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Chapter 849: The Terror of Dark Island

The pirate ship far way turned around and gave up attacking the passenger ship after the octopus sea monster had been killed by Xiao Gu.

Flower Fairy smiled, "The pirates are pretty strong since they can control the monsters under the deep ocean."

Control sea monsters?

Qingfeng Li's gaze got deeper at the sound of this. He had for sure heard of the legends of the pirates and some of which, the strong ancient martialist pirates, have grasped special methods to compel the sea monsters to attack human.

Qingfeng Li know the reason the pirates left was that they learnt how strong and hard to beat the people on the passenger ship were, seeing the death of the giant octopus.

The ocean storm continued by knocking the deck with fierce wind and raindrops although the pirates backed up.

The rain was so heavy it washed out the blood on the deck in no time and no one would have been able to tell people died here just now if they hadn't witnessed it themselves.

Xiao Gu glimpsed at Qingfeng Li coldly and walked towards the bedroom.

Other people left as well following Xiao Gu with a weird look when they see Qingfeng Li. They believe he must be in big trouble since he offended the powerful Xiao Gu.

"You better be careful with Xiao Gu,

Qingfeng Li." Flower Fairy reminded him with a smile.

Qingfeng laughed carelessly, "Not to worry."

She didn't say anything else seeing Qingfeng Li so confident since she didn't know him very well after all. After a gaze into the ocean she left the deck as well.

Qingfeng Li was left alone standing there after everyone had left the deck.

"Brat, I felt something very weird underneath the ocean but it retreated just now."

"Senior, you can't even sense it anymore with your spiritual energy?"

"I could if it was before, but now I am very weak with only the spiritual energy left so I can only feel vaguely a giant sea monster even stronger than the octopus just now."

"Looks like the ocean is full of danger."Qingfeng Li nodded and sighed.

He knew that the dead giant octopus was only a little soldier of the ocean and there are many more stronger sea monsters deep under the sea.

There was no need for Qingfeng Li to stay on the deck now that the mysterious sea monster had retreated so he turned around and went back to the bedroom.

In the bedroom.

"Boss, you are back. Miss Qin was here to find you and left since you weren't here." The Daoist said.

Qingfeng Li nodded because he knew that Xianzhi Qin just wanted to chat with him for

for fun. And he had no time for that right now.

"Daoist, you guys take the time and practice more. I took you guys on the trip to cultivate you and widen your knowledge about the massacre of the ancient martial arts world."

The Wolf Fang team had been in massacres before but they were only in the secular world, not the ancient martial arts world, which is way more powerful.

They nodded and started to practice since they knew how important their strength is. The more powerful they are, the better they can protect themselves.

Qingfeng Li was delighted to see them starting the practice and joined them as well.

He crossed his legs on the floor, raised his hands and cased a spell. His chest went up and down as he breathed in and out from his nostros. There were white air coming out of his mouth after every time he breathed in green essence scent.

is incomplete yet so strong it strengthened Qingfeng Li's skin, muscle and bones every time he practiced.

The green essence scent went into Qingfeng Li's body through his pores and cleaned his meridians, extending it larger so as to accommodate more vital essence.

He practiced all night.

The storm stopped when the sun was raising the second day. It was sunny and everything went back to normal on

normal on the ocean.

The ocean can change ruthlessly. One second it may be storming and the second it may be sunny and warm as the spring.

"The Dark Island is ahead. We are here." An excited voice said from the deck all of a sudden.

Qingfeng Li was excited as well about rescuing Lion Demon King.

"Let's head out." He smiled and came to the deck from the bedroom with the Wolf Fang team.

The deck was full of people since all the ancient martialist came here from their bedrooms. They all wanted to enter the Dark Island to fight for the spiritual device there.

Qingfeng Li looked into the distance and saw a giant black island with black rocks, black trees, black flowers and black everything.

Qingfeng Li looked serious as other people appeared to be glad. He sensed a strong power coming from the Dark Island with his keen senses.

Without doubt, not only Qingfeng Li sensed the Dark Island's uniqueness, the people with Flower Fairy, Xiao Gu, Xianzhi Qin and vampire master sensed it as well.

The passenger ship headed towards the Dark Island. The surface of the ocean along the way was extremely terrifying as it was filled by broken shipwrecks. It seemed like at least hundreds of ships were destroyed here.

Countless of corps were floating around the broken decks, some of decks, some of which were only horrifying skeletons left behind by sea monsters.

People's exciting faces were replaced with scary ones because of the thousands of corps astonished them.

Even more corps were under the water aside from the floating ones. No one knows how many people lost their lives here.

It was over ten miles from the Dark Island so those people hadn't even reached there till they died. The closer they got to the island the more pieces of wood and corps there were. The air was filled with a strong scent of blood.

Qingfeng Li looked at these corps in silence thinking no wonder the Dark Island was one of the ten most dangerous islands on the Pacific Ocean.


Rapid ring tone broke the silence and Qingfeng Li took out his phone---it was from Lion Demon King.

"Where are you Lion Demon King? I'll go get you in a moment."Qingfeng Li pressed the answer key and said in a hurry.

"Master, there are horrifying walking corps here and you shouldn't come over." Lion Demon King said with a terrified voice.

It was alright the first few days after Lion Demon King and Green Dragon Demon King were trapped on the Dark Island, but they soon encountered more horrifying and strange things. There were unbelievable man-faced spiders and walking corps which were beyond their imagination.

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