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Ao Hei's face looked very bad, with an iron green tint, when Flower Fairy was brazenly looking down upon him by saying he was no match for Qingfeng Li.

Although he could not appear to be mad at the comment since he knew that Flower Fairy was extremely strong in the Hundred Flower Palace.

Ao Hei didn't dare to be angry at Flower Fairy but he let it all on Qingfeng Li, "Dude, I will show you my specialty---my powerful blade techniques."

The Black Blade sect, as a first-class sect, was famous for its blade techniques and had defeated many opponents.

Every grandmaster will need to defeat countless enemies in order to rise to prominence.

"Black Wind technique." Ao Hei shouted angrily as he waved out the long sword in his hand at a very fast speed. It ripped through the air and made an explosive sound.

Fierce wind with black cyclones were generated, the cyclone as sharp as blades.

is a high-level technique of the grandmaster realm. It was so powerful that a wave of the sword could generate black windstorms to cut through human bodies.

Qingfeng Li was sitting still on the chair as Ao Hei cast out his powerful technique.

The people around them were so surprised when they saw the young man was too arrogant to even stand up to fight back.


Qingfeng Li flipped his wrist, took out his Red Fiery Sword and cut down at Ao Hei's long sword with his unrestratined strength.


Ao Hei's sword cracked with the sound, broke into two pieces and dropped onto the ground all in front of his astonished gaze.

The Red Fiery Sword emitted sharp sword energy into Ao Hei after chopping down his long sword. The energy cut through his skin and blood splashed out.


Ao Hei spat out a mouthful of blood as he backed up in surprise.

One swing of his sword and Ao Hei lost.

"How could Ao Hei lose to this young man with one swing of a sword! He is a master on the grandmaster list."

"You are right, what a gap between them."

"Who is this powerful young man?"

People started to chat in surprise.

Although Qingfeng Li was famous in the ancient martial arts world, few people had heard of his name and even fewer had seen his face.

A ray of surprise shined through Flower Fairy's beautiful eyes since she didn't expect Qingfeng Li to be so strong that he could defeat Ao Hei with one move.

"The long sword of yours is a…spiritual device?" Ao Hei said in astonishment.

The excuse Ao Hei found for his own failure was the spiritual device his component owned.

Ao Hei was smart enough to know that the sword that cut through his grandmaster leveled weapon must have been a spiritual device.

Everyone looked at Qingfeng Li with greedy excitement when they heard that his weapon was a spiritual device.

These people were on this passenger ship because they wanted to fight for a spiritual device on the Dark Island. So it was natural for them to get excited when there was one right here.

Some of the people was ready to come up and scramble for the weapon but no one moved forward when they thought about Qingfeng Li's strong power.

Of course, not everyone was terrified by Qingfeng Li. The five swordsmen at the first table were glaring this way with excitement.

The leader swordsman was a middle-aged man around forty years old. He stood up all of a sudden and walked this way.

"Son, I will spare your life as long as you hand over the spiritual device."

"Who are you and why should I give it to you?"

"Son, listen carefully. I am the third elder of the Sword Pavilion, Xiao Gu, so you had better obey." Xiao Gu said in a threatening tone with a cloudy face.

Xiao Gu?

The people around them were shocked at the sound of this name.

Xiao Gu was one of the eighty-one orthodox grandmasters and more powerful than Ao Hei. He was a master of swordsmanship ranked 15th on the grandmaster list. He definitely wanted to scramble for Qingfeng Li's long sword spiritual device because mighty swords were his favorite.

"Who is Zhentian Gu to you?" Qingfeng Li felt like they might have a relationship as their family names are both Gu. He frowned and asked abruptly.

"Zhentian Gu is my brother. Why are you asking?"

"Oh, I want to remind you that I was the one who killed Zhentian Gu. So, I wouldn't mind giving you a ride to hell and make you brothers reunite if you would like."

"Dame you! You are Qingfeng Li, I know you now. I was just about to go kill you for revenge so today is the perfect coincidence." Xiao Gu's ice-like face shined with a murderous look.

Zhen Gu wanted to seek revenge as soon as he heard of Zhentian Gu's death but he gave it up for the time being because of the spiritual device on the Dark Island. That was why he was on the passenger ship to the Dark Island instead of heading to kill Qingfeng Li.

One can't avoid one's enemy. Who knew Xiao Gu would run into Qingfeng Li on this ship? He certainly would get revenge for his younger brother and grab this spiritual device at the ame time.

The two had their swords in the air and killing intent filled up the space as if a battle would happen in any moment.


A loud blare came from outside of the passenger's ship and it started to shake drastically. Cups and bowls fell onto the floor and broke into pieces as the tables and chairs kept shaking.

"Everyone hide! There is a windstorm outside." A staff of the passenger ship rushed in and yelled.

Everyone looked pale at the news and so did Qingfeng Li, as they stopped the battle.

Different from the land, the biggest enemy with traveling on ocean were the windstorms. If not careful, the passenger ship would be flipped over and everyone on board would die by the fierce storm.

Most people would definitely be dead if they were thrown into the endless ocean.

Both Qingfeng Li and Xiao Gu knew that it was not the best time to fight because everyone will be killed if the power from their fight flipped the ship over.

"You wait here for your death, Qingfeng Li, I will deal with you after the storm." Xiao Gu said coldly with a cloudy face.

"Anytime."Qingfeng Li smiled proudly.

He would need to kill Xiao Gu if it weren't for the storm as well.

Xiao Gu left with the other swordsmen from the sword pavilion with a humph.

The storm outside was so fierce it knocked the passenger left and right, making loud noises.

Many of the ancient martial artists went back to their bedrooms from the restaurant because it was much safer there.

The Flower Fairy, however, walked towards outside instead of her bedroom.

Qingfeng Li frowned and asked himself, "what is this Flower Fairy doing going outside instead of her room? There would be no way to find her if she was drowned in the ocean by the storm."

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