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"Who are you calling baldy, you dirty thing." Bald Man sneered insultingly.

The strong young sect master of the Black Blade Sect was very tanned due to his hard practicing of the swordsmanship under the sun.

The baldy hated to be called baldy and Ao Hei hated to be called dirty.

"Your life is over, baldy." Ao Hei sneered. A strong power emitted from him, making the tables nearby buzz.

A furious master will bring a river of blood. This saying meant that the fury of a martial artist of the grandmasters realm is not easily aroused but when it is, someone must die.

"The baldy is in trouble after angering Ao Hei like that. He is one of the 81 orthodox grandmasters."

"You are right, I noticed just now that the bald man's cultivation level isn't that high. I wonder why he dared to curse at Ao Hei."

"The baldy is so dumb. He is going to get the people with him in trouble too because they don't seem strong either."

Most of the people nearby were ancient martial artists and they started to chat as they looked at Bald Man with ridicule.

Ao Hei is a famous noble in the ancient martial art world and people worshipped him even though he was very tanned and not the best looker. He was very powerful and a master will be worshiped no matter where he is.

Bald man could sense the mockery from the crowd, but he couldn't care less since he knew that it was not a problem as long as Qingfeng Li was there.

His master Qingfeng Li was the representation of an undefeatable god to him and he would take care of them no matter whether it was Ao Hei (TL: which means Black Pride) or white pride.


Ao Hei's fist ripped through the air and smashed towards bald man with impeccable power.

The strong power of this grandmaster realm fist pushed baldy man back a few steps even before it landed on him. Baldy man was only in higher heaven realm after completing practicing ancient martial arts so he was absolutely no match for Ao Hei.

Qingfeng Li's eyes flashed with a hint of murderous intent as he reached out his right hand and grasped Ao Hei's fist.

What, you grabbed my fist?

Ao Hei was astonished by the guy who caught his ten-thousand-kilogram fist.

Ao Hei put pressure in against the force with his vital essence as he did not want to surrender. However, a random push from Qingfeng Li's palm pushed him 4 or 5 meters back.

People looked at Qingfeng Li in surprise, wondering who this powerful person is.

Ao Hei's face turned green as his eyes shined with anger. It was a complete loss of face to be pushed back in front of so many people.

"Do you know who I am, dude? How dare you be so rude to me?" Ao Hei said with a gloomy face.

"Get lost." Qingfeng Li sneered.

Qingfeng Li sure knew who he was but he could not care less about Ao Hei. Not to mention the Black Blade sect, he wouldn't even care about the Sword Pavilion.

Ao Hei was furious at Qingfeng Li's remark as no one dared to treat him like this in the ancient martial arts world.

Qingfeng Li's cursing attracted everyone's attention, including the people from Hundred-Flower Palace at the third table.

The five women from Hundred-Flower Palace were all beautiful with the leader being the most charming.

She was about 24 years old with a veil covering her face. Her chest was as large as papayas and her skin was as white as white jade. It could be seen from her curvy figure that she was an unmatchable beauty.

The woman under the veil was no one else but the Flower Fairy from the Hundred-Flower Palace. She was a super master ranked within the top 15 on the grandmaster list.

The Flower Fairy looked at Qingfeng Li with interest because few people in the ancient martial art world would dare to give Ao Hei a hard time.

"Fairy, the guy cursing Ao Hei will definitely get in trouble later." A delicate woman beside her said.

Flower Fairy smiled, "it's hard to say because this young man is quite a character. Let's wait and see."

Qingfeng Li noticed Flower Fairy's gaze and felt a strong hidden power from her, so strong it surprised him.

"Bastard, I will show you what I am capable of." Ao Hei sneered and decided to teach Qingfeng Li a lesson.

"Black Blade realm."Ao Hei shouted as a stream of black power emitted from him, covering the ten square feet and filling the area with black blades.

The vital essence generated black swords chopped towards Qingfeng Li, ripping through the air.

"Gravity realm." Qingfeng Li thundered in a low voice.

The space was immediately covered by Qingfeng Li's gravity realm. The power was five times stronger, which completely secured and froze all the black swords of vital essence underneath its weight.

Ao Hei was hoping to suppress Qingfeng Li with all his vital essence, only to find it useless.

He was befuddled since he was no match for Qingfeng Li in either strength or realm.

Qingfeng Li increase the sucking power of his gravity realm all of a sudden and it raised all the genuine swords into the air, and aimed them towards Ao Hei.

Ao Hei was terrified seeing the swords coming at him so he hastily withdrew the realm power. He was in such a rush that his body backed up quickly and ran into a table, knocking the glass on top of it over. Water spilt all over him.

Ao Hei looked at Qingfeng Li in fury, "Damn it, his realm power is so strong."

He was used to thinking of himself as undefeatable, but Ao Hei was now completely suppressed by Qingfeng Li.


He took out the Black Blade and pointed it at Qingfeng Li, "my real strength is my swordsmanship. Let us have a fight."


Flower Fairy couldn't hold her laugh in anymore after hearing Ao Hei's challenge. Her laughter was so charming, making the listeners' hearts tremble and leaving them wishing for more.

Her soft body started to shake with her laughter and it was very charming to look at, like a waving willow.

Most importantly, the veil on Flower Fairy's face gave out a sense of indistinct beauty, making people wish to lift it and reveal her charming face.

"What are you laughing at, Flower Fairy?" Ao Hei said with a little dissatisfaction.

"I am laughing at your cockiness because you are no match for this young man." She pointed at Qingfeng Li with her delicate jade like finger and said enchantingly.

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