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This medical competition was not as simple as it seemed, it was mixed with parties of the ancient martial artists. Anything would become complicated if ancient martial arts were involved.

Qingfeng Li and Yunshan Ye's competition was not what it seemed on the surface. Outside of Yunshan Ye and Yunhe Zhang's grudges, it also involved parties of ancient martial artists who were hostile towards Qingfeng Li.

The rules were the same for all medical challenges. The competition was best out of five and the participants were chosen from the crowd.

Qingfeng Li stood on the left while Yunshan Ye was on the right. They stared at each other with animosity.

"President Ye, both of my legs are broken, can you cure me?" The first patient entered on a wheel chair whilst being pushed by a young man.

This was a man around his forties with a pale face. By looking he could tell that the man had suffered internal damage. The meridians in his legs were completely broken. There was no way a 

Qingfeng Li's eyes concentrated. He discovered that this middle-aged man was not an ordinary person but an ancient martialist. His legs were not broken by a car accident but by a person.

The patient had the choice to choose who to be seen by. Although Qingfeng Li wanted to treat the man, but he chose Yunshan Ye, leaving Qingfeng Li with nothing that he could do.

Smiling, Yunshan Ye walked beside the man and pretended to examine both of his legs before saying, "Not a big deal, I will treat you with acupuncture."

Yunshan Ye was not only fluent in western medical practices but he was also fluent in acupuncture, surprising Qingfeng Li.

Yunshan Ye took out nine needles. In acupuncture, nine needles were usually used because it was a lucky number and works well when put on acupuncture points.

It went without saying that Yunshan Ye was skilled, as he was able to become the country's medical association president. He took the nine needles and put them on the patient's legs before massaging them.

About ten minutes later, Yunshan Ye took out the needles and said, "Your broken legs are cured now, try walking."

Shakily, the middle aged man walked off the wheelchair and stretched his body. He walked forwards with happiness, as he sensed that his motor abilities have returned.

"Doctor Ye, thank you so much, you are a god-like doctor for curing my legs." The middle aged man said to Yunshan Ye with appreciation in his face.

Seeing the immobilized man stand up, everyone gasped and complemented Yunshan Ye's medical abilities.

The first round went to Yunshan Ye.

The second patient entered. The patient had a stroke and was immobilized on a stretcher.

His son and daughter carried him in. Without looking at Qingfeng Li, they went straight to Yunshan Ye.

Shooting a look towards Qingfeng Li, Yunshan Ye meant that Qingfeng was incompetent as the patients where there for him.

Yunshan Ye took out nine needles again and stuck them into the patient. Soon, his eyes opened and woke up.

Seeing their father's stroke cured and that he was able to sit up and talk, his children were very happy and thanked Yunshan Ye nonstop.

The second round went to Yunshan Ye again.

"President Ye is very proficient, no wonder he is the president of the national medical association!"

"That's right, he had cured two patients already while Qingfeng Li did not even cure one. Clearly he is incompetent!"

"Yeah, it's over for Qingfeng Li. If he loses one more time he has to apologize to president Ye.

The people all around discussed amongst themselves and looked towards Qingfeng Li with mockery.

Yunshan Ye was extremely well known in the country and even more famous in Tianjin, he had cured countless patients. Many people trust him and none of them gave Qingfeng Li a chance.

Standing far away, Xue Lin and Niching Luo did not look pleased, as they were clearly on Qingfeng Li's side. Seeing him lose twice in a row, they were both worried.

"Miss Luo, do you think my husband can win?" Xue Lin looked at Niching Luo and asked.

Hearing the word husband, Niching Luo became a little uncomfortable even though she did not know why.

"Don't worry, Ms. Lin, I believe in him." Smiling slightly, Niching charmingly said.

Nodding her head, Xue Lin said, "Yeah, I believe in my husband too."

Although Qingfeng Li lost twice, but Xue Lin was filled with confidence, because she believed that her husband was the best.

"Little boy, if you lose again you have to kneel for me." With pride, Yunshan Ye looked at Qingfeng Li and said.

"I won't lose." Smiling, Qingfeng Li said with confidence.

He knew that he could not lose the third round, otherwise it would be over for him.

Facing the confident Qingfeng Li, Yunshan Ye smiled coldly. It was impossible for Qingfeng Li to win, since all five patients had been secretly bribed.

The third patient walked out. It was an elderly man about seventy years old with white hair. He shook while waking, seeming like that he could fall any second.

Having been bribed by Yunshan Ye, he walked towards him for treatment.

Seeing the elder walk towards him, Yunshan Ye was filled with excitement. Knowing if he could cure the elder, he would win for sure.


Qingfeng Li moved his body as if a gust of wind and appeared in front of the elder.

"Eye of the Wolf King." He said in a low voice as his eyes turned crimson red and controlled the elder's mind."

After that, he told the elder with mental power to choose Qingfeng Li for treatment.

Due to his speed, only a few grandmasters could roughly see a shadow dash by. As for others, they only felt a gust of wind.

Qingfeng Li had thought that it was obvious how Yunshan Ye had bribed the patients. He could only use special methods to control others to force them to come to him.

"If you cheat, I will cheat too." Qingfeng Li thought. This was the only way he could deal with people like Yunshan Ye.

After being controlled by Qingfeng Li, the elder said, "I have heart disease and I choose Qingfeng Li."

Upon hearing those words, the color drained from Yunshan Ye's face as anger and shock appeared in his heart. Damn, how could he take the bribe but choose Qingfeng Li?

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