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Chapter 850: The Man-Faced Spider

Knowing Lion Demon King wouldn't lie to him, Qingfeng Li was stunned at how horrifying the Dark Island was.

"Lion Demon King…"Qingfeng Li shouted but the signal was lost when he wanted to keep talking.

Beep, beep, beep…

Qingfeng Li was upset about the loss of connection since he had no idea when Lion Demon King was.

In the deepest island, Lion Demon King and Green Dragon Demon King were running away from a walking screaming crop behind them.

"Let's split up and up, Lion, so we have a better chance of surviving." Green Dragon Demon King frowned.

Lion Demon King nodded, "I'll go left and you go right, now."

Lion Demon King started to spring to the left while Green Dragon Demon King ran about madly to the right.

The crop's eyes of dying embers filled with confusion at the intersection. But then they shined a ray of strange green light and chased after Lion Demon King on the left.

The dead crop was running because it was controlled by human.

Qingfeng Li was worried about Lion Demon King as there was no cell phone signal.

The passenger ship was proceeding the last several miles very slowly due to all the broken pieces of ships and crops.

The Dark Island had already put on a fiendish look as one of the ten most dangerous

islands on the Pacific Ocean.

Xianzhi Qing suddenly walked to Qingfeng Li and said in a low voice, "Wolf King, here is a map of the Dark Island for you."

Dark Island map?

 Qingfeng Li lifted his eyebrows in surprise. The Fiery Emperor Palace deserved to be called a first class power since it even had the map of the Dark Island.

"You don't need this map, Miss Qing?"

"I have two and wanted to give you one last time but you weren't there. That's why I am giving it to you now."

"Thank you."Qingfeng Li took it over and thanked her sincerely.

Qingfeng Li thought Xianzhi Qin was only over to chat with him and didn't know she was going to give him the map.

The map would help a lot on the scary Dark Island filled with dangerous beasts and toxic monsters.

Xianzhi Qin went back to the Fiery Emperor Palace's side after giving him the map and the elder in gray coat frowned, "You shouldn't have given the map to Qingfeng Li, Miss."

She smiled at his blame, "I have faith in him."

Than elder in gray signed, opened him mouth to say something but eventually said nothing when he thought of Xianzhi Qin's status.

Xianzhi Qin had faith in Qingfeng Li, but the gray coated elder didn't. He thought that Qingfeng Li wouldn't

wouldn't even be able to get out of the Dark Island since he offended the Sword Pavilion.

"Master, maybe the miss from the Fiery Emperor Palace is interested in you so she gave you the map of the Dark Island." Daoist walked beside Qingfeng Li and said with a cheeky smile.

"Get lost."Qingfeng Li glimpsed at Daoist.

Daoist smirked as he was certain Xianzhi Qin was interested in charming Qingfeng Li, just as many other women.

The passenger ship finally drove by the broken decks and crops and arrived at the Dark Island after an hour.

Everyone started to sense the horror of the island as they looked closer. It was giving out a weird scene with all the black things including trees and flowers.

People got off the passenger ship one by one and stepped on the land of the Dark Island, which was different from the land of the continents with a salty smell.

"It's your time of death, Qingfeng Li." Xiao Gu and a few people from the Sword Pavilion stopped Qingfeng Li's team as soon as they entered the Dark Island.

Qingfeng Li knew that they won't let him get away with it and they would have done it a long time ago if it weren't for the storm. The wolf finally revealed his ferocious teeth. They sure wanted to put an end

an end to Qingfeng Li now that there was no storm.

"Xiao Gu, we are here to scramble for the spiritual device, not to put on a fight. It will only give chance to the other monsters." Xianzhi Qing said.

In fact, there were many horrors besides human on the Dark Island so it was not a good idea to kill each other.

Of course not everyone was on Xianzhi Qin's side, such as the Black Blade sect and the Vampire Sect. They were supporting Xiao Gu in killing Qingfeng Li because that would eliminate a competitor for them.

"That's not the case, Miss. Qin because it's better to solve the conflict right now in order to avoid sneak attacks when we find the spiritual device."Ao Hei walked in front and said.

He sure would be on Sword Pavilion's side because they were at enmity between themselves.

Hua hua hua…

Something was making a sound in the grass far way at this moment, as if it was coming their way.


A young ancient martialist creamed of all a sudden as his heart was taken away. He died after the shout with a sharp screech.

Everyone turned around to look, and they just saw a giant spider coldly staring at them from behind, while letting out sharp laughter.

This spider has a human face, but the body is the body of the body of a spider. It has 8 legs, each are very thick and covered in black barbs, enough to penetrate through a human.

Man-faced spider?

Qingfeng Li was surprised when he saw the spider because he had never seen a man-faced spider before but only heard of it.

So the story goes the man-faced spider can make the sound of a charming woman to lure men over and eat up their hearts.

But the man-faced spider right here was different from the legend one as it attacked the ancient martialist of its own accord and ate his heart.

"That's one delicious heart." The man-faced spider said quietly as it swallowed the heart and licked clean the corners of its mouth.

The man-faced spider can talk?

Qingfeng Li, Yoshiko Sato, Wolf Fang team and everyone else were astonished to hear the spider talking.

What the hell. You are still a spider even though you have a human face, got it? It is so scary for you to talk so what the hell?

Everyone including Qingfeng Li was stupefied at the moment. So were Xiao Gu from the Sword Pavilion and Ao Hei from the Black Blade sect.

Everyone but Flower Fairy and Xianzhi Qin was panicked. The two of them were just looking at the man-faced spider calmly as if they already knew that it can talk.

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