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"I thought I was the only one who knew how to pick the evolution fruit, but I guess Flower Fairy knew it too." Dark Night Emperor's voice sounded in Qingfeng Li's head.

A lot of people heard about the legendary evolution fruit, but they didn't know the method to pick it. Dark Night Emperor on gained knowledge of it after he became a self-cultivator. How did Flower Fairy know?

Maybe... Flower Fairy was a self-cultivator as well?

Dark Night Emperor was trying to guess her real role, he said, "Flower Fairy is too powerful, you wouldn't get your hands onto any of the treasures before her. It would be better to separate with her."

Qingfeng Li nodded and agreed with him. It was obvious that Flower Fairy was familiar with the Dark Island; he wouldn't have any chance to get any treasures.

"Flower Fairy, I would like to separate from you guys." Qingfeng Li smiled and said.

Before Flower Fairy could even talk, he left with Wolf Fang team and Yoshiko Sato.

The remaining crowds were restive after Qingfeng Li left because they also knew they wouldn't get anything if they stayed with Flower Fairy.

"Flower Fairy, us Blade Blade sect would leave as well."

"Us Sword Pavilion will be leaving now too."

"Fiery Emperor Palace too, hope you guys get what you wanted."

"Vampire Sect will leave as well."

All the forces were talking and left in a certain direction.

Flower Fairy was too powerful and shocked everyone. They wouldn't get any spiritual devices if they followed her into the core of the Dark Island; it was better to leave.

In a blink of an eye, only Flower Fairy and four girls from Hundred Flower Palace were alone.

"Saintess, those people finally left. They were dragging us behind." Green-dress girl said.

In her eyes, her Saintess was the most powerful and the crowds were useless. Man-faced Spider was killed by her Saintess in one attack.

Flower Fairy smiled and said, "they were right to leave me because they wouldn't get any treasures. But it also meant they might die faster."

Green-dress girl nodded her head. The clans only saw how Flower Fairy took the evolution fruit, but they were short-sighted and didn't see that Flower Fairy was familiar with this island.

Even though they wouldn't get any treasures, their life would be safe at the very least. Everyone was greedy and wanted to find treasures on their own, but it also meant their death.


As if to prove what Flower Fairy just said, one of the ancient martialist screamed in pain; it sounded like he was bit to death by some beast.

"Let us go and find the spiritual device." Fairy Flower smiled and started walking.

Qingfeng Li and the Wolf Fang team's expressions changed when they heard the scream. It hadn't been long from separating from Fairy Flower, but someone was already attacked.

"Boss, why did we separate with Flower Fairy?" Bald Man still didn't understand why.

Qingfeng Li didn't talk, but Daoist said, "Are you dumb? Flower Fairy is too powerful, we wouldn't get any treasures if we stayed by her side."

Bald Man nodded his head. Qingfeng Li had his chance with the evolution fruit, but it was taken away by Flower Fairy.


Qingfeng Li suddenly told the two to be quiet because he heard some noise in front of them.

A humongous tiger appeared in front of them. The tiger was 5 meters long, two times bigger than the normal ones, and had black fur.

Evolved beast. Another evolved beast?

Qingfeng Li's expression was serious. What happened on this island and why were there so many evolved beasts.

Qingfeng Li was surprised to meet the man-faced spider, but now he was shocked from meeting another evolved beast.

Beasts were normally animals, but they would evolve into wicked beasts after consuming evolution fruits. They could talk and also had some level of intelligence.

The black tiger's level was extremely high and even higher than the man-faced spider. It was already in late-stage grandmaster tier; extremely close to peak tier.

"Daoist, you guys are not his opponent. Get behind me." Qingfeng Li told the team to get behind his back and secured their safety.


The tiger hounded and stared at Qingfeng Li. It jumped up with its sharp claws and flew towards Qingfeng Li.

The claws ripped open the air and screeched; it was extremely powerful.

"Gravity realm." Qingfeng Li immediately released his realm.

A black gravity realm formed and covered the tiger.


The tiger's body fell to the ground from the sky and made a huge sound.

Even though the tiger was grandmaster tier, its intelligence was limited and didn't had its own realm. Thus why Qingfeng Li was able to trap it with his realm.

"Storm realm." Qingfeng Li released his storm realm right after his gravity realm. It formed a huge wind-edge.

The wind-edge ripped through the space and cut through the tiger's head.

With a blink of an eye, the tiger was dead and had no opportunity to fight back.

It was too easy for Qingfeng Li to kill the tiger; he didn't even use his Red Fiery sword.

Qingfeng Li did it this way because he wanted to combine the power of his realms.

"Boss, you are so powerful." The team looked at Qingfeng Li with envy.

Even though they knew Qingfeng Li became an ancient martialist, they didn't know how powerful he was. After they saw how Qingfeng Li killed the tiger, they realized that their boss was invincible.

"Boss, why didn't you fight for the evolution fruit with Flower Fairy if you are this powerful?" Daoist asked.

Qingfeng Li smiled and said, "our enemies are Sword Pavilion and Blade Blade sect, and Vampire Sect. If we were to declare war against Flower Fairy just for an evolution fruit, we would be the one at a disadvantage."

Everyone was surprised and understood their boss's decision. Qingfeng Li was already thinking way ahead; there must be more evolution fruits on the island and they shouldn't become Flower Fairy's enemy for just one fruit.

Flower Fairy was powerful. Even though they had faith in Qingfeng Li, they couldn't for sure say Qingfeng Li could defeat Flower Fairy.

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