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Wudao Xue and the others were killed by Qingfeng, Crimson Blood Sect was eliminated. The surrounding Ancient martialists had also left.

But before they walked away, everyone looked at Qingfeng with mixed emotions. There was admiration, enviousness, jealousy and some other unknown emotion in their eyes.

They knew that after today, Qingfeng's reputation would be known throughout the entire Martial World. This was a genius who could be compared the Dark Night Emperor.

Some even believed that the only one who could be compared with Qingfeng in the Martial World right now was grandmaster Geyi Zhao. The two were destined to have a battle in the future.

Qingfeng did not leave right away. When he was in Tianjing, he not only made a Life-Prolonging pill with the leader of Fiery Emperor Palace. He also made five Lower Heaven and five Higher Heaven pills. This was the perfect time to use it.

Qingfeng walked towards the unconscious Black Panther. He first used acupuncture to awake him. Then, Qingfeng brought Black Panther and King Kong to a room.

"How strong are you guys now?" Qingfeng asked them.

"Grand Daddy Li, we are at the early-stage of Lower Heaven stage," said King Kong in embarassment. Qingfeng had given him a grandmaster technique but he was still in the Lower Heaven stage. He was too weak.

Before, King Kong was secretly happy with his powers. However, after witnessing the powers of Wudao Xue and the others, he felt that he was too weak.

King Kong understood that he may be powerful in the eyes of ordinary people. But compared to Ancient Martialists, he was a weakling who could be easily killed.

"King Kong, you have just started practicing, it is great that you are already at the Lower Heaven stage," Qingfeng praised.

Black Panther bowed his head and said, "Master, I am still a Level SS fighter."

Qingfeng was dazed for a moment when he heard Black Panther's words. He quickly realized that he had not given Black Panther any training techniques so there was no way for Black Panther to improve his powers. The realization caused Qingfeng to be slightly awkward.

Qingfeng smiled faintly as he took out a Higher Heaven technique book and handed it to Black Panther.

"King Kong, Black Panther, these are Lower Heaven pills. There is one for each of you. It will help to raise your powers to peak Lower Heaven stage," Qingfeng said as he passed the pills to the two of them.

King Kong and Black Panthers' eyes lit up in excitement when they saw the pill which contained powerful energy.

King Kong placed the pill in his mouth. The pill instantly dissolved and a powerful power spreaded throughout his body. The power opened all his pressure points and meridians in his body and hardened his skin and bones.


King Kong waved forward a punch filled with power. His fist left five gigantic holes in the air. The five gigantic holes were the sign of a peak Lower Heaven fighter.

"Congratulations, King Kong! You are now a peak Lower Heaven fighter," Qingfeng said with a smile.

King Kong was Qingfeng's loyal lackey. Naturally, Qingfeng was happy to see that King Kong have become stronger.

As for Black Panther, he has not yet learnt any Ancient Martial techniques. Thus, he did not consume the Lower Heaven pill immediately. He would consume the pill after he practiced the techqniues and has vital essence in his body.

"King Kong, Black Panther, you guys can leave the room. Don't let anyone inside the room," Qingfeng said with a wave of his hand.

When Qingfeng was alone in the room, he took out his Red Fiery Sword. He had received a message transmission from the elderly sword spirit.


An elder with pure white hair flew out of the sword. Even though he was just a virtual image, he still emitted a strong presence which brought fear to Qingfeng's heart.

Qingfeng did not feel fear even when he was faced with a peak grandmaster fighter, but he felt a flicker of fear when he saw the elder. The elder was too powerful!

"Young fellow, thank you. After 50 years, I can finally see the day," said the elder.

 50 years?

Qingfeng was dazed for a moment. The last owner of the sword was the sword master, Wushuang Nie who was only 40 years old. However, the sword spirit has been inside the sword for 50 years. This meant that the spirit has been inside the sword for even longer than Wushuang Nie's life.

"Senior, can I ask who you are?" Qingfeng asked. He innately felt that the sword spirit elder was not simple.

The elder smiled faintly and said with pride, "I am the Dark Night Emperor from 100 years ago."

Holy f*ck, the sword spirit is the Dark Night Emperor?

Qingfeng's mouth was wide agape. His eyes were filled with disbelief, he was more shocked than when he killed Wudao Xue.

Every Ancient Martialist have heard of the Dark Night Emperor. 100 years ago, he was the number one fighter. He was the one to gather the orthodox and the man who killed the 81 demons of the unorthodox path.

Qingfeng could never imagine that the sword spirit was the Dark Night Emperor.

When the elder saw Qingfeng's shocked expression, he said lightly, "You don't believe that I am the Dark Night Emperor?"

"Senior, it's not that I don't believe you. It is said that you disappeared 100 years ago after you killed the 81 demons of the unorthodox."

"Yes, I went to a mysterious 'small world'. The self-cultivators there are even stronger than grandmaster fighters. I angered a self-cultivator so I was killed by him. I placed my soul into the Red Fiery Sword so that my soul would not be scattered."

 "Senior, are there really self-cultivators in this world?" Qingfeng asked with suspicion.

To be honest, Qingfeng could believe that there are Ancient Martialists in the world. After all, he was an ancient martialist himself. But self-cultivators were legendary beings who could fly and use all kinds of spells. Do such people really exist?

The elder, no, the Dark Night Emperor said with a faint smile, "Of course there are self-cultivators in this world. I met an Ancient Martialist in a 'small world' of Earth. They know spells and are extremely powerful."


Qingfeng gasped sharply. He believed the words of the Dark Night Emperor since he had no reason to lie to him. Furthermore, the elder had a powerful presence which was impossible to fake.

"Young fellow, I know that your name is Qingfeng. I wish to negotiate a condition with you. What do you think?" The Dark Night Emperor said.

Qingfeng nodded and said, "What condition?"

"I can teach you some self-cultivator techniques which will allow you to be a legendary fighter. But you have to help me reforge a physical body and enter a 'small world' in the future to avenge me."

"Senior, how does self-cultivator techniques compare to Ancient Martialist techniques?"

"Self-cultivator techniques are more powerful. I used to be the strongest Ancient Martialist but I was defeated in a single strike by a self-cultivator. That is a testament of their strength."

The Dark Night Emperor had met self-cultivators in the 'small world'. Therefore, he was well-aware of their powers. They were much more powerful than any Ancient Martialist.

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