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 "Qingfeng Li is so powerful! He can even fight three opponents at the same time and subdue two grandmaster level masters."

"You are right. Qingfeng Li is an absolute genius that gained insights in two realm powers."

"As far as I can remember, only one person in the ancient martial arts world had ever gained insights of two realms. That was the Dark Night Emperor one hundred years ago."

"Does it mean that Qingfeng Li can become another Dark Night Emperor and conquer the whole ancient martial arts world?"

While the people around talked among themselves, they all looked at Qingfeng Li in astonishment. Just a moment ago, they had been betting that Qingfeng Li was dead meat because they thought he was no match for Zhentian Gu and the others, but in a blink of an eye, the situation on the battlefield had suddenly turned to the opposite direction.

Everyone was taken aback by the drama unfolding before their eyes. If they were not witnessing the battle with their own eyes, no one would have believed that Qingfeng Li could fight three grandmasters at the same time.

It must be noted that Zhentian Gu, Tianzi Xuan and Jianghe Tang were well-known strong fighters ranking among the top 30 on the grandmaster list.

And now three powerful grandmasters were attacking Qingfeng Li at the same time, yet Qingfeng was still not at a disadvantage. One can only imagine the extent of power that Qingfeng Li possessed.

In a sudden burst of his spiritual energy, Qingfeng Li unleashed power from both gravity field and inferno field. The power was so great that it sucked the storm field to the ground and burned up the water in the clear water field.

Puchi! Puchi!

Both Tianzi Xuan and Jianghe Tang changed expressions and spurts of blood flew from their mouths. With their fields suppressed, they were wounded both mentally and physically.

"Gu Clan Sword Techniques, Mountain-Dividing Sword!" Seeing his partners wounded, Zhentian Gu swung his sword suddenly, creating a sword light of three meters long. It ripped through the air, cut open the ground and left a giant crack wherever it went.

As the most powerful martial techniques of Gu Clan, the high-end grandmaster-grade Sword Techniques of Gu clan had three strikes—Mountain-Splitting Sword, SeSplitting Sword, and Fire-Splitting Sword.

It was said in legend that with the Sword Techniques of Gu Clan, one could hack mountains, slash through the sea and cleave fire in one sword strike respectively.

Of course, it was an exaggeration of the power of the sword techniques, but they could at least hack open a small hill if not a high mountain, and slash open a river if not a vast sea.

As a man learning sword arts, Qingfeng Li understood the power of his opponent's sword techniques in one glance.


He drew out his Fire Fiery Sword held it before his chest.

"Red Fiery Arrow." Yelling in a low voice, Qingfeng Li launched the second sword technique and hacked towards Zhentian Gu.

The red light emitting from the long sword turned into countless red fire arrows of vital essence. They collided with Zhentian Gu's long sword and resulted in a series of loud banging sounds.

It must be noted that Zhentian Gu, as a late-stage grandmaster, had reached the perfection realm in his sword arts refinement. His sword techniques contained great power.

The martial technique refinement was divided into the following stages—amateur, medial, affination, and perfection.

Very few people could reach the perfection stage in martial technique refinement. It showed that Zhentian Gu was a very gifted man because he had reached the perfection stage in his practice of his family sword techniques.

However, Qingfeng had the same strength since he had also reached the perfection realm with his Red Fiery Sword Techniques refinement.

 "The second sword technique, SeDividing Sword!" Seeing his first technique useless with Qingfeng Li, Zhentian Gu launched his second sword technique.

The SeDividing Sword contained twice the power of the first technique. One could even hear the sound of sea waves being slashed open and the surrounding air was exploded into a bigger and more frightening crack.

 Grim-eyed, Qingfeng Li found them in a draw as they were both in the late-stage of grandmaster realm with the same level of sword techniques refinement.

Though Qingfeng Li had reached the perfection realm of his Fire Fiery Sword Techniques refinement, he was in want of battle experience due to the scarcity of same level fighters. He decided to make good use of the battle and practice his newly-acquired martial techniques on Zhentian Gu.

It was never enough to refine the martial techniques alone. Martial techniques and attacking force could only grow with continuous battles.

"The third technique, Red Fiery Wave." With a grim face, Qingfeng Li launched the third technique.

 The third technique Fire Fiery Wave was obviously more powerful than the last one, since the martial techniques were always launched in the order of strength; the later it came, the stronger it was. With a flash of red sword light, the sword turned into a huge waterfall of fire burning the air crimson.


 The SeDividing Sword and the fire wave collided with each other with a huge BOOM sound as if a meteorite fell into a vast ocean and a high wall of wave surged up. The sound was earth-shaking.


 Countless cracks appeared in the hard rock ground, spreading horribly outward like spider webs.

 "Too powerful! Both Zhentian Gu and Qingfeng Li had extremely great powers. I would never have withstood even one of the strikes."

 "Neither would I. No wonder they are super fighters on the grandmaster list."

 "Zhentian Gu's power is the result of scores of years of refinement while Qingfeng Li had acquired his power within less than one year. What a demon he is."

 "I am suspecting with an even stronger conviction that Qingfeng Li will become the next Dark Night Emperor."

 The murmuring people around were all dazed with shock.

 They understood the power of Zhentian Gu since he was after all the chief of one of the four martial arts families in Tianjing City and enjoyed his reputation in the last scores of years. But they were shocked and even frightened by Qingfeng Li's great power.

 They were all comparing his or her own battle force against Qingfeng Li's and found themselves wanting.

 While Qingfeng Li and Zhentian Gu could neither gain the upper hand in the battel, Tianzi Xuan and Jianghe Tang on the side were thinking of reentering the fringe. Though they were wounded when Qingfeng Li seriously damaged their fields, they still had strength with them.

 "Sect leader Tianzi Xuan, we can't use territory power since Qingfeng Li's realm is too powerful for us. We can only use martial techniques." With a gloomy face, Jianghe Tang said. He had an internal wound when his Clear Water Realm was suppressed by Qingfeng Li's Inferno Realm.

 Tianzi Xuan nodded his agreement. He had known that Qingfeng Li was an absolute genius in possession of two realm powers. With realm power ruled out, they could only use martial techniques.

"Profound Sky Sword Techniques!" Tianzi Xuan said in a low voice. He drew out a blue long sword. It ripped through the air and stabbed at Qingfeng Li from his left.

 "Tang Clan Blade Technique." Jianghe Tang drew a black long saber and hacked it at Qingfeng Li from his right, leaving a big hole where it went.

They attacked Qingfeng Li from both sides. Together with Zhentian Gu in the front, three grandmasters surrounded Qingfeng Li with their martial techniques.

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