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"Qingfeng is screwed! The three grandmaster levels are attacking him together. He is dead for sure!"

"You're right. They are all strong fighters of the 81 orthodox grandmasters. They are all famous figures in the Martial world."

"Well, Qingfeng can only blame his own arrogance."

"How do you think Qingfeng will die? Punched to death or beheaded by the sword?"

The surrounding people were not only ordinary people. They were all Ancient Martial artists and they all mockingly looked at Qingfeng.

The Ancient Martial artists knew that Qingfeng was in danger and he would definitely be heavily wounded or even killed.

Xue LIn's charming face was filled with worry when she heard the discussions of the surrounding people. She almost wanted to run into the battle but she was held back by Niching Luo.

Niching Luo told Xue Lin that she was only an ordinary person. She would only be a burden to Qingfeng if she ran into the battle.

Even though Xue Lin was worried, there was nothing she could do. She could only look furiously upon the battle from afar.

Truthfully, Niching Luo and Xianzhi Qin were also quite frustrated. They have both contacted their families for help but why were they still not here?

Niching Luo and Xianzhi Qin could not have thought that Yishan Luo and Elder Qin were both stopped by others. To kill Qingfeng, Zhentian Gu had started planning a long time ago and had secretly conspired with the first elder of the Luo Family and Hell King.

Qingfeng dared not be careless when he felt the terrifying power of Zhentian Gu's long sword. As the leader of the Gu Family, Zhentian Gu must have won against countless elites.


Qingfeng's Red Fiery Sword pierced the air and shimmered with a red light. The sword slashed a red flash though the air and made its way towards Zhentian Gu's long sword.


The two long swords collided with a loud boom. The energy dissipated towards the surrounding area and knocked down all the chairs and tables which were broken into a million pieces.

Even though Qingfeng's Red Fiery sword was a spiritual device, but the spiritual energy inside the sword were all consumed by the Dark Night Emperor. The three seals were still intact so it was only a grandmaster level weapon.

Once the seals on the sword were released, it would become a spiritual weapon. The sword would become more powerful as more seals are released.

At this moment, the attack of the Red Fiery sword was equal to the attack of Zhentian Gu. Thus, neither suffered any injuries from the first attack.

During Qingfeng's battle with Zhentian Gu, the leader of Seven Profound Clan, Tianzi Xuan suddenly released his 'Storm Realm'.

A light dome covered the surrounding hundred feet. Under the dome, green fierce wind thundered towards Qingfeng.

The wind blades were powerful and sliced the air. All the furniture within a hundred feet were obliterated into thin slices.

"OH no, it's the Storm Realm," Qingfeng said as his eyes flashed coldly.

It seemed like the chief of Seven Profound Clan had investigated him thoroughly in order to seek revenge.

Qingfeng's attack was Inferno Realm. The surrounding area would be covered in flames once the realm was released. However, the enemy of fire was wind. With wind, the flames would burn more wildly and be blown towards himself.

Qingfeng knew that he could not release his Inferno Realm since it was restrained by the Storm Realm.

"Qingfeng, you are dead. My storm realm will slice your body into a million pieces," Tianzi Xuan said with a cold smile.

Zhentian Gu and Jianghe Tang also smiled coldly. They have battled Qingfeng in the past and knew that of his 'Inferno Realm" attack. Therefore, they invited Tianzi Xuan who could restrain Qingfeng's attack.

One had to say that Zhentian Gu had used all his might to kill Qingfeng. He had considered everything from Qingfeng's attacks to Qingfeng's friends.

"Tianzi Xuan, you think that you will be able to restrain me with your Storm Realm? How funny," Qingfeng said mockingly.

Yes, the Storm Realm was very strong and could restrain the Inferno Realm. However, Qingfeng not only had the Inferno Realm now, he also had the Gravity Realm.

"Gravity Realm," Qingfeng said as he released the Gravity Realm.

The surrounding hundred feet were surrounded by a black energy dome. The energy contained within the dome was gravity energy that was five times stronger than normal

Even though Storm Realm was powerful, Gravity Realm was even stronger. The gravity energy attracted the wind blades to the ground so that they were of no use against Qingfeng.

What? Gravity Realm?

Tianzi Xuan was stunned. Gravity Realm was the arch enemy of Storm Realm. How could he not be shocked?

Tianzi Xuan turned around and looked at Zhentian Gu with anger in his eyes. He said, "You said that Qingfeng only had the Inferno Realm. How does he have Gravity Realm?"

Zhentian Gu was angered by Tianzi Xuan's questioning but he dared not unleash his anger. After all, he had invited Tianzi Xuan to the battle.

"Tianzi Xuan, the Gravity Realm belonged to Zhongtian Tie. Qingfeng must have obtained it when he killed him," Zhentian Gu explained as he furrowed his brows.

Tianzi Xuan was slightly suspicious after Zhentian Gu's explanation. He knew that Zhongtian Tie had the power of the Gravity Realm but even if Qingfeng managed to obtain the power, how did he manage to cultivate it?

Even as the leader of Seven Profound Clan, Tianzi Xuan only had the Storm Realm. Other grandmaster level fighters could also only grasp one type of Realm. How did Qingfeng manage to grasp two types of realms?

No matter what, Tianzi Xuan was angered that his Storm Realm was completely suppressed by Qingfeng's Gravity Realm.

"Clear Water Realm," Jianghe Tang yelled and released his realm when he saw that Tianzi Xuan's realm was suppressed.

Jianghe Tang was the leader of the Tang Family. His attack was the Clear Water Realm; he could form a huge waterfall in the surrounding 100 feet.

The waterfall was made of genuine water particles and contained enormous power. It had the force to shatter one's body into pieces.

"Inferno Realm." Qingfeng quickly released his Inferno realm when he saw Jianghe Tang's Clear Water Realm.

An enormous fiery dome appeared behind him and vital essence flames burned within the dome.


Inferno Realm and Clear Water Realm collided together with a loud crack! Water and Fire were natural enemies. The flames heated the water and caused the water to evaporate into the air.

Qingfeng had battled alone against three grandmaster level fighters. He used the Gravity Realm to suppress Tianzi Xuan's Storm Realm and the Inferno Realm to suppress Jianghe Tang's Clear Water Realm. There was nothing to two could do against him.

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