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"There are some strong ancient martial artists on that pirate ship." Flower Fairy said, still staring into the distance.

Qingfeng Li was confused, "How did you know that?"

To be honest, Qingfeng Li was more curious about this Flower Fairy than he was worried about the pirates.

No one knew about the appearance of the pirate ship but Flower Fairy, who seemed to have predicted it with a special power.

"By guessing." she smiled and said softly.

Flower Fairy told him she was guessing because she wasn't going to tell Qingfeng Li about her secret.

He smiled in disbelief of this woman's words.

The ancient pirate ship was still far away from them. It was similar to the pirate ships of the Caribbean and different from the steel ship nowadays as it was made of wood.

The pirate ship's canvas skull flag looked very hideous. It danced in the wind as the ship shook up and down with the wave.


Suddenly, a black cannonball flew from the pirate ship towards the passenger ship.

The cannonball was extremely accurately aimed at the deck despite the storm on the ocean.

"Someone saw us so they started to fire at us." Flower Fairy looked at the pirate ship in the distance and said in a calm voice.

Qingfeng Li was stunned at her words because these pirates must be fairly good to be able to see the people on the deck from so far away.

Qingfeng Li took out his sword and chopped through the air with strength. The energy of the sword went towards the cannonball and split it apart into the ocean.

"The spiritual device of yours is pretty decent." Flower Fairy glimpsed at Qingfeng Li and said.

"You are not tempted by the spiritual device?" Qingfeng Li asked in surprise as he caught the carelessness of her tone when she talked about the device.

She smiled charmingly instead of answering his question.

The pirates knew that the person on the deck was a master when they saw the first cannonball split into halves. This time, they fired a dozen continuously.

Several cannonballs were flying in from all directions, as if it was a volley of a ferocious death god. They appeared to be even stronger in the storm.

"Storm realm." Sneered Qingfeng Li as he released the realm he had just comprehended.

An enormous field of ten square feet formed around Qingfeng Li and the dozen cannonballs froze in the air. Green wind swords as sharp as blade points chopped the cannonballs in half directly and they sank into the ocean.

Qingfeng Li had made a loud noise this time and the ancient martial artists in the bedrooms walked onto the deck after the heard the noise.

These ancient martial artists were not only very strong but also had acute vision. Therefore, they had already seen the pirate ship ahead.

"Pirates, there is a pirate ship?" One of the ancient martial artists shouted.

Many people came out of their rooms including the people from the Sword Pavilion, Vampire Sect, Fiery Emperor Palace and the Black Blade sect.

Hundreds of people were looking at the pirate ship from the deck. Seeing the pirates on the ocean was a rare thing for these inland martial warriors so there was more curiosity than fear in their eyes.

It was very strange of the pirate ship to be sitting in a distance instead of coming towards it as if it was observing the passenger ship.


One of the staff screeched and spurted blood all of a sudden as a black object came through his chest.

Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah…

Several more screeches were heard after the first one and over ten staff members were cut through by a black object and fell down in blood.

The black extremely powerful tentacles were as wild as human arms and came for the ancient martial artists after killing the staff. There were so many of them that the sky was covered by many black tentacles with suction cups.

Qingfeng Li took out his sword and chopped off one of the black tentacles as if reached towards him, black liquid splashing out of it.

The people from the Sword Pavilion, hundreds-flower palace, Vampire Sect and Fiery Emperor Palace all cut off the tentacles trying to attack them as fast as a flash.

Sure enough, not everyone was as strong as these people. Some weaker ancient martial artists were cut through by the tentacles and lied screaming on the ground because they weren't able to dodge in time.


Having been had a couple of black tentacles cut off, the sea monster felt the pain and made a loud sound as it climbed up along the bow.

An enormous eye ball as long as ten meters appeared first as it gave out a murderous look. Its body was also huge as the size of a basketball court.

The basketball court-sized sea monster was giving people shivers.

"Its a giant octopus from the deep ocean."Qingfeng Li was stupefied at the look of the sea monster.

Just like a sea monster of the Caribbean, this octopus sea monster with many tentacles was a pet of Davy Jones.

Qingfeng Li realized everything was real after witnessing it today because he used to think the sea monsters in the movies were all fake.

Obviously, the monster of the sea was much bigger and ferocious than the animals inland.

The people were not terrified although the giant sea monster looked very horrifying because they were all powerful ancient martial artists.

"Bastard, let me give you a taste of our Sword Pavilion." Xiao Fu walked out with a green long sword with bamboo patterns. It was shining in green light.


Xiao Gu waved the sword and it ripped apart the space as a sharp flash like sword shape and got to the octopus in one second.

The giant octopus had lived long enough to sense the horror of the sword light and tried to dodge with his enormous body. However, the speedy sword and the giant size of him made it impossible to dodge.


White sword light chopped onto the giant octopus and cut it in half.


The octopus gave a blood-curdling scream as it fell into the sea and the giant body splashed up large spindrifts.

"The Sword Pavilion's Xiao Gu is so powerful! He killed the octopus sea monster with one chop of sword."

"Right, no wonder he is the 15th master on the grandmaster list."

"Oy, now I am a little worried for Qingfeng Li to have gotten on Xiao Gu's bad side."

People were discussing in astonishment.

They were astonished by the fact that Xiao Gu killed the seemingly extremely strong giant sea monster with one chop of sword.

Qingfeng Li's face grew grave with tightened eyebrows when he realized Xiao Gu's power.

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