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 The gravity realm was what the sect master of the Iron Fist Sect had insight in. Within the gravity realm, the force felt by one would increase five or ten times, immobilizing their bodies.

Out of all realms, the gravity realm was a rather special one. It was related to the magnetic field and gravity of the Earth.

When Qingfeng Li was trapped in the gravity realm and was immobilized, he understood this strong force. Of course, he had always wanted to practice the gravity realm, but he had no time until now.

Qingfeng Li started observing the gravity realm. He was originally a master of the grandmaster realm and had insight in the inferno realm, so he understood the gravity realm very quickly.

The focus of the gravity realm was on the gravity. As long as he understood the gravity he could control the gravity realm.

Qingfeng Li began to practice according to the method described. He used his mana energy to understand the force and gravity around. He could clearly feel the strong pull the Earth had on him.

Everything had gravity according to the rules of physics, and Earth's gravity pulls humans toward the surface, otherwise they would have flown out into space.

Qingfeng Li was very gifted and intelligent, he only spent a night to grasp the gravity realm's method.

"Let me try my gravity realm." Qingfeng Li lead the gravity with his spiritual energy and formed a black shroud ten feet around him.

The black light shroud was the gravity realm, the color was opposite from the red color of the inferno realm. It went without saying that the force field was extremely strong. Releasing his energy, he sucked the vases and chandeliers towards the ground and shattered them into pieces.

Realms were classed from class one to class nine, ranging from low to high.

Realms of ten meters in diameter are all class one realms, and both the gravity and inferno realms controlled by Qingfeng were grade one at the moment. With improvement of one's strength, the class, range, and attack damage would all increase.

Qingfeng Li was now filled with drive and practiced with motivation. Knowing that there was a realm beyond grandmaster realm, he must have powerful strength to protect himself.

The second day, the sun rose and spilled warm rays onto the ground, leaving spots of light on the ground.

The weather was great, the rays of the sun shining on the body and allowed one to feel extremely comfortable.

Qingfeng Li stretched and walked out of his room.

He had practiced for a whole night and learned the entire gravity realm. Now he possesses two realms.

Others would not have believed that a single person could control two realms. This was because of Qingfeng Li was highly gifted. Otherwise, the emperor would not have exited from the infernal sword and teach Qingfeng Li personally.

One had to know that Wushuang Nie, the sword king of Huaxia was also extremely talented. However, the Dark Night Emperor did not even consider him but chose Qingfeng Li.

"King Kong, I am going home now, if you have anything just call me." Smiling, Qingfeng Li waved and turned to leave."

Qingfeng Li was very fast and returned to mansion number 13 after a while.

When he had returned, Xue Lin's parents had already left and she was reading newspapers alone.


Xue Lin read something and became furious, throwing the newspaper on the desk, making a pap sound.

Qingfeng Li entered the mansion and saw the scene unfold. He asked, "Who made you angry?"

Xue Lin passed the newspaper to Qingfeng Li and angrily said, "See for yourself."

Qingfeng Li looked to where Xue Lin was pointing and wondered what the content was.

He saw that the headline of the newspaper, The Huaxia Medical Association President Yunshan Ye challenges Qingfeng Li, by saying that he was a fraud who assaulted his son. He wants an apology."

After reading the newspaper, Qingfeng Li was furious. He could not believe that Yunshan Ye would call him a fraud.

Qingfeng Li knew that Yunshan Ye was professor Yunhe Zhang's arch nemesis. He had not messed with Yunshan Ye, but now he had been openly challenged by Yunshan Ye.

He believed that it was not a challenge but an insult. He actually said that Qingfeng Li was the biggest fraud in the country and wanted an apology, which he was obviously not going to do.

Yunhe Zhang had saved Xue Lin and Qingfeng Li promised him to help him beat Yunshan Ye. However, to beat Yunshan Ye, he needed to become the medical president of Eastern Sea City and Hujiang Province before challenging him.

Qingfeng Li did not have to go through so much trouble now, since Yunshan Ye, the country's medical association president had challenged him. Now, Qingfeng Li could exact his revenge without trouble.

"Husband, even though Yunshan Ye is shameless, but his medical skills are very strong, are you going to accept his challenge?" Xue Lin frowned and asked.

"Of course, I am going to accept, since he's going to call me a fraud, I'll let him expose me." Qingfeng Li thought of what Yunshan Ye and laughed coldly.

The challenge was going to take place the next day at noon at Tianjin City, where all professionals in the country would attend.

Being the country's medical association president, Yunshan Ye was very famous. Now that he had challenged Qingfeng Li, everybody in Huaxia knew about the challenge.

Yunhe Zhang called straight away, extremely excited. He said that he would go to Tianjin City with Qingfeng Li and watch his ex-student lose. Qingfeng Li obviously agreed with him.

Because the challenge was the next day, Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin stayed at home to rest as opposed to go to work.


At that time, Qingfeng Li's phone rang. Looking at it, he found out it that the caller was Niching Luo.

"Hello, Ms. Luo, what are you calling be for?" Qingfeng Li answered the phone and asked.

"Wolf King, I just got information that at your challenge to Yunshan Ye, there will be Ancient Martial Arts Sects participating. They might harm you." Niching Luo said with worrying.

Qingfeng Li frowned and asked, "Ms. Luo, Yunshan Ye is the country's medical association president, how could he be connected to the ancient martialists?

"Wolf King, Yunshan Ye's son is a disciple of the first class sect Seven Profound Sect, and you hurting him offended the Seven Profound Sect as well as cooperating with other sects like the Tang family and Gu Family." Niching Luo said, she clearly knew a lot about it.

"The Gu Sect and Tang Sect are looking for it, and this time, I'll give it to them and teach them a lesson." Qingfeng Li said indifferently. He hung up right after.

One time at the ancient martial arts fair, a few sects worked together to attack Qingfeng Li. At that time, he was not strong enough and could not kill them. Now, they were causing him trouble again, so Qingfeng Li obviously did not mind killing them.

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