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Chapter 835: Chopping off Zhentian Gu's Head

A mind transmission?

Qingfeng Li froze for a moment, astonished that at this critical moment, the Dark Night Emperor should have sent him a mind transmission.

 He knew that the Dark Night Emperor only used mind transmission to send important messages. In the message he got just now, the Dark Night Emperor told him that the Red Fiery Sword could be turned into a spiritual device and thus increase his combat power.

"Senior, did you just say that the Red Fiery Sword will turn into a spiritual device once I break the first seal?" Qingfeng Li communicated with the Dark Night Emperor through vital energy.

Communication through vital energy was different from communication with language because the latter required both parties to talk or use voices but vital energy communication transmitted ideas formed in your mind as a mental wave into the other's brain.

Of course, mind communication was only possible among super strong fighters such as Qingfeng Li and the Dark Night Emperor. It was not available to ordinary people.

Take Xue Lin as an example, Qingfeng Li could only communicate with her through talking instead of mind transmission.

 "Yes. The sealed Red Fiery Sword is currently only a high-end grand-master weapon. Once the first seal is broken, it will become a spiritual device with twice the attacking power as before and can thus easily break your opponents' weapon." There was a trace of arrogance in the mind transmission

from the Dark Night Emperor.

Before a spiritual device, all grandmaster-grade weapons were nothing and would definitely break if they collided.

At the words of the Dark Night Emperor, a trace of excitement flashed across Qingfeng Li's eyes. He was quite familiar with the power of spiritual devices and he was sure that the Red Fiery Sword would definitely kill Zhentian Gu and his two partners once the first seal on the sword was broken.

"Senior, how do I break the seal?"

 "I will teach you the Spiritual Energy Chant. The way of the world is that there is too much damage and not enough repair; spiritual energy is one branch of primordial energy; spirit comes from heart and is concealed in the sword; ideas in one instant…"

"Senior, I understand. I will break the seal as you taught me." Qingfeng Li smiled, a trace of exhilaration in his voice.

He pretended to not be able to withstand the attacks and began to retreat. While at the same time, he was silently chanting the words from the Spiritual Energy Chant and began to break the seal on the Red Fiery Sword.

Seeing Qingfeng Li retreat continuously, the three grandmasters were quite pleased, thinking Qingfeng Li would soon be defeated due to the exhaustion of his vital essence.

They exchanged a glance and became more violent in their attacks, determined to kill the demon known as Qingfeng Li.

"Qingfeng Li is going to lose. Look,

Look, he's been retreating."

"Even if he lost, he can be proud because he could only be defeated by the combined power of three grandmasters."

"You're right. Even if Qingfeng Li loses, his name will be known to the whole ancient martial arts world."

 While the crowd talked among themselves, they looked at Qingfeng Li with complicated feelings.

 When the battle began, they mocked Qingfeng Li, thinking he was overconfident and an inevitable death was waiting him. But as the battle went on, they found Qingfeng Li was so powerful that he possessed two realms which completely conquered those of Tianzi Xuan and Jianghe Tang.

More importantly, Qingfeng Li alone had fought three grandmasters to a draw. Yes, now he was retreating but they thought the reason was the great consumption of his vital essence.

Qingfeng Li paid no attention to the crowd's speculations. He was concentrated on breaking the sealing stamp on the Red Fiery Sword with the method he learned from the Dark Night Emperor.


After chanting silently the words from Spirit Energy Chant, Qingfeng Li broke the first sealing stamp on the Red Fiery Sword with spiritual energy. With a big BOunrivaledord flashed a red light and a powerful aura emitted from it.

The whole sword was flashing a red light visible to naked eyes. The red light rotated the body of the sword and an unrivaled energy spread from the sword toward the surrounding areas.


A soaring streak of sword energy

sword energy shot up from the sword, ripped open the top of the house and flew into the sky.

The Red Fiery Sword had completely changed. It looked more mysterious, more powerful, and its red sword aura flashed continuously.

 It must be noted that ordinary weapons didn't have auras. Only a spiritual device could emit a sword aura which was sharper than the sharpest long saber and could easily cut through everything.

At this moment, the sword aura released from the Red Fiery Sword had ripped open the roof and tore through the sky.

 "Zhentian Gu, come meet your death!" With an angry yell, Qingfeng Li hacked the Red Fiery Sword suddenly and the sword aura ripped open the space between the two parties.

This strike came from the spiritual device instead of the previous ordinary sword and the sword aura emitting from it was invincible.

Sensing the sharp sword aura from the Red Fiery Sword, Zhentian Gu's expression changed. He hurriedly lifted his sword to block but it was too late.


 With a crisp sound, Zhentian Gu's sword was cut into two pieces by the Red Fiery Sword and fell to the ground.

 "Ahh! My high-end grandmaster-grade weapon!" Seeing his long sword in two pieces, Zhentian Gu was heart-broken.

This long sword was a famous high-end grandmaster-grade weapon. It had been with Zhentian Gu for twenty years and he loved it deeply.

With this sword, he had conquered countless opponents in the ancient martial arts world martial arts world and became one of the 81 orthodox masters with a very high ranking.

Furthermore, with this sword, Zhentian Gu had defeated his opponents and became the chief of Gu Clan.

In other words, this long sword was not only a powerful high-end grandmaster-grade sword, but a symbol and witness of his glory.

 Now seeing his sword of glory was cut into two pieces by Qingfeng Li, Zhentian Gu was enraged. He shot a murderous look at Qingfeng Li, wanting desperately to kill him on the spot.

 "Qingfeng Li, you dared to break my sword. I shall kill you!" Zhentian Gu said with hatred.

 "How can you kill me without a weapon? Just watch how I chop off your head." With a chilling smile, Qingfeng Li moved like a lightning and came in front of Zhentian Gu in a flash.

He slashed out the Red Fiery Sword and as quick as lightning, it came to the neck of Zhentian Gu in a blink of the eye.

The moment that the first seal on the Red Fiery Sword was broken, the sword had become a spiritual device with twice the attacking force and speed. Oblivious of the power of a spiritual device, Zhentian Gu had no time to react.


The sword ripped open the space between them again and the next moment, Zhentian Gu's head flew up with a spurt of blood. Even after his death, his eyes were filled with astonishment and fear.

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