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"Senior, I agree with your conditions." After thinking for a while, Qingfeng Li agreed with the Dark Night Emperor's conditions.

At first, Qingfeng Li was shocked when he had heard of a self-cultivator, but after thinking carefully he realized that it could be true. After all, ancient martialists existed, so it wouldn't be surprising if self-cultivators did too.

Huaxia was a land of hidden dragons and crouching tigers, and it also have a lot of mystical sites. The forbidden district of Kunlun Mountain, the uninhabited areas of Shennong and others all hide enormous secrets.

Qingfeng Li had always wondered if there were higher realms after the grandmaster realm. After hearing from the Dark Night Emperor, he finally realized that after grandmaster was self-cultivators.

However, self-cultivators were hidden and rarely appeared in the real world. Even if they did, it would've been impossible for one to sense.

"Very well, seeing that you agree with my conditions, I will briefly introduce you to the world of self-cultivation. The world of self-cultivation is above the world of ancient martial art. It is just like the myths and legends, one can fly, use spells, obtain spiritual devices, use array formations, make elixirs, and tame evil or godly beasts."

"Self-cultivators live for at least three hundred years. With practice, they will be able to live longer. They rarely appear, because they need to practice and go into seclusion. Some can stay in seclusion for decades and even centuries."

"The realms of self-cultivation are, True Spirit stage, Earth Spirit stage, Sky Spirit stage, Foundation stage, Golden Core stage, Nascent Soul Stage…"

The Dark Night Emperor had stayed in the world of cultivation and understood its ins and outs. That was why he could explain in detail to Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li pursed his brows, he sensed that the practice of self-cultivation was similar to the practice in the folk tales. It was roughly recorded in the books, but it was broken and viewed as a legends.

"Senior, what will you be teaching me? Magic spells, sage spells, or others?" Qingfeng Li asked.

Qingfeng Li's reception ability was strong. He understand that he must practice hard in the world of self-cultivation, because it was likely that a self-cultivator would appear. If he was not strong enough, he was dead meat.

Smiling slightly, the emperor said, "I am not teaching you magic spells nor sage spells. What I'm teaching you is physique cultivation."

Physique cultivation?

Qingfeng Li pursed her brows. It was the first time he had heard of this technique and he was filled with questions.

"There are a lot of types of physique cultivation techniques, and they are, mortal physique cultivation technique, spirit physique, monarch physique, emperor physique, sovereign physique, immortal physique, And the strongest amongst them is the immortal physique cultivation technique.

"Senior, are you going to teach me the saint physique cultivation technique?"

"Little brat, you're too greedy! I don't have the it, I only have the mortal one."

The Dark Night Emperor was a great teacher, he explained each type of the technique thoroughly.

Qingfeng Li would've been happier if he did not hear what the emperor said. Speechless, he had thought that the emperor was strong, but the practice he had was the lowest level.

"Boy, be content with what you have. The immortal practice only belonged to immortal beings, I obviously don't have it. But, this mortal practice will evolve and allow you to advance to the immortal practice and turn you into an immortal.

"Senior, I want to ask, what level are you at with the mortal practice?"

"About that...I am still at the mortal practice." The Dark Night Emperor said awkwardly.

Thinking back to that year when the emperor first entered into the world of self-cultivation, he had saved an old and crazy Daoist who passed on the mortal practice to him and told him that he could become an immortal.

When the emperor first entered the world of self-cultivation, he was filled with excitement and happiness. However, after practice he had discovered that he was still of mortal physique.

The different levels of human physiques were, mortal physique, spirit physique, monarch physique, emperor physique, sovereign physique, saint physique, and immortal physique.

Mortal physique was the lowest level, which made Qingfeng Li disappointed. He was questioning whether the emperor had tricked him. The emperor had Qingfeng Li agree to help him rebuild his body and avenge him, but gave him the mortal practice.

"Boy, why are you looking at me like that? I'll tell you that despite its name, the mortal practice will allow you to suppress hell, be undefeated in the ancient martialist world, and be able to shatter a planet with one punch."

"Suppressing hell, shattering planets, I'll learn that."

"Boy, you've finally understood. Here you go, make sure you practice properly." He laughed and gave a jade scroll to Qingfeng Li.

This jade scroll was ancient and firm, because it was made of the shell of a tortoise. The scroll was a light cyan color and emanated green light.

Qingfeng Li cut his finger and dripped a drop of blood into the scroll. A ray of light emitted from the scroll and entered the mind of Qingfeng Li.

Standing still, Qingfeng Li felt like information was going to overflow from his head. There were so much more information in his head than before.

The mortal practice could be evolved continuously and could allow one to become an immortal. However, it was extremely difficult to practice. The first step was to exercise one's body with lightning.

F*ck me, I need to hit myself with lightning?

Qingfeng Li rolled his eyes, he felt like he was manipulated by the emperor. Looking at his entertained expression, Qingfeng Li felt like throwing the scroll at his face. But taking into account that the Emperor was strong, he could only keep his anger in his heart.

Qingfeng Li finally understood why the emperor was unsuccessful, since the emperor was only a spirit, he obviously cannot be hit with lightning. If he did, he would be evaporated.

It would be different for Qingfeng Li since he had a body. But he was still worried about being hit by lightning.

"Senior, there are no thunder nor lightning, how can I practice?"

"Don't worry, just remember the practice method first and practice when you find lightning."

"Fine, I'll practice in the future." Nodding his head, Qingfeng Li wondered what to do now.

The practice was extremely harsh, the first level required one to cleanse their body with thunder and lightning. The second level required one to forge their body with lava, and the third required one to burn their body with heavenly fire...

A thin film of sweat appeared on Qingfeng Li's forehead. It was seriously too hard to practice. No wonder why one could evolve into an immortal, because this practice was inhumane.

Qingfeng Li finally understood that if he practiced, it would be possible to suppress hell and shatter a planet.

However, there was no lightning or thunder, so Qingfeng Li could not practice. He took out another scroll and started observing it.

Although Qingfeng Li practiced the fire type vital essence and understood the inferno realm, he was more interested in the gravity realm.

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