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 When Diao Luo and Jianghe Tang separated after another collision, Jianghe Tang was forced back another step, a sign of a slight disadvantage in the battle.

"Jianghe Tang, you back off and I will kill him." Qingfeng Li said with a frown.

 He had planned for Jianghe Tang to kill Diao Luo but, the battle showed that Diao Luo's strength was slightly actually greater than Jianghe Tang's.

 Qingfeng Li had seen that though Diao Luo was also in the late-stage of grandmaster realm, he possessed much more vital essence than those of the same level because he had spent a much longer time cultivating. The longer he fought, the greater winning odds he would have.

On the other hand, though Jianghe Tang was also in the late stage of the grandmaster realm, due to his fewer years of cultivation, he had less vital essence to support him in a time-consuming battle.

 "Yes, master." Jianghe Tang nodded and backed off respectfully.

He was mortified that he couldn't defeat Diao Luo after such a long fight. He just wanted to earn some credit in front of Qingfeng but he botched it.

However, Qingfeng Li didn't mind his failure because he knew that only he himself could defeat Diao Luo. The wounded chief of the Luo Family was a testimony to Diao Luo's great power.

"Diao Luo, I'll give you a chance to live. I will spare your life if you kneel down and submit to me as a servant or I will kill you with one sword strike." Qingfeng Li said arrogantly.

 Kill me with one sword strike?

 At Qingfeng Li's words, Diao Luo laughed disdainfully, "Qingfeng Li, do you think you are the Dark Night Emperor and have the ability to kill a higher-level fighter with one sword strike?"

His eyes were full of contempt. He knew that Qingfeng Li was only at the middle-stage of the grandmaster, one stage lower than himself, so Qingfeng Li's words sounded really ridiculous to him.

 "Is Qingfeng Li crazy, saying he can kill the senior elder with one sword strike?"

 "The senior elder is one of the top fighters on the Grandmaster List. I think the senior elder will kill him with one sword strike."

 "Yes, Qingfeng Li is too full of himself. Even Geyi Zhao, the sword arts grandmaster, would not have dared to claim that he could kill the senior elder with one sword strike."

 The people around talked among themselves, looking at Qingfeng Li with mockery.

 Of course, the people who mocked Qingfeng Li were mostly Diao Luo's supporters. If the senior elder won the battle for the position of family chief, they would also get some benefits.

 Qingfeng Li didn't mind the mocking words and just walked forward.


 He drew the Fire Fiery Sword abruptly and flashed it in the air. The sword aura emitting from it ripped through the ground like an earth-quake leaving countless cracks wherever it touched.

 He slashed his sword and the sword aura, as quick as a lightning flash, hacked toward Diao Luo viciously.

 Sensing the sharp sword aura, Diao Luo hurriedly raised his long sword to block.


 His long sword was cut into two halves like a fragile egg by the Fire Fiery Sword which was after all a spiritual device.

 What?! My grandmaster-grade weapon was broken by one sword strike?

 Seeing the broken sword in his hand, Diao Luo was stunned. The sword had been with him for thirty years and fought countless rivals without any damage. How could it have been cut into two by one sword strike?

 Qingfeng Li didn't give him time to savor his astonishment. He hacked his sword toward Diao Luo and the sharp sword aura chopped off Diao Luo's head.

 "The sword is really fast." This was the last thought in Diao Luo's mind before he died, astonishment and fear still on his face.

 Diao Luo was one of the top twenty among the 81 orthodox grandmasters and had seen countless geniuses in his life, but he had never seen a person as gifted as Qingfeng Li or such fast sword movement. He had absolutely no time to react.


 Diao Luo's head flew out with blood splashed all over the hall. Everyone was stupefied by the ghastly scene.

 The elder senior died; he was killed with one sword strike. Everyone gaped with disbelief.

 Even Yishan Luo gaped, as if he had seen a ghost.

 As the chief of Luo Family, no one knew the power of Diao Luo better than Yishan Luo. Diao Luo was stronger than Yishan Luo or he couldn' t have been the elder senior.

 However, Qingfeng Li was stronger and his sword movement was extremely fast. Yishan Luo looked at Qingfeng Li with horror in his eyes.

 He knew that if he had fought Qingfeng Li, he would also have been killed with one sword strike, without any possibility of fighting back.

 Only at this moment did Yishan Luo understand why Jianghe Tang willingly took Qingfeng Li as his master. That was because Qingfeng Li was unimaginably, horribly powerful.

 Kacha, kacha!

 Qingfeng Li slashed his sword and cut the iron chains off from Yishan Luo, saying, "Chief Luo, are you ok?"

 "O…o…ok." Yishan Luo stammered, still dazed by the fact that the elder senior had been killed with one sword strike.

 Seeing her father's dazed state, Nichang Luo knew his mind and walked over, saying, "Father, Zhentian Gu was killed when he and others fought Qingfeng Li."

 At Nichang Luo's words, Yishan Luo's eyes rolled into his head and almost lost his consciousness.

 Zhentian Gu was the most powerful chief among the four families in Sky Capital City and even Yishan Luo was no match for him.

 And now knowing Zhentian Gu was killed by Qingfeng Li, how could Yishan Luo not be shocked. Besides shock, he also felt fear.

 "Wolf King, you are in big trouble." Yishan Luo said abruptly, face pale.

 There was something people didn't know about Zhentian Gu. Yishan Luo had found out Zhentian Gu's background by chance.

 "Chief Luo, I just killed Zhentian Gu, what kind of trouble could that bring?' Qingfeng Li smiled lightly, his voice indifferent.

 From Qingfeng Li's expression could Yishan Luo see that the young man knew nothing about the true identity of Zhentian Gu.

 "Wolf King, do you know the division of the forces in the ancient martial arts world?"

 "Yes. From the lowest to the highest they are third-class forces, second-class forces, first-class forces and super forces. And each class is divided into junior, median, advanced and pinnacle."

 "Right. The four ancient martial families of Sky Capital are only first-class forces, but Zhentian Gu came from the Sword Pavilion, a super-class force." Yishan Luo told him.

 Super-class force?

Qingfeng Li's expression was gloomy. He knew about the super forces and the extremely powerful Fiery Emperor Palace was one of them.

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