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"Come here and die you impotent man." Qingfeng Li insulted the shaman.

In Qingfeng Li's eyes, his pale face and skinny body were symptoms of having a weak kidney.

Even though the shaman was cruel, he was still a man and hated anyone who said he had weak performance. The men who said that to him in the past were killed by him and became corpses.

"You are courting death." The shaman's face was gloomy and he was emitting a killing intent.

He had to kill him personally because his corpses were destroyed by Qingfeng Li.

"Holy shaman god, please give me the power to kill this bastard." The shaman held his hands together and announced a curse that couldn't be understood.

A black smoke came out of the shaman, very eerily and mysteriously surrounding the scene.

"Shaman realm." The shaman shouted and the area around him became covered by a black membrane. It was different than gravity realm because it was a lot darker.

Qingfeng Li had to become serious and use his own realm as well. He knew that realms could only be fought with realms, not by martial arts because it was formed with one's mentality.

"Inferno realm." Qingfeng Li released a huge flame that covered the area beside them.

Qingfeng Li knew that the shaman was scared of fire and directly brought out his inferno realm.

But the next moment Qingfeng Li was in shock. The shaman realm wasn't burned by Qingfeng Li's inferno realm, but rather his own realm was extinguished by the black gas instead.

"What? My inferno realm was countered?" It was the first time that Qingfeng Li saw something like this.

No one was able to face Qingfeng Li's inferno realm before and he was invincible, but now his infernal realm was defeated by the shaman's realm.

Qingfeng Li remembered what Xianzhi Qin said, "Shamans are extremely powerful and mysterious beings and not many can face them. Even grandmasters might not be able to defeat them."

Qingfeng Li was at a disadvantage after the two realms collided with each other.

"Storm Realm." Qingfeng Li used his storm realm because his inferno realm wasn't working.

Wind-blades were formed and flew towards the shaman but to his surprise, storm realm wasn't effective either. The wind-edges were neutralized by the black gas as well.

Qingfeng Li felt that the shaman was too mysterious and powerful and he was having some difficulties; both his realms didn't work on the shaman.

Qingfeng Li finally knew why the ancient martial artists were scared of shamans. It was because the shamans' power subdued the power of ancient martial artists.

"Hey kid, the shaman's realm contains power from a self-cultivator. You cannot beat him with your ancient martial artist's power alone." Dark Night Emperor suddenly talked.

Qingfeng Li was shocked and understood why his realm couldn't contend with the shaman's realm. The shaman's realm contained powers of a self-cultivator; so it was on another level compared to Qingfeng Li.

"Senior, was the curse he said before part of the self-cultivators' spells? What should I do now?" Qingfeng Li asked sincerely.

Qingfeng Li wasn't scared to fight ancient martial artists, but he couldn't fight self-cultivators because he never practiced those techniques before.

"Are you stupid. Your realms are ancient martial power, but your Red Fiery Sword is a spirit device and can only be used by self-cultivators. Use your sword to defeat him." The Dark Night Emperor instructed.

Even though Qingfeng Li was scolded, he was happy because he learned the way to defeat the shaman's realm.

Qingfeng Li made the mistake of wanting to defeat the shaman's realm with his own realm. He didn't know that the shaman's curse borrowed powers of the self-cultivator; different than an ancient martial artist's.

Qingfeng Li smiled and withdrew his realm because he knew the way to fight now.

Qingfeng Li took out his sword. It was emitting sword intent, passively slicing all the leaves flying beside it.

"Red Fiery Silver Moon." Qingfeng Li hounded and used the fourth and most powerful attack.

A red silver moon formed and flew towards the shaman with flames raging around it.

The shaman's realm couldn't block the attack and the black smoke was burned and neutralized once it touched the silver moon's flames.

The mysterious and powerful realm was neutralized by Qingfeng Li's Red Fiery sword with a blink of an eye.

The shaman spat out blood as his mind was wounded heavily. He exclaimed, "Spirt device! You have a spirt weapon?"

He was shocked because he could only control the corpses because of the power left behind by a past self-cultivator. In addition, with the self-cultivator's power, his realm became stronger as well.

When shamans met ancient martial artists, they could kill them easily. Today was the first time that he saw the power of a spirit weapon.

"Who exactly are you and why do you have a spirit weapon?" the shaman asked.

The shaman knew that spirit weapons were extremely rare and could not be handled with just anyone. Even the most powerful forces didn't have them, and only legendary and hidden forces had them.

"You don't need to know who I am. Die now." Qingfeng Li was confident from neutralizing the shaman's realm.

Qingfeng Li's body flew and appeared instantly in front of the shaman. He suddenly swung his sword towards the shaman's head.

The shaman's face changed and he suddenly took out a doll. The doll was made with wood and was an exact copy of the shaman, except that it didn't have any liveliness to it and was controlled.

The shaman threw the doll into the air and it became the size of a human, emitting enormous strength. It blocked Qingfeng Li's attack for the shaman.

Even though the doll was powerful, it was still sliced in half with one swing of the sword.

Looking at the sliced wooden doll, Qingfeng Li was surprised because the shaman was too mysterious. He could change a palm-size doll into a human-size doll; it was definitely a dark art and the shaman had to die.

He knew that he had to kill the shaman today, or else he would be dangerous in the future.

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