Hei then ran towards him with his Black Blade Sect's fellow.

Ao Hei was so thrilled that he started to shiver when he saw the red fruit.

"Fire-elemental evolution fruit, it is actually the fire-elemental evolution fruit!" Ao Hei was yelling with excitement and fulfilment.

Evolution, a fruit that could evolve ancient martial artists to a higher level and was so extremely rare and precious that it only existed in the top ten most dangerous islands in the Pacific.

Lion Demon King was not dumb and he obviously knew how precious this red fruit is. He yelled back, "I found it first, it is mine."


Lion Demon King was punched to a far distance by Ao Hei and dropped harshly on the ground. He spat out a mouthful of blood immediately.

This powerful…is unbelievable. Lion Demon King freaked out as he realized he wasn't an opponent of this man at all after being thrown to a distance.

"You are too weak to fight for the fruit with me," Ao Hei sneered with disdain.

He stepped on Lion Demon King and drew his dagger as he was about to kill him.


A rock thrown from far away directly hit the dagger in Ao Hei's hand and broke it in half.

Qingfeng approached closer from a distance with Green Dragon Demon King and threatened, "Leave him alone and I'll let you go. Get the hell out of here now."

Ao Hei freaked out once he saw Qingfeng. He knew he couldn't win against Qingfeng since he had seen his power on the ship.

Ao Hei face turned green first and then pale. He was at least someone from an top tier orthodox sect, so he knew that he would be laughed at if he just left like this. 

"You have three more seconds to leave, or I'll chop you into pieces," Qingfeng threatened aggressively.

Ao Hei's face gloomed while he was feeling the aggression from Qingfeng. He finally left after having one last peek at the Fire-elemental evolution fruit.

He was clear that he wasn't Qingfeng's opponent and he would definitely be slayed if he insisted on staying there.

"Are you alright, Lion?" Qingfeng walked to the side of Lion Demon King and asked while pulling him up.

"Young master, I'm fine," Lion Demon King thanked him in excitement. He knew he would be dead already if his young master didn't arrived on time.

The young master is indeed too powerful. He didn't even use force but simply scolded, and that powerful man from earlier already ran away like a b*tch.

Green Dragon Demon King was very close with Lion Demon King. He walked up to Lion Demon King and told him that Qingfeng has killed the Shaman, which shocked Lion Demon King.

While Lion Demon King was deeply surprised by Qingfeng. He finally figured out why the corpse who was chasing him suddenly died--- its puppeteer, the Shaman was slayed.

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