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"Miss Qin, what brought you here?" Qingfeng Li walked in front of Xianzhi Qin with a smile.

He has always had a good impression of this Beauty.

Surprise appeared on Xianzhi Qin's pretty face when she saw Qingfeng Li, "How come you are on this passenger ship, Wolf King?"

"What, I can't board this passenger ship?"

"Ay, you have no idea how many masters are hidden on this ship. Everyone is going to scramble for the spiritual device that just appeared on Dark Island. I just heard about this piece of news not long ago."

"Um, I was planning on heading to the Dark Island too, so we are heading to the same place." Qingfeng Li smiled in surprise.

Spiritual devices were extremely rare so its no wonder so many people on this ship were going to the Dark Island for it.

Xianzhi Qin smiled too, "Wolf King, let me tell you. The people at the first table are from the Sword Pavilion. They are classified as a super-class force and are extremely powerful."

"The people at the second table are vampire grandmasters from a strong unorthodox power."

"The girls from the third table are from the hundred-flower palace. Their sect is a strong force that lies between the orthodox and unorthodox paths and you should not underestimate them."

Xianzhi Qin didn't want Qingfeng Li to be taken advantage of so she told him everything she knew.

Sword Pavilion?

Qingfeng Li's facial expression changed a bit as he glimpsed at the five people at the first table. All five of them were rank four swordsmen with a powerful aura radiating off of their bodies.

His cold glimpse held no friendly attitude towards the people from the Sword Pavilion. Sensing his stare, the middle-aged leader turned to Qingfeng Li and looked at him coldly as well.

Qingfeng Li turned his head away as the powerful middle-aged sword master stared at him. His priority for now was to rescue Lion Demon King and Green Dragon Demon King instead of teaching the people from the Sword Pavilion a lesson.

Qingfeng Li noticed the several high-level elite Xianzhi Qin brought with her were masters of the grandmaster realm from the Fiery Emperor Palace.

The Fiery Emperor Palace was indeed a super class power as well, as all the surrounding people were grandmaster realm masters. Qingfeng Li even sensed a horrifying aura from one of the eldest persons in a gray coat. He was at the peak stage of the grandmaster realm.

As Xianzhi Qin was introducing Qingfeng Li to the people from the Fiery Emperor Palace, a few of them were too proud to talk to him, which has made her feel a bit awkward.

"Thank you for telling me about the Dark Island, Miss Qin. Looks like I should go somewhere else." Qingfeng Li waved and left with his people.

There was no need for him to stay and dine with the people from the Fiery Emperor Palace since he could tell that they didn't like him.

Qingfeng Li knew that the people from the Fiery Emperor Palace were very arrogant, besides Xianzhi Qin.

"Miss, why did you tell that young man everything about the spiritual device on the Dark Island with respect?" The elder in gray frowned in dissatisfaction.

He was the first elder of Fiery Emperor Palace, and not an ordinary person. He followed Xianzhi Qin here in order to get the spiritual device from the Dark Island.

Xianzhi Qin sighed, knowing the elder was used to being arrogant and that he respected no one but her father at the Fiery Emperor Palace.

"First Elder, he is the peerlessly talented Wolf King who killed Zhentian Gu." Xianzhi Qin smiled and explained, hoping the elder could show some respect to Qingfeng Li.

The gray coated elder frowned, "Young Mistress, we need to keep our distance from him just because he killed Zhentian Gu. You should know that Zhentian Gu is from the Sword Pavilion and they are no weaker than our Fiery Emperor Palace."

Qingfeng Li was indeed a very strong peerlessly talent, but the Sword Pavilion was even stronger. Thus, the elder in gray was in less favor of Qingfeng Li between the two.

Xianzhi Qin frowned in dissatisfaction about the elder's remark since she was in a good relationship with him and had developed special feelings for him since the event at the Elixir King's tomb.

The First Elder did not have good intentions towards Qingfeng Li, but Xianzhi Qin did.

Qingfeng Li's team came to the fifth table as the first four were all taken.

These crystal tables were extremely beautiful, with a charming shine and a variety of engraved patterns.

The restaurant on the passenger ship was so luxurious that the masters of the ancient martial arts world chose to dine in here.

Qingfeng Li sat down with Yoshiko Sato on the left and Daoist, Bald Man, and Death God on the right.

A group of men in black came in from the cabin right after they sat down. There were about seven or eight of them and one could tell that they were no ordinary people from their tanned faces and the strong power emitting from their bodies.

The leader was a young man around 25 years old with a large Blade on his back. He was very strong for his age and appeared to be very ignorant.

"Go somewhere else, table number 5 is mine." The man in black walked to Qingfeng Li and said aggressively.

Everyone in this restaurant was of high status and strong power so the man in black chose Qingfeng Li to offend since he didn't dare to offend the other four tables.

He was arrogant but not silly enough to ask the people at the first four tables to leave. He recognized how strong they were but did not recognize Qingfeng Li, which was why he was asking Qingfeng Li to leave.

"Who are you to tell us to leave?" Bald Man stood up immediately and shouted.

Bald Man had the worst temper amongst the Wolf Fang team. It had always been him who told others to leave the table, so how could he ignore this guy who was asking him to leave now.

"Baldy, I am the young sect master of the Black Blade Sect, Ao Hei. Don't say I didn't remind you to get lost." Ao Hei said coldly in arrogance.

Black Blade Sect?

Bald man had definitely heard of the Black Blade Sect now that he was an ancient martial artist and had a much better understanding of the ancient martial arts world.

The Black Blade Sect was famous in the ancient martial arts world for its high ranking power and influence.

Ao Hei is not only the young lord, but was also a very strong master, ranked 39th on the grandmaster list as he was at the mid-stage grandmaster realm. They came here after receiving the information about the spiritual device on the Dark Island.

The tables in the restaurant represented one's status and only the ones of high status got to sit in the front. Ao Hei wanted to demonstrate his strength by sitting in the front.

"Damn it, baldy. Did you not hear my word?" Ao Hei saw Bald Man was standing still and cursed. One thing Bald Man hated the most was to be called baldy and Ao Hei had obviously stepped on that bomb.

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