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The people from the Wolf Fang team successfully reached the higher heaven level after taking Qingfeng Li's pill, which made him very happy. He knew that the Wolf Fang team was his secret cards and could bring an enormous advantage to him when they encounter enemy ancient martial art clans.

Qingfeng Li gave the Gu clan Sword Technique, which he had acquired from killing Zhentian Gu, to Daoist. It was a master level swordsmanship and was way more skillful than the sword techniques he acquired from Yoshichiro Izu.

Qingfeng Li gave two more books of martial arts to the Bald Man and Death God, which he also snatched from the other masters of the grandmaster realm.

He chatted with them for a bit more about the grandmaster realm and then stood by to say goodbye.

Qingfeng Li found an uninvited guest when he returned to the house. He was wearing a police-like uniform but it was also different from the traditional uniform.

He had sharp characteristics, with dark eyebrows over his big eyes, tanned skin wand a straight back. There was a strong aura of power emitting from his body.

A beautiful woman with fair-complexioned skin sat beside the middle-aged man. The woman was Red Butterfly Ye.

Xue Lin was sitting on the couch, serving the man and Red Butterfly Ye to some tea.

She stood up and smiled seeing Qingfeng Li entering, "Dear, they are looking for you."

Qingfeng nodded as he walked over, looked at Red Butterfly Ye and then looked at the middle-aged man.

He noticed the man was a last-stage master in the grandmaster realm from the vigour he was giving out.

He felt an unusual atmosphere seeing a last-stage master being here with Red Butterfly Ye.

"Wolf King, allow me to introduce Yuanlei Zhang from the Huaxia Special Security Bureau.

Special Security Bureau?

Qingfeng Li frowned at the name he was hearing for the first time. He knew about the police station, the criminal police and the Dragon Fang Team but had never heard of the Special Security Bureau.

Red Butterfly Ye continued as the obvious introducer, "Wolf King, let me explain it for you. We, as the dragon fang team are only in charge of the secular world in protecting the president and the Special Security Bureau is in charge of the ancient martial art world. And the Dragon king is now a member of the Special Security Bureau.

Qingfeng Li was surprised when Red Butterfly Ye mentioned the dragon king being a member of the Special Security Bureau since he hadn't seen him for a long while.

"Wolf King, us from the Special Security Bureau have learnt everything about you in the ancient martial art world. You would like for you to join us as a peerless talent and contribute to Huaxia. Yuanlei Zhang stood up with a smile on his face.

He knew exactly how formidable Qingfeng Li was. He had killed so many masters in the ancient martial art world so he would rank in the top twenty easily. The Special Security Bureau would definitely want to absorb a genius like him.

"I am sorry but I do not intend to join any forces."Qingfeng Li shook his head and rejected the offer upfront.

He learnt from the conversation that the Special Security Bureau was a security department of Huaxia and it was specially established for the ancient martial artists. Qingfeng Li didn't want to get involved in Huaxia since the waters were very deep there.

"Wolf King, don't rush your decision. We, as Huaxia's people, need to think for our country's best interests. The Special Security Bureau will not restrict you as long as you don't step into certain waters."

"Also, we are up-to-date with all the ancient martial art powers as we are a special force in Huaxia. For instance, we know things about who was the one who killed Master Qin of the Fiery Emperor Palace."

"Wolf King, in order to demonstrate my sincere invitation, I will tell you that it was the Hell King of the Ghost King Palace that killed Elder Qin. He recently acquired an unorthodox spiritual device which is very powerful."

It was clear that Yuanlei Zhang was giving Qingfeng Li his sincere invitation. He even disclosed some secret that even the ancient martial art families were not aware of.

Hell King killed Master Qin?

Qingfeng Li was stupefied for a second and a ray of cold air came out of his eyes. He had no idea that Hell King, his long time enemy, obtained a spiritual device and killed master Qin.

You deserve to die, Hell King. Qingfeng Li's eyes filled with coldness and killer's aura.

"Wolf King, we wouldn't take you joining us for granted. We will give you the right to control lives and you can kill anyone who isn't acting with the best interest for Huaxia. We can even promote you to the position of a major general."


Qingfeng Li's breath speeded up at the mention of the position of a major general since he knew it represented Huaxia's trust in him. He would be enjoying high level protection, and it was also like having a get out of jail free card that can protect him from death.

Yes, Qingfeng Li is considered to be very powerful all over the world now with his strength. However, he understood that it would also be easy for those who wanted to defeat him.

Qingfeng Li was powerful but he cannot out-power missiles and nuclear bombs.

Qingfeng Li took his time to consider the pros and cons of the situation and said in the end, "Yes, I will agree to join the Special Security Bureau."

"Congratulations for becoming a member of our grandmaster team, Wolf King! This is your badege that signifies the status of a major general." Yuanlei Zhang took out a little brochure with a badge and handed with over to Qingfeng Li.

There was a lower heaven team, higher heaven team and grandmaster team in the Special Security Bureau, divided based on the three levels of ancient martial arts. The grandmaster team was the most powerful amongst them all.

It was natural for Qingfeng Li to join the grandmaster team since he was a master of the grandmaster realm. He knew Dragon King was also part of this but wondered which team he was assigned to.

It was a pleasant conversation between Qingfeng Li and Yuanlei Zhang, as they exchanged more information about ancient martial arts. The shared interest made their first encounter a happy event.

"You are a major general now, dear?" Xue Lin appeared to be excited after everyone had left.

She knew what that standed for even though she was not in the military. Becoming an officer was an honor many men in Huaxia dreamt about.

Xue Lin was proud of her husband, seeing that even the higher-up officials of Huaxia were here to invite Qingfeng Li to join them.

Of course, the reason for them to do so was because of Qingfeng Li's outstanding and astonishing behavior lately.

Qingfeng Li smiled with slight excitement. He dreamt of becoming a soldier and a general ever since he was a little boy. However, he was brought to the wolf continent by his master due to all sorts of reasons and the dream went up in smoke once he became the Wolf King.

Right now, he was promoted to a major general directly due to his strength, and he was noticed by the Special Security Bureau, which made him pretty happy.

A phone call from Lion Demon King rang before the cheer went away.

Qingfeng Li ordered Lion Demon King and Green Dragon Demon King to look for the rest of the demon kings. He must have found some information about them now that he was calling.

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