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 The third elderly patient was also controlled by Qingfeng with the Wolf King Eye; the patient directly asked Qingfeng to treat him.

This elder had serious heart problems. He had arterial ischemia and required oxygen therapy even at home. He brought an emergency heart pill with him to take during emergencies.

Qingfeng took out his acupuncture needles and pierced the needles into nine acupuncture points close to his heart. Then, he transferred some of his vital essence into the elder's body to treat him.

A moment later, the elder's breathing became regular. His body was also filled with energy.

"Thank you, my heart disease is healed," said the elder gratefully.

Under the watchful gaze of the public, the judges had no choice but to announce Qingfeng as the winner of the third round.

Qingfeng also used the Wolf King eye to make the patients seek treatment from him in the fourth and fifth round.

The hall was dead silent after Qingfeng cured the fourth and fifth person.

A moment later, noise and excitement broke out as everyone discussed animatedly about the competition.

"He won! Qingfeng managed to win all three rounds and obtain victory."

"Yeah, Qingfeng LI's medical skills are too powerful. He even managed to defeat Yunshan Ye!"

"Do you guys think Yunshan Ye will kneel down? He is after all the Director of the National Medical Association."

The surrounding people discussed animatedly as they casted disdainful looks towards Yunshan Ye.

Everyone was aware of the bet between Yunshan Ye and Qingfeng. They were all interested to see what Yunshan Ye would do next.

No one expected Yunshan Ye to yell loudly, "The last three patients did not ask me to treat them so the competition shouldn't count."

Weasel? Shameless?

Qingfeng furrowed his brows as a flash of coldness appeared in his eyes. He never expected Yunshan Ye to deny the competition. Qingfeng thought, "You were the one to start the challenge, you wanted to avenge your son. But now that you have lost, you refuse to admit defeat."

Qingfeng walked forward and said coldly, "Yunshan Ye, you not only betrayed your teacher, Yunhe Zhang, you are also so shameless. You refuse to kneel down even though you have lost the competition."

"Hmph, so what if I refuse to kneel and apologize. What can you do to me?" Yunshan Ye said coldly.

A flash of coldness appeared in Qingfeng's eyes. He wanted to teach Yunshan Ye a lesson.

"Qingfeng, this is the Tianjing Medical University. What do you want to do?" Suddenly, a cold voice was heard.

Zhentian Gu had walked into the room with the leader of the Tang Family, Jianghe Tang, and the leader of Seven Mystery, Tianzi Xuan. The three of them had surrounded Qingfeng.

Qingfeng's eyes turned cold. He had realized that the Medical Challenge was just a front for these people to lure him here.

"The loser must accept defeat. Since Yunshan Ye lost, he must kneel before Yunhe Zhang. No one stop this, not even you guys."

"Qingfeng, what if we refuse to let him kneel?"

"Then, we shall fight," Qingfeng sneered and said domineeringly.

He already knew that the people before him were his enemies. Since they were his enemies, it was their death or his own death.

Zhentian Gu and the others exchanged gleeful glance. They took out their weapons and prepared to attack Qingfeng.

Zhentian Gu was well-aware of Qingfeng's powers. Thus, he joined forces with Jianghe Tang and Tianzi Xuan to attack Qingfeng.

Xianzhi Qin and Niching Luo's expressions changed when they saw that the three grandmaster level fighters were joining forces to battle Qingfeng. They quickly took out their communication devices and signaled for help from fighters under their influence.

"Miss. Luo, how can these people be so evil? It's three men against my husband," Xue Lin said angrily.

Even though Xue Lin was an ordinary person, she could still sense the strength of the three fighters. These people were so evil! How could they gang up to bully her husband?

At this moment, Xue Lin wished that she was a Martialist too. If she was a martialist too, she could help her husband to defeat these shameless people.

"Miss Lin, don't worry. I have already asked my father to come. He will be here soon," Niching Luo said.

Niching Luo knew that she could not interfere with the grandmaster level battle between Qingfeng and the others. Thus, she could only watch by the side.

At the same time, in the Luo Family, Yishang Luo hurriedly left the room and headed towards Medical University after receiving the phone call from Luoshang Ni.

But just as he walked out of the mansion, he was stopped by the first Elder Diao Luo.

"Yishan Luo, I heard that you have become stronger. I wish to practice with you," Diao Luo said with a smile.

"First elder, I need to go to Tianjing Medical University now. We can practice later."

"No, I want to practice now."

"Diao Luo, I need to save Qingfeng now. Why are you stopping me? Do you have connections with Zhentian Gu?"

"Yishan Luo, don't sprout nonsense. Just don't think about leaving Luo Family today," The first elder said with a dark expression.

First Elder's grandson was killed by Qingfeng in the tomb of the Elixir King. He has wanted to kill Qingfeng for a long time but he was stopped by Yishan Luo last time. He has harbored a grudge in his heart all this time.

Diao Luo had formed a secret partnership with Zhentian Gu. He had agreed to stop Yishang Luo at the Luo Family when Zhentian Gu and the others were battling Qingfeng.

Yishan Luo was furious. He never expected that the First Elder would conspire with people outside of the family. He waved his fist and started battling Diao Luo.

Yishan Luo had consumed a grandmaster elixir from Qingfeng so his powers were at late-stage grandmaster level. His powers rivaled Diao Luo and neither could gain the upper hand.

At a branch of Fiery Emperor Palace, In Tianjing City, Xianzhi Qin had contacted Elder Qin. But just as he had walked out, he was also blocked by Hell King of the Ghost King Clan.

Hell King has been lying low for a while. he had obtained an unorthodox path weapon in a cave. It was a weapon from a self-cultivator. Even though he had not fully controlled the weapon, his power was still very strong and enough to battle against Elder Qin.

One had to say that even though Qingfeng had friends, but he had more enemies. The members of Luo Family and Fiery Emperor Palace were both blocked from coming to Qingfeng's aid. He could only depend on himself this time.


Zhentian Gu wielded the long sword on his body and held it before his chest. He then slashed it viciously towards Qingfeng. He harbored the deepest hatred towards Qingfeng so he desperately wanted to kill him.

The sword was surrounded by green light and pierced the air. It harbored terrifying power that dissipated towards the surrounding.

The surrounding people screamed as they dashed backwards. Some were even pushed to the ground by the powerful force. Some of the weaker people had directly passed out from the terrifying power.

Everyone looked at the battle fearfully. They never expected the medical competition to turn into a full-on battle.


Qingfeng also wielded his Red Fiery sword, and it was emitting bright red burning light.

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