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In the hall inside the Luo Family Mansion.

 After defeating Yishan Luo, the elder senior Diao Luo chained him to a chair in the hall full of members of the Luo Family.

Some of them were Diao Luo's followers and they stood behind him while the members supporting Yishan Luo were lying around on the floor. The rest were neutral parties standing in the middle of the room.

They were all core members of the family and were here to witness a battle over the position of family chief.

Emitting a powerful presence, Diao Luo coldly glanced around. No one in the room dared to meet his chilling eyes.

 "Yishan Luo, hand over the chief badge and I will spare your life. Otherwise, I will kill you now." Diao Luo's voice was full of cold killing intent.

 He had begun to lose patience with Yishan Luo. Yishan Luo had wanted to help Qingfeng Li after he received the call from Niching Luo but was stopped and then defeated by Diao Luo.

Diao Luo had plotted for a long time for this day. He had even colluded with Zhentian Gu so they would fight Yishan Luo and Qingfeng Li respectively.

In his mind, Zhentian Gu must have killed Qingfeng Li by now. Encouraged by this thought, Diao Luo couldn't wait to grab the seat of the family chief.

 "Diao Luo, I will never give you the chief badge." With a cold smile, Yishan Luo said disdainfully.

Before taking the position of family chief, one must put one drop of blood in the chief badge and gain the ancestors' recognition, just like in ancient times when the successor to the crown had to be recognized by the predecessor.

The chief badge had been handed down from the last family chief to Yishan Luo. Anyone who wanted to be the chief must obtain the chief badge or he would not be recognized by the ancestors.

"Yishan Luo, if you don't hand over the chief badge, I will kill you and search for it myself." Diao Luo was at the end of his patience.

 He took out a dagger and was poised to cut into Yishan Luo's throat.


 A small rock flew in from the distance and broke the dagger into two pieces.

 "Who? Who dared to stop me?" Diao Luo turned suddenly, his face dark.

 "Elder Senior Diao Luo, we meet again." A light voice came from outside.

 Qingfeng Li, Xue Lin, Niching Luo and Jianghe Tang walked in casually, not paying much attention to Diao Luo.

 "Qingfeng Li, you are still alive?" Diao Luo's expression changed at the sight of Qingfeng Li.

But Diao Luo remembered Zhentian Gu had told him that he would work with another two grandmasters and kill Qingfeng Li. How could Qingfeng Li still be alive?

 "Diao Luo, are you disappointed that Zhentian Gu didn't kill me?" Qingfeng Li smiled with irony.

Qingfeng Li was not a fool and he could see that Diao Luo had plotted together with Zhentian Gu. When Niching Luo called her father for help, Diao Luo had stopped him and trapped him in the hall.

Qingfeng Li's words had obviously hit home and Diao Luo's expression changed. When he saw Jianghe Tang, the chief of Family Tang, his eyes suddenly turned grim.

"Chief Tang, didn't you and Zhentian Gu fight Qingfeng Li? How did you end up with him now?" Diao Luo asked suspiciously.

 "Diao Luo, I'm now Qingfeng Li's servant. Be respectful to my master or you'll make an enemy out of me." Jianghe Tang said in a loud voice, his face cold.

Diao Luo is a massive buffoon! My life had just been spared at the price of becoming Qingfeng Li's servant and now you have to point out my attempts at his life. What if Qingfeng Li gets angry again and kills me?

Jianghe Tang had first-hand knowledge of Qingfeng Li's power. With his spiritual device, Qingfeng Li could absolutely kill a grandmaster with only one sword strike.

Besides the spiritual device, Jianghe Tang was more afraid of Qingfeng Li's talents and power. It was amazing that Qingfeng Li, at such a young age, had gained insight of two realms which were sufficient to totally suppress his own realm technique.


 Diao Luo was stunned, his eyes full of disbelief. It was nonsense. How could Jianghe Tang, the chief of one of the four ancient martial arts families, be Qingfeng Li's servant?

Even Yishan Luo, the chief of the Luo Family, was shocked. If Jianghe Tang, a family chief as himself, was Qingfeng Li's servant, then what would become of him?

Jianghe Tang ignored Diao Luo and turned to Qingfeng Li deferentially, "Master, Diao Luo insulted you. Do you want me to kill him?"

 "Go ahead. Kill him." Qingfeng Li nodded indifferently.

At Qingfeng Li's order, Jianghe Tang walked to Diao Luo and prepared to strike.

Only until this moment did Diao Luo and the people around him believe Jianghe Thang had really become Qingfeng Li's servant. Everyone was stupefied by what they saw.

"Jianghe Tang, shame on you! You, one of the 81 orthodox grandmasters and a family chief, shouldn't willingly act as a servant!" With a darkened expression, Diao Luo said furiously.

 Jianghe Tang, Zhentian Gu and Diao Luo had been partners in the plot against Qingfeng Li, and now Jianghe Tang suddenly changed sides, making Diao Luo very angry. 

 "Diao Luo, you should read the atmosphere. If you kneel and ask the master to take you in as a servant, your life may be spared. Otherwise, you will die." Jianghe Tang said coldly.

"Ridiculous! Qingfeng Li is a fledgling in my eyes and he is not qualified to be my master." Diao Luo sneered arrogantly.


 Diao Luo gave a punch and exploded 13 holes in the air, an equivalent of 13,000 pounds of strength and a sign of late-stage of the grandmaster realm.

 Diao Luo pushed his right palm into Diao Luo's fist.


 The collision of the fist and the palm created a loud booming sound and the great energy released from the collision spread outward, splintering tables and chairs, shredding the ground and pushing down the nearby disciples.

 Both of them were at the late-stage of the grandmaster realm and neither could gain the upper hand.

 Boom, boom, boom, boom…

Their fists and palms collided continuously and the violent energy waves spread outward and blew people to the ground.

One of the pieces of debris from the ground flew toward Xue Lin, but Qingfeng Li intercepted it with two fingers and pinched it to dust.

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