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"Mss Qin, thanks for your warning, but it's too late now, I've already killed the bug." Qingfeng Li thanked Xianzhi Qin.

Xianzhi Qin frowned and said, "Wolf King, let me explain. Shamans are incredibly powerful. Not only can they control corpse puppets, they can also control wild beasts. They can even perform mind-control and kill without the other's knowledge. They're extremely terrifying.

"It's alright, if I meet a shaman, I will kill him right away." Qingfeng Li said, laughing.

It was clear to Qingfeng Li, he had already formed a rivalry with the wizard on Dark Island. They became sworn enemies the minute he killed the corpse puppet and the bug.

After a moment of rest, the group of people continued moving forward, towards the center of the island.

Not only was Dark Island filled with wild beasts, it also had a variety of treasures. The reason behind its status as one of the ten most deadly islands of the Pacific was not only due to its ruthless nature, but also because it contained an infinite amount of treasures, attracting many treasure seekers.

Sure enough, soon after the group of people began walking, they spotted a strange small tree on top of a black rock. Surprisingly, the tree wasn't black, it was actually green.

Most of the things on Dark Island were black. Things of other colors almost didn't exist. So when a small green tree appeared in the midst of all the darkness, it instantly attracted everyone's attention.

The small green tree was about two meters tall. Its body was green, its leaves were green, and it had a green…...fruit.

Yes, you heard right, it was indeed a small green fruit. The green fruit was as big as a fist. It looked like a green apple but it wasn't a green apple.

The green fruit was surrounded by a green whirlwind. The whirlwind transformed into a wind blade that continuously revolved around the fruit, creating a phenomenon.

"Ah, is this Wind Elemental Evolution Fruit?" A short-haired swordsman suddenly shouted as he recognized the fruit.

Hearing the swordsman's voice, Xiao Gu scolded in rage, "Shut your mouth, don't speak nonsense.

The short-haired swordsman instantly shut his mouth. However, it was already too late, everyone had heard his words.

Wind Elemental Evolution Fruit?

Qingfeng Li was delighted. He had heard a legend from the ancient martial world saying that between the heaven and the earth, there existed some evolutionary fruits. Once ingested, the person will evolve into having supernatural powers.

Supernatural powers are similar to the magic spells of self-cultivators. However, Magic spells require the use of spirit energies and chants to activate, while supernatural powers are automatic, it can be released by the opening of one's mouth.

Evolutionary fruits are divided into categories: grandmasters level, spirit level, king level, emperor level, honor level, imperial level, saint level and so on. Each level had its own three categories: low-grade, middle-grade, and upper-grade.

There was a wind blade marking on the green fruit, signifying its status as a Grandmasters level, upper-grade evolutionary fruit.

"If I can get this Wind Elemental Evolution Fruit, not only will I improve my abilities in the Storm Realm, my natural physical strength will reach a breakthrough as well." Qingfeng Li looked at the green fruit with eyes of hunger.

Other than Qingfeng Li, everyone looked at the fruit with eyes of hunger. They all wanted the Wind Elemental Evolution Fruit, but with all of them being strong masters, no one made a move.


Ao Hei couldn't wait any longer, he was the first to rush forward in an attempt to take the evolutionary fruit.

"Fuck off." Xiao Gu roared in anger. He grabbed his sword and struck towards Ao Hei.

The sword's aura ripped apart the atmosphere, immensely powerful. It released enormous energy as if it was going to kill Ao Hei.

Ao Hei was startled. He immediately retreated, not daring to touch the sword.

Ao Hei looked distressed. He was ranked number thirty-nine on the Grandmasters list and Xiao Gu was ranked number fifteen, a rank much higher than his. The latter was much more powerful than he was. He had no choice but to retreat.

"Hmph, I'm taking the evolutionary fruit." Xiao Gu said in a commanding voice.

The other ancient martialists were all prepared to take the fruit, but after hearing Xiao Gu, they halted their actions. Even if they angered by him, they didn't dare show it, Xiao Gu was simply too powerful.

Of course, not everyone was afraid of Xiao Gu. The Flower Fairy, Xianzhi Qin, and the people from the Vampire Sect were all unfazed by Xiao Gu's powers.

"Xiao Gu, the evolutionary fruit is a treasure of the heavens and of the earth. It belongs to only the most powerful. Don't you think it was inappropriate of you to claim it?"

Xiao Gu's face turned heavy. If it were Ao Hei or any other person saying these words, Xiao Gu would have already struck them with his sword. However, the voice came from the Flower Fairy, and he was too afraid to oppose her. The woman was terrifying.

Xianzhi Qin also smiled lightly. She said, "That's correct. The evolutionary fruit is a treasure. It belongs to the person who is powerful enough to take it.


Just as they were talking, the head Elder of the Vampire Sect made his move. He was as fast as lightning, arriving instantly beside the small green tree in an attempt to grab its fruit.

The old man was in his sixties. His face was aged but his body was very fit.

"Shan Xue, how dare you?" Xiao Gu roared, evidently, he knew the old man.

Shan Xue didn't even look at Xiao Gu, reaching out his hand to grab the evolutionary fruit. In the next second however, an immensely powerful energy erupted from the the fruit which sent Shan Xue flying.

Deng deng deng deng…...

Shan Xue had to retreat a dozen steps to steady his body. He grimaced, obviously stunned by the fruit's ability to automatically counterattack.

"Hahaha, Shan Xue, you're too weak. Watch me instead." Xiao Gu laughed. He made his move, also arriving beside the small green tree, reaching out his hand to grab its fruit.


Xiao Gu's body was also sent flying by the evolutionary fruit's energy.

Shan Xue laughed coldly. He said, "Xiao Gu, you're no better.

Xiao Gu was pissed. He didn't think he would fail in retrieving the evolutionary fruit.

It was Xianzhi Qin's turn. Her attempt to pick the fruit also sent her flying backwards, resulting in failure.

All of the other ancient martialists tried their efforts as well, but were all repelled backwards, no one had retrieved the fruit.

In the end, only Qingfeng Li and the Flower Fairy were left. All of the others had tried, and failed.

Everyone could see the treasure right in front of them, but none was able to retrieve it. This made them very irritated.

The Flower Fairy smiled enchantingly. Her delicate figure made its way towards the small tree, and she also reached out to grab the fruit.

Her hands were white as snow, reminiscent of the finest jade. She grabbed the evolutionary fruit with her hands, directly picking it off of the tree.

Seeing this, Xiao Gu, Xianzhi Qin, Shan Xue and the rest were all stunned. How powerful was the Flower Fairy to be able to successfully pick of the evolutionary fruit?

Qingfeng Li's face was also heavy. The Dark Night Emperor had previously told him the correct way to remove the fruit. He was waiting to pick the fruit last. He didn't expect the fruit to be picked away by the Flower Fairy however.

"Senior, you told me go last. What do we now that the Flower Fairy picked the evolutionary fruit?" Qingfeng Li looked worried as he communicated with the Dark Night Emperor.

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