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Time flew and the day ended.

The second day, Qingfeng Li woke up early and drove towards Tianjin City with Xue Lin and Miaochun Zhang.

Originally, Qingfeng Li did not want Xue Lin to come with him and wanted her to rest at home. However, she did not agree and Qingfeng Li had to comply with her.

Tianjin City being one of the four super cities of Huaxia had a population of tens of millions. The economy was thriving, businesses were developing, and most importantly it was the location of the four ancient martial arts sects, which had high status in the ancient martial arts world.

The location of the national medical competition was at the city's medical university. It was ranked number one in the country and was the rocking bed of the country's medical science. Every year many doctors and professionals graduate from this university.

Today it was extremely busy. Medical professionals from all over the country gathered here to spectate the match between Yunshan Ye and Qingfeng Li. There were rheumatologists, oncologists, gynecologists, pediatricians, and much more.

Other than medical professionals, media, newspapers, television channels gathered from all over the country. They were all here to interview this competition.

The reason for the crowd was because of Yunshan Ye, he was the country's medical association president and was well known, attracting many people.

In the crowd, there were some who were wearing normal clothes but had course hands and were filled with energy. They were ancient martialists belonging to different sects.

The seemingly powerful competition was made different by the participation of ancient martialists.

When Qingfeng Li and the others arrived at the university, Niching Luo was already waiting for them at the gate.

Her face was glamorous with white skin clear as crystal. It did not have a single flaw. Her huge chest and soft body seemed extremely charming under the tight red dress.

Knowing that she would see Qingfeng Li today, she took extra time to get ready. However, her expressions soured when she saw Xue Lin. She did not think that Qingfeng Li's wife would come with him.

"Wolf King, this medical challenge is not ordinary, you must be careful of Yunshan Ye." Smiling slightly, she reminded Qingfeng Li.

Nodding his head, Qingfeng Li spotted some strong ancient martialists in the crowd. The weakest were lower heaven tier, and there were at least three grandmasters.

There were only eighty-one grandmasters in the martial world, and seeing three appear indicated that the event was not ordinary.

Qingfeng Li, Xue Lin, and Miaochun Zhang walked towards the competition hall. Inside the hall, many people were already gathered together. In the front seats sat medical professional from all over the country. Around the other seats sat people belonging to the upper class, billionaires as well as representatives of different powers.

"Teacher, it's been so long, how's your leg?" Suddenly, a satirizing voice said behind them.

Looking behind them, it was a middle-aged name around forty years old. His face was white and had no facial hair. He had gold rimmed glasses with his head raised, seeming proud for making that comment.

This middle-aged man was no one other than Yunshan Ye, the country's medical association president.

Seeing him, Yunhe Zhang's face changed and angrily said, "Bastard, you betrayed me all those years ago, chased me out of Huaxia medical association and even poisoned me, you tool."

"Teacher, you have no proof that I poisoned you and even called me names. Be careful, I might sue you for slander."

"Traitor, today Qingfeng Li will help me defeat you and make you kneel before me."

"Teacher, Qingfeng Li's medical skills are inferior, you'll be disappointed." Laughing, Yunshan Li looked at him with ridicule.

"This old guy dare to curse me? After today's competition I will get rid of you, don't think about leaving Tianjin City." With a cold face, Yunshan Ye thought cruelly.

Qingfeng Li observed him and understood Yunshan Ye's evil plan.

"Yunshan Ye, how could you disrespect your teacher. What a ungrateful b*tch." Qingfeng Li looked at him and said with a cold smile. Seeing that he was an enemy, he obviously had to curse him.

"Qingfeng Li, I've seen your picture. You hit my son at the Eastern Sea City and defeated my cousin Jun Ye. Today, I'll beat you in front of the entire country and make you kneel before me." Smiling coldly, Yunshan Ye said.

"Backstabber, the competition is starting soon, quit wasting time." Qingfeng Li waved his hand and walked forward without paying attention to Yunshan Ye.

Damn, he dared to say that I'm an ungrateful b*tch. Yunshan Ye's face became cold and twisted.

Suddenly, an elderly person walked in front of of Yunshan Ye and said, "Yunshan, one of the person who you'll be seeing is an ancient martialist. Remember the cure I taught you."

"Yes, sect master." Yunshan Ye's facial expression changed and said respectfully.

In front of this elder, Yunshan Ye was too afraid to say anything. The old man was the sect master of the Seven Profound Sect, Tianzi Xuan. It was one of the first class sects of the ancient martialist world, as well as being the supreme power.

In the ancient martialist world, even the first class forces were separated into levels, Low, medium, high, and supreme.

Like the Iron Fist Sect for example, it is only high level, whereas the Seven Profound Sect was the supreme level. It was far more powerful than the Iron Fist Clan.

In the ancient martialist world, Tianzi Xuan was one ranked fifteen on the grandmaster list and was far stronger than Wudao Xue. This time he appeared to deal with Qingfeng Li.

The national medical competition was held in the grand hall of the medical university and could seat tens of thousands of people.

Because it was a national competition, the judges were all well known. The three judges were the Fiery Emperor Palace's young mistress Xianzi Qin, the Seven Profound Sect's sect master Tianzi Xuan, and the Ancient Martial Arts Sect's chief Zhentian Gu.

Seeing the first judge being Xianzi Qin, Qingfeng Li was quite happy, after all they had a positive relationship together.

However, he became less happy when he saw the second and the third judge.

Damn, Yunshan Ye was such a despicable person that he invited Tianzi Xuan and Zhentian Gu as judges. Since the two had a negative relationship with Qingfeng Li, they would definitely pick on Qingfeng Li.

Seeing his face change, Xue Lin asked, "Dear, what's wrong?"

"Nothing, I just saw two of my enemies." Qingfeng Li said calmly without specifying who the enemies were.

He knew that Xue Lin was here to accompany him. Since she did not know much about the ancient martialist world, it would not make a difference if he told her. The only person he could rely on today was himself.

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