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Qingfeng Li was frustrated. Of course, he would not take the woman's order and get out of the car, since he was afraid that the woman would seize the car if he got out.

 He didn't have time to waste arguing with the woman since he had to pick up Yunhe Zhang and return to Eastern Sea City.

 In short, he was in a hurry, and nothing else mattered.

 "Beauty, please do me a favor and let me go." Qingfeng Li said with a faint smile.

 "No, I can't. Now get out of the car." Bingbing Xu was determined.

 "Dear, the woman looks very like Mengyao Xu." Xue Lin said abruptly. She had met Mengyao Xu and saw the similarities.

Qingfeng Li nodded. He had also seen the resemblance and realized that both of them had the Family name of Xu.

 "Beauty, do you know Mengyao Xu?" Qingfeng Li asked with a smile.

 Mengyao Xu?

 Bingbing Xu frowned, "She is my senior cousin."

 "Oh, what a coincidence! Mengyao Xu is my friend and you are her junior cousin, then we are almost family. Please let me go." Qingfeng Li tried to charm up with her.

 It was an amazing world. Qingfeng Li had not expected to meet Mengyao Xu's cousin Bingbing Xu in Tianjing City. The odds should have been lower than winning the lottery.

 "Do you really know my cousin?" Bingbing Xu asked suspiciously.

It did sound suspicious since Mengyao Xu worked in the police station in Eastern Sea City and they were now in Tianjing City, and these two cities were quite far away from each other.

"Of course. We are very good friends." Qingfeng Li smiled, hoping the she would do Mengyao Xu a favor and let him go.

Bingbing Xu did not believe him so she called Mengyao Xu's with her mobile phone. Mengyao Xu confirmed Qingfeng Li's statement on the phone and thus proved he had told the truth.

 But Bingbing Xu still refused to let him go.

"Qingfeng Li, although you are my cousin's friend, but you made a mistake during your driving so you still have to get out of the car and get inspected." Bingbing Xu tilted up her face and said righteously.

 Qingfeng Li rolled his eyes. Is this woman a moron? You think you are putting righteousness over family loyalty and I think you are not right in the head.

 Of course, he would not get out of the car and undergo the inspection. If they did, the images of him and Xue Lin would be caught in a camera and when it was broadcasted on the TV, they would be notorious in Huaxia.

 Finding his relationship with Mengyao Xu useless, Qingfeng Li had to find another solution.

He called Jianghe Tang. The latter was the chief of Family Tang in Tianjing City and must have had a way to get him out of the mess.

On the phone, Qingfeng Li told him the situation and Jianghe Tang promised to solve the problem immediately.

 Jianghe Tang had a big net of useful relationships in Tianjing City. At his request, one of his friends called Bingbing Xu to let Qingfeng Li go.

After receiving the call, Bingbing Xu glanced at Qingfeng Li and left reluctantly.

Only at this moment did Qingfeng Li understand the importance of relationships. He congratulated himself on taking Jianghe Tang as his servant instead of killing him. Otherwise, the problem couldn't have been solved so quickly.

They drove to the hotel and picked up Yunhe Zhang before driving out of Tianjing City.

 The issues in Tianjing City had settled down a bit, but Qingfeng Li was troubled, not by the Sword Pavilion, but by some unknown force.

 Soon after Qingfeng Li left Tianjing City, he received a call from Xianzhi Qin. She told him that Elder Qin was killed on his way to help Qingfeng Li after hearing about Zhentian Gu's attempt on his life. He was even killed on the territory of Fiery Emperor Palace.

 Elder Qin had impressed Qingfeng Li when the former helped him at the ancient martial arts fair. This time Elder Qin died when he tried to help Qingfeng Li after getting Xianzhi Qin's phone call.

 Xianzi Qin also told Qingfeng Li that on Elder Qin's body there was a weird black wound containing the presence of an unorthodox spiritual device.

 Unorthodox spiritual device?

 Qingfeng Li had been astonished at Xianzhi Qin's description. The ancient martial artists were categorized into either the orthodox or unorthodox path, and the spiritual devices were likely divided as well. The orthodox spiritual devices contained a presence of light while the unorthodox ones held darkness and chills.

 Qingfeng Li found the whole thing was more complicated than it looked. He knew that the person who killed Elder Qin with an unorthodox spiritual device must have been an enemy of his and that the enemy was probably very powerful.

 He had found that his enemies not only came from the Sword Pavilion, but lurked in the darkness as well.

 Four hours later.

 Qingfeng Li drove back to Eastern Sea City. He dropped off Yunhe Zhang and Xue Lin at their homes respectively before going to the residence of the Wolf Fang team.

 He had asked Tianci Zhang to arrange a villa for the Wolf Fang team members so they could exercise together.

 "Boss, you are here." Daoist said excitedly. He was the first to spot Qingfeng Li

 Bald Man and Death God were also looking at him with excitement. They had missed their boss after his long absence.

 "How is your strength cultivation going?" Qingfeng Li asked with a smile. The Wolf Fang team was his secret power and his last trick.

 "Boss, all three of us have reached the pinnacle tier of the lower heaven realm." Daoist said happily.

 One had to admit the members of Wolf Fang team were all highly talented. They had conquered the Wolf Continent and now achieved amazing progress in their ancient martial arts practice.

 Qingfeng Li was pleased. His allies of the Wolf Fang team didn't disappoint him and their fast progress was a testimony of their high talents and excellent understanding.

 "Here are some higher heaven elixirs. Take it and you will break through directly to the higher heaven realm." Qingfeng Li handed them the pills.

 "Boss, you are awesome! You even have higher heaven elixirs." Daoist said in revelation.

 The others also looked at him in awe. No wonder he was the boss; he could even gift them with elixirs.

Since they were all cultivating ancient martial arts, they gained some knowledge about the ancient martial world. An elixir was a rarity in the ancient martial world and only first-class and super forces could get their hands on it. They had never imagined that their boss would have some.

Smiling lightly, Qingfeng Li kept silent. If the members had known that he could make elixir, they would have been stunned.

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