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 "Zhentian Gu was killed by Qingfeng Li with one sword strike!"

 "Are my eyes playing tricks on me? Zhentian Gu was the chief of Gu Family and a dominant figure in the martial arts world for the last twenty years. How could he have died today?"

 "The sky of the ancient martial arts world in Tianjing City is going to change due to the death of Zhentian Gu and the consequent collapse of Gu Clan."

 The people around talked among themselves with astonishment, fear and most of all, excitement.

 They were astonished at the sudden death of Zhentian Gu, afraid of the power of Qingfeng Li, and excited about the availability of the land and fortune of Gu Clan

 As one of the four ancient martial arts families, Gu Clan had been in existence in Tianjing City for hundreds of years and had accumulated lots of land, companies and great wealth.

 Now with the death of Zhentian Gu, the land and fortune would be coveted by everyone. 

 Witnessing the demise of Zhentian Gu, Tianzi Xuan and Jianghe Tang became both ashen-faced with disbelief.

 Just a moment ago, the three of them had been forcing Qingfeng Li back continuously and even wounded him. How could he suddenly have grown so powerful?

The sword, the long sword in Qingfeng Li's hand had suddenly burst into a flash of sword aura and unleashed unrivalled power.

 Was it possible that the sword was actually a…spiritual device?

 Tianzi Xuan frowned in astonishment. As the sect leader of a first-class force Seven Profound Sect, he had heard about the legend about spiritual devices which could only be mastered by self-cultivators. But he doubted that if there really were self-cultivators in the world.

 Self-cultivators and ancient martialists belonged to two different worlds and thus the latter never knew about the powers of the former, just as in the case of ancient martialists and ordinary people.

 "Qingfeng Li, is it possible that the sword in your hand is a … spiritual device?" Though doubtful in heart, Tianzi Xuan had to ask the unsettling question.

 Qingfeng Li was surprised that Tianzi Xuan should have been one of the few people in the ancient martial arts world who had heard about spiritual devices.

 "Yes, it is." With a faint smile, Qingfeng Li said proudly.

 Spiritual device, it was really a spiritual device. Tianzi Xuan's face turned white as death in despair. He had read an introduction of spiritual devices in an ancient jade slip which stated that they were several times more powerful than grandmaster-grade weapons, with a least three times more attacking force and speed.

 No wonder Zhentian Gu died because he could never have blocked the attacking force three times of Qingfeng Li's power.

 "Now you can meet your death." Qingfeng Li smiled chillingly, killing intent flashing in his eyes.

 The Red Fiery Sword slashed suddenly and the extremely sharp sword aura, quick as lightning, cut into Tianzi Xuan's neck in a flash.


 Tianzi Xuan tried to block but the Red Fiery Sword was too quick for him. In a flash, his head flew into the air, his blood splashing everywhere.

 Tianzi Xuan, the leader of Seven Profound Sect and one of the top grandmasters, died.

 Too powerful! Qingfeng Li was too powerful! The crowd who witnessed the killing were filled with fear and shock.

 Jianghe Tang was the only one left of the three grandmasters. Seeing his more powerful partners being killed by Qingfeng Li with one sword strike, he was scared of the unrivalled force before him, thinking he was the next one to be killed.

 However, there is only one life for everyone. Jianghe Tang did not want to die because he had so much wealth and women waiting for him to enjoy.

 "Qingfeng Li, please don't kill me." With a pale face, Jianghe Tang begged.

As the chief of one of the four super families in Tianjing City, Jianghe Tang had been an arrogant man. But now he had to lower his head and begged a young man for his life.

 However, Qingfeng Li was unmoved, determined to kill him. Just before he moved, the Dark Night Emperor suddenly sent him a message through mind transmission, "Little guy, Family Tang is one of the four ancient martial arts world and you can subdue the force by making him your servant."

At the message of the Dark Night Emperor, Qingfeng Li froze for a second before he understood the emperor's intention. It was easy to kill Jinghe Tang, but there would be another ancient martialist replacing him and working against him. It would be better if he just spared Jianghe Tang's life and make Tang work for him.

 And Jianghe Tang was quite different from Zhentian Gu. Having killed Zhentian Gu's son, Qingfeng Li had irreconcilable feud with him.

 As to Jianghe Tang, Qingfeng Li didn't have a life-and-death conflict with him since he didn't kill Tang's daughter, Yun Tang.

 "Jianghe Tang, I can spare your life, but you must be my servant." With a faint smile, Qingfeng Li said arrogantly.

 What?! Be your servant?

 Jianghe Tang's expression changed and felt insulted by Qingfeng Li.

 After all he was much respected and admired by many martial warriors as the chief of one of the ancient martial arts families in Tianjing, a late-stage grandmaster and one of the 81 orthodox masters.

Every grandmaster had his pride, so did Jianghe Tang. He would not have hesitated if he had to give Qingfeng Li 10 billion yuan, but he was furious that Qingfeng Li should have wanted to make him his servant

 "Since you don't want to be my servant, I will kill you, and your daughter, Yun Tang, and all other family members to prevent future revenge." Qingfeng Li said murderously.

 To cut the weeds you have to dig up all the roots to remove future trouble. Qingfeng Li was a believer of the concept and he would have to slaughter the whole family if Jianghe Tang didn't submit to him.

 Sensing the strong killing intent on Qingfeng Li, Jianghe Tang's face turned ashen. He knew Qingfeng Li was not bluffing about killing him, his daughter and all the family members if he didn't submit.


 Jianghe Tang dropped to his knees and said, "Salutations to master from Jianghe Tang, chief of Family Tang of Tianjing City."

 He had decided to submit for the sake of his precious daughter and other family members.

 "What?! The Tang chief should have kneeled and submitted to Qingfeng Li as his servant."

 "F**k! How can Jianghe Tang be such a coward? He is after all the chief of one of the four ancient martial arts families."

 "Idiot, he had to do it to save his family. You yourself could try and fight Qingfeng Li and see if he would spare you and your daughter."

 "You have a point. But it is a pity for Jianghe Tang, a grandmaster, to kneel to a young man and become his servant."

The people around talked among themselves, eyes full of shock and amazement.

 Qingfeng Li was really a demon. He had done the unimaginable thing and took a grandmaster as his servant.

From this day on, Qingfeng Li's reputation as a "Devil" began to spread all over the martial world. Though many people showed him respect but inside they considered him a big Devil.

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