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Chapter 834: An Earth-Shaking Battle

Faced with attacks from three strong fighters of the grandmaster realm, Qingfeng Li looked very grim. He knew that he could definitely kill these fellows with his bloodline power since his bloodline had evolved into the second grade.

However, he didn't want to use his bloodline power for two reasons. One was that he would suffer from the after-effects of using his bloodline and the other was that he wanted to use this opportunity to practice his martial techniques and battle force.

"Red Fiery Silver Moon." He yelled angrily and launched the fourth technique of the Red Fiery Sword arts.

 It was the most powerful one in the Red Fiery Sword Techniques and he rarely used it because it consumed a lot of his energy. Now, however, when he was faced with attacks from three grandmasters, he had no choice but to launch it and infuse all of his vital essence into it.

A giant silver moon appeared around Qingfeng Li. Of course, the silver moon was not white but fire red and the powerful energy contained in the fire blocked all the attacks from his three rivals.

 Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

 The four men's forces collided and the sky even darkened with the collision. The sound it created was earth-shaking and so deafening that the air hummed with it.

The gigantic energy wave spread outward to an even greater area

than before, leaving countless craters in the ground wherever it went.

Besides the ground, the surrounding walls, ceiling were also covered with cracks as if they were in an earthquake. Some less courageous people turned white and even started trembling uncontrollably.


 Qingfeng Li retreated one step which sank deeply into a hole about half a meter deep.

This time, Qingfeng had finally been forced back one step by the combined force of three grandmasters and his tree rivals stood their ground.

 The three grandmasters didn't look happy at this. On the contrary, their faces grew darker with grimness.

 It must be noted that they were all late-stage grandmasters with extremely strong power and the combination of their forces could disintegrate a house, but it only forced Qingfeng Li back by one step.

It demonstrated the strong power of Qingfeng Li and the fact that none of them was equal to his strength.

 "Chief Gu, this guy is a demon with too much talent. We have to kill him today or there is endless trouble for us in the future." Tianzi Xuan said gloomily, killing intent flashing in his eyes.

"Sect master Tianzi Xuan is right. With his great talents, it is possible that Qingfeng Li will conquer the whole ancient martial arts world in a few years. We must kill him today." Zhentian Gu said, killing intent all over his face. He had

had been stopped by Elder Qin of Fiery Emperor Palace and this time no one could stop him from killing Qingfeng Li.

It was clear to him that today was the last chance for them to kill Qingfeng Li. It they let him go, it would be impossible to kill him in the future.

Zhentian Gu was astonished at Qingfeng Li's talent. Only a short while passed and Qingfeng Li had progressed to such a high level as to fight three grandmasters simultaneously. He couldn't imagine what Qingfeng Li would become in a few months' time.

 It was unfortunate that Zhentian Gu didn't know that Qingfeng Li had another weapon in hand and that was bloodline power which, if unleashed, would have killed them long ago.

Kill! Kill! Kill!

 With intense killing intent, Zhentian Gu, Tianzi Xuan and Jianghe Tang all waved their weapons and launched one strike after another at Qingfeng Li, determined to kill him on spot.

With a grim expression, Qingfeng Li slashed out his Red Fiery Sword continuously and flashes of lightning streaked across the sky,

Bang, bang, bang, bang…

The Red Fiery Sword collided continuously with the weapons from the three grandmasters, creating constant deafening sounds. The people around became pale-faced at the shocks and some with weaker physique even dropped onto the ground, unconscious.

Xue Lin couldn't withstand the powerful energy shocks. She became very pale in the face

the face and was on the verge of passing out.

At this critical moment, Nichang Luo released her vital essence which formed a protective shield and engulfed Xue Lin in it.

"Miss Lin, are you OK?" Nichang Luo asked Xue Lin after infusing some genuine into her body.

Xue Lin nodded and said, "I'm fine. Thank you."

Seeing her husband surrounded by three strong fighters, Xue Lin was very worried.

Though she had known that Qingfeng Li faced many dangerous situations, she had not realized what those dangers meant until she witnessed them with her own eyes.

Now seeing that those strong fighters were all out for her husband's life, Xue Lin understood the multitude of dangers he was facing.

She was a bit guilty for not understanding him earlier. Qingfeng Li had blocked countless assassination attempts for her and she could do nothing to help him.

"Miss Luo, do you think my husband will be okay?" Clenching her fists, Xue Lin asked with a slight tremor in her voice.

 "Miss Lin, don't worry. The Wolf King is the strongest." Nichang Luo comforted her with a smile, though she kept silent about her worries.

Of course, Nichang Luo had great confidence in Qingfeng Li, but he was now facing the combined power of three grandmasters.

Nichang Luo took out her mobile phone and made another call to her father, but still no one answered. As smart as she smart as she was, she had guessed that her father must have been blocked and couldn't come here.

"Miss Qin, can you get through to the Fiery Emperor Palace?" Nichang Luo asked with a frown.

With her mobile phone in hand, Xianzhi Qin shook her head and said, "I couldn't get through to Elder Qin. If my guess is right, he must have been blocked."

They exchanged a glance and saw the grimness in each other's eyes. The two rivals now shared a common concern for Qingfeng Li.

It seemed that Wolf King was in mortal danger. Obviously, in Zhentian Gu's scheme to kill Qingfeng Li, he had put the chief of Family Luo and forces from Fiery Emperor Palace into consideration.

Now Qingfeng Li could count only on himself to kill the three grandmasters.

At the beginning, Qingfeng Li managed to hold his ground under the attacks from three grandmasters, but as the time went on, his vital essence was consumed quickly since he had to muster enough vital essence to block attacks from three people while each of his rivals consumed much less of their vital essence.

"Little brat, there are three seals on the Red Fiery Sword. Once they are broken, the sword will become a spiritual device. Its power grows incrementally with each of the seals that gets broken." Suddenly the voice of Emperor of Night sounded in Qingfeng Li's head.

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