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Chapter 852: Corpse That Can Run

The girl in the green dress came back with the demon nucleus and gave it to the Flower Fairy. Despite her discrete action, Qingfeng Li still saw it.

Qingfeng Li was watching the girl in the green dress. More accurately speaking, he was watching the Flower Fairy. He knew that she was much more knowledgeable than she had led on.

 Qingfeng Li was smart. He knew that there was definitely a reason as to why the Flower Fairy had killed the man-faced spider. It definitely had something to do the object the girl had retrieved. However, the Flower Fairy clearly didn't want anyone to know about the object or its use.

Although it was day, the island was still very dark. They were surrounded by tall black trees dozens of meters tall. These trees covered the skies and blocked out the sun, making the atmosphere extremely depressing.

The spiritual device was at the center of the island. If someone wanted to retrieve the spiritual device, they must go to the center of the Dark Island. This particular spiritual device was an especially powerful spiritual device. That's why it attracted many people to the island.


Qingfeng Li's ears suddenly picked up a hissing sound from behind. Albeit the sound was weak, Qingfeng Li's incredibly hearing still picked it up.

"Everyone slow down, there's someone following us." Qingfeng LI suddenly said.

Qingfeng Li knew nothing about the deadly island. He had no idea what was going

to happen. So when he heard a sound, his first reaction was to inform the others to stop. After all, whether it be the Flower Fairy or the first-class powers, they've all existed for thousands of years, having knowledge of many secrets.

Everyone stopped at the sound of Qingfeng Li's voice, all of their eyes looking behind.

Xiao Gu took one look behind and said coldly, "what the hell are you talking about? There's no one following us."

Everyone nodded, because they didn't see anything either. Other than the empty sight of trees and rocks, there was nothing there.

The Flower Fairy furrowed her brows lightly. She looked towards a spot that was twenty meters behind them and said, "there's a person there."

Everyone looked towards the the spot, shocked. Sure enough, there was a person there, but it was a dead person. Its body was laid down on the ground, motionless, without a breath, apparently killed.

"Fairy, that's a dead person, he's not going to follow us." Said Ao Hei, lightly smiling.

Everyone nodded at Ao Hei's words. How can a dead person follow them?

"This is the Dark Island, everything's possible." The Flower Fairy said lightly, watching the dead body.

Since it was Qingfeng Li who detected a sound, he walked up to the dead body in order to make sure it was indeed dead.

Qingfeng Li observed the corpse, it was obviously killed by someone. He didn't understand why the Flower Fairy had even pointed

pointed to the corpse.

"Qingfeng Li, try and cut its head off." The Flower Fairy suddenly said.

Qingfeng Li was shocked by her words. He didn't understand why the Flower Fairy asked him to perform such a task. But out of trust for the Flower Fairy, he still took out his sword and slashed towards the corpse's head


Suddenly, as if awoken by Qingfeng Li's beheading attempt, the corpse jumped up, its eyes flashing green. It looked at Qingfeng Li angrily and quickly turned to run away.

"Holy shit, this is fake right? How can a dead body run."

"Mother of god, never have I seen a dead body run in all my years of living."

"Dark Island is indeed scary. First it was the man-faced spider, and now a running corpse."

The people around all began to talk, their eyes full of shock.

Most of these ancient martialists were all from land. This was their first time to the ocean and this was also their first time to the Dark Island. What they've seen was incredible.

"Stop him." Flower Fairy yelled out as soon as the corpse began to run.


Qingfeng Li moved quickly, instantly arriving before the corpse. He punched his fist directly towards the corpse.

With a loud bang, the corpse flew out from Qingfeng Li's punch, hitting the ground heavily. The corpse wasn't very powerful, clearly not a match for Qingfeng Li.

At this time, the others had finally realized that they had been followed by the

by the corpse all along. Everyone walked up to the corpse, all wanting to see what the hell it was.

The corpse didn't know how to speak. It just glared at the group of people with green light in its eyes.

"Corpse puppet. This is a controlled corpse puppet." The Flower Fairy said with one look of the corpse.

Qingfeng Li furrowed his brows and asked, " what's a corpse puppet?"

"Corpse puppets are dead bodies being controlled by people. The dead bodies become the puppets of the living."

"You're saying that these corpses are all being controlled?"

"That's correct. They're being controlled by the shamans of the countries in the Southern Sea." The Flower Fairy said lightly.


Qingfeng Li's face darkened. He knew of shamans. Countries like the Philippines and Indonesia all had shamans. These shamans were all ridiculously powerful. They had mind-controlling abilities, corpse-controlling abilities, and even human-controlling abilities..

Shamans are synonymous to evil. They were hated by many, so they hide in the darkness.

At the same time, shamans are immensely powerful and were feared by many. If anyone offends a shaman, they'd die without ever knowing what hit them.

There were shamans on the Dark Island. This was the thought in everyone's mind.

Te, te te…...

The corpse, no, it wasn't a corpse, it was a corpse puppet. The corpse puppet began to call out a strange sound. It opened its mouth and released its black tongue. With it, a foul odour was emitted from his mouth. He his mouth. He opened his mouth wide to bite Qingfeng Li, attempting to kill the person who had stopped him from escaping.

"Boss be careful!." Daoist yelled out quickly as the corpse puppet attacked Qingfeng Li.

The corpse puppet was obviously evil, no one knew what strange powers it had.


Qingfeng Li quickly whipped out his Red Fiery Sword, holding it across his chest. He then jumped up into the air, and slashed towards the corpse puppet.


The corpse puppet's head was cut off by Qingfeng Li. However, the blood it spewed out wasn't crimson, it was black, and smelled extremely foul. Everyone pinched their nose in disgust.


Suddenly, a black bug flew out of the corpse puppet's head and into the air.

Everyone was stunned by the sight of this. They knew it was this bug that had been controlling the corpse puppet. The bug was the shaman's treasure.

"No escape. Die." Qingfeng Li slashed out his sword once again, directly splitting the bug in half. It fell on the ground and released a piercing screech. After a moment of suffering, it died.

"Wolf King, you shouldn't have killed the bug." Xianzhi Qin said to Qingfeng Li, her face looking very worried.

Normal ancient martialist wasn't familiar with shamans. Only the ones from first-class powers like Xianzhi Qin, the Flower Fairy, and Xiao Gu knew of their terrors.

A bug is a shaman's treasure, cultivated through their countless efforts. Once killed, the shaman will avenge its death with relentless fury.

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