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 "Wolf King, in case you are not familiar with the power of a super force, I will tell you this: among the top ten of the grandmaster list, three are from the Sword Pavilion. the Sword Arts Grandmaster Geyi Zhao is also from the Sword Pavilion." Yishan Luo said in a gloomy voice.

 Qingfeng Li frowned, "Chief Luo, are the top three grandmasters very powerful?"

 Yishan Luo nodded, "Yes, very powerful. The top ten grandmasters at the pinnacle stage of the grandmaster realm and it is said that the top three are now beyond the pinnacle stage."

"Wolf King, if I'm right, the long sword you just used is a spiritual device. But what I can tell you is, the warriors of the Sword Pavilion also have spiritual devices."

 "A spiritual device can increase your attacking force and speed three fold and give you the power to kill Zhentian Gu and Diao Luo. But can you kill fighters from the Sword Pavilion who are also equipped with spiritual devices?"

 "Wolf King, I'm not exaggerating, the power of the Sword Pavilion is beyond your imagination."

 Obviously Yishan Luo knew a lot about the Sword Pavilion and gave Qingfeng Li a thorough report of it.

 Yes, Qingfeng Li was very powerful. He was more powerful than Yishan Luo and could kill Diao Luo with one sword strike, but they were just first-class forces. There was one distinction stronger than theirs and those are known as super forces. 

The Sword Pavilion also has spiritual devices?

 For the first time in their talk, Qingfeng Li looked dignified since he had not expected that the Sword Pavilion also possessed the powerful spiritual devices.

 He was still dazed by the fact about spiritual devices when the next words gave him another shiver.

 "Wolf King, I have another thing to tell you. Wushang Nie, the Huaxia Sword King from fifteen years ago, was also a disciple of the Sword Pavilion."

 "What? Did you just say the Sword King Wushang Nie was a disciple of the Sword Pavilion?"

 "Yes, but he was expelled. It was said that the son of the Sword Pavilion took Wushuang Nie's beloved fiancé by force and then expelled him." Yishan Luo said.

 Qingfeng Li was stunned at first when Yishan Luo told him that Wushang Nie was from the Sword Pavilion. Wushang Nie was a good friend of his father, the Third Master Li and thus his uncle.

 In the Tiger Continent, Wushang Nie not only saved Qingfeng Li's life but taught him the Red Fiery Sword Techniques and gifted him with the Red Fiery Sword as well.

 Qingfeng Li would never forget Wushang Nie's great kindness to him, and Qingfeng Li felt ashamed that he had offended the Sword Pavilion by killing Zhentian Gu.

 But Yishan Luo's last words about Wushang Nie having his fiancé taken away from him and his consequent exile enraged Qingfeng Li.

 "Uncle Nie, you were ill-treated by the Sword Pavilion. I shall do justice for you." Qingfeng Li muttered to himself, expression cold.

 "Wolf King, what did you say?"

 "I said I will go make trouble for the Sword Pavilion and find out what kind of person the son of the Sword Pavilion's master is."

 "Wolf King, are you crazy? The son of Sword Pavilion's master has a spiritual device and is one of the top three grandmasters. It's said that he is now beyond the pinnacle stage of grandmaster realm and you are no match for him."

 "Chief Luo, I have my reasons. I will beat him not matter how strong the Sword Pavilion is." Qingfeng Li said with a chilling smile.

 The moment he heard that Wushang Nie's fiancé had been taken from him by force, Qingfeng Li had begun to simmer in anger. After being exiled from the Sword Pavilion, Wushang Nie had been trapped in the Forbidden Zone of Kunlun Mountain. Qingfeng Li would find the people responsible for this and pay it back.

 Yishan Luo smiled in exasperation. He had done his best to persuade Qingfeng Li out of it but it was all in vain.

 "Chief Luo, don't worry. I don't think a mere Sword Pavilion can be my match." Qingfeng Li arched his eyebrows arrogantly.

 Yes, the Sword Pavilion was indeed powerful, with spiritual devices, too but Qingfeng Li was no less powerful with the Dark Night Emperor as the soul of his Red Fiery Sword. And the Dark Night Emperor was the No.1 unrivalled strong fighter who conquered the whole ancient martial world and slaughtered the 81 unorthodox devils.

 With the help of the Dark Night Emperor, Qingfeng Li was not at all afraid of the Sword Pavilion.

 Of course, he didn't tell Yishan Luo about the Dark Night Emperor since it was his secret.

 "Chief Luo, if I'm not mistaken, you still have some illness hidden in your body." Qingfeng Li looked at Yishan Luo and said.

 Yishan Luo frowned, "Wolf King, you healed me with the elixir you made. What hidden illness can I have?"

 Yishan Luo looked baffled. He had been hurt, but had recovered completely from it with the elixir made by Qingfeng Li.

 From Yishan Lu's expression, Qingfeng Li knew he didn't know his problems.

 He said lightly, "The hidden illness is not in your body. More strictly speaking, they are the hidden problems in your cultivation methods."

 "What problems? I don't see any." Yishan Luo shook his head.

 With a faint smile, Qingfeng Li told Yishan Luo the mistakes and hidden problems in his cultivation methods and helped him correct them. By doing this, Qingfeng Li gained more gratitude and admiration from Yishan Luo.

"Chief Luo, since Diao Luo is dead, it's time for me to leave. Good bye." With a light smile, Qingfeng Li took his leave with Xue Lin and Jianghe Tang.

Nichang Luo saw them off to the gate. She had wanted to say something to Qingfeng Li, but seeing Xue Lin at his side, she sighed and said nothing.

 Qingfeng Li waved his goodbye to Nichang Luo and drove away with Xue Lin after sending Jianghe Tang back to his house with the task of getting more information about the Sword Pavilion.

"Dear, Miss Luo seems to have feelings for you." Sitting in the passenger seat of the car, Xue Lin had a strange look on her face.

She was very sensitive to her rivals in love. With only one glance, she had seen that Nichang Luo looked at Qingfeng Li with special feelings.

"Wife, rest assured. I like only you." Qingfeng Li smiled sweetly.

 Their car was stopped by a police car when they were passing through an intersection.

"Stop! You are not allowed to smoke while driving. Now get out of the car and get inspected." It was a policewoman. She had big eyes, a cute nose, red lips and a straight back which were signs that she knew martial arts.

 Qingfeng Li's eyes lit up when he first saw the woman because she looked almost exactly like Mengyao Xu. On the second look, he found that she just had similar facial features to those of Mengyao Xu.

 "Beauty, I'm in a hurry. Would you just let me go?" Qingfeng Li asked with a smile.

"No. My name is Bingbing Xu and I order you to get out of the car now to be inspected." The woman gave her name and insisted Qingfeng Li get out of the car for an inspection.

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