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"Wudao Xue, you can die." Qingfeng smiled coldly and gloomily as he walked towards him. His murderous spirit increased every step he took until finally, it condensed into a mass of black smoke. 

The old Daoist once had told Qingfeng to kill as few as possible, because having a strong murderous spirit would be harmful to his body. Actually, it had been damaging his body but the reason it temporarily didn't burst out was only because it was suppressed by his blood vessels.

By this time, Wudao Xue had used up all his strategies. His body was also seriously injured, and even if he wanted to use martial skills, he didn't have enough energy.

Wudao Xue's pupils suddenly shrunk in his eyes as a touch of panic flitted through. He felt the breath of death on his neck, and the murderous spirit from Qingfeng made him feel frightened.

Flee, I must flee. I cannot die here . A cold light flashed through his eyes.

"Burn my essence blood, Blood Devil Escape!" Wudao Xue shouted angrily, directly burning his essence blood before turning around and escaping like lightning.

The most important part of a human body was essence blood and was very scarce. Consuming even one drop would cause damage to the body. The direct burning of essence blood to escape like Wudao Xue would cause even more damage to his body.

If he was not in a life or death situation, Wudao Xue would not burn his essence blood because he knew that once he did so, his strength would drop realms from the grandmaster peak to the innate stage.

Although his realm dropped a lot, in order to survive, Wudao Xue could only choose to burn his essence blood because Qingfeng was too terrifying. His speed was very fast, just like a red lightning bolt, and he flew away over ten meters within a second.


Qingfeng's body moved and his speed was faster. He directly changed into a mirage, chasing after Wudao Xue instantly.

Since his blood vessels evolved to the second level, Qingfeng's speed had improved and increased to two times more than before.

If it was in the past, there would be no way for Qingfeng to catch up with Wudao Xue, but now, it was actually easy for him to overtake him.

"What, he overtook me?" Seeing Qingfeng right behind him, Wudao Xue's face became pale. Qingfeng's speed was too fast, even faster than his speed after burning his essence blood.

At this moment, Wudao Xue's whole body was trembling. He was too scared, Qingfeng's strength was far stronger than his imagination.

The Infernal Sword in Qingfeng's hand was swung out like a meteor, or even faster than a meteor, towards Wudao Xue's neck. 


Wudao Xue was in the air when his head was separated from his body and flew into the sky. The blood sprayed out, some even falling on those spectators close by, but no one dared to speak, their faces filled with horror.

Wudao Xue's lip moved, he wanted to speak, but nothing was finally said. His blood-red eyes stared at Qingfeng with hatred, gradually losing signs of life.

The supreme unorthodox devil Wudao Xue, the Crimson Blood Sect Master - dead.

Wudao Xue's death also announced the demise of the Crimson Blood Sect, the superior power of the unorthodox path, did not exist henceforth.


Deadly Silence.

The entire Lone Mountain was plunged into silence; everyone's mouth was so wide open that even a duck egg could be plugged in. Everybody looked at Qingfeng with a face full of panic. Wudao Xue was dead, killed by Qingfeng. This news was too shocking and horrible, everyone was frightened.

How strong this Qingfeng was! He could kill Wudao Xue, so can he also kill the other masters of the grandmaster realm?

Lone Mountain had never been so silent; you could hear the sound of a falling needle. Even the birds on the tree were frightened and trembled from the great strength from Qingfeng and did not dare to make any sounds.

As for the people of Qingfeng League, they all looked up at Qingfeng with the expression of worship, as if they were looking at a god, an invincible symbol.

"Grand Daddy Li is invincible, Grand Daddy Li is invincible ..." no one knew which disciple shouted out first, but all the disciples of the league knelt down in front of Qingfeng and shouted together. The sound was so loud that it carried out to the sky.

Qingfeng stood in the centre; his body emitting a blue dazzling light and caught everybody's eyes.

"After this battle, Qingfeng will overawing the martial art world. Later no one will dare to look down upon him."

"That is right. I must hurry back home to tell my family to befriend to Qingfeng and not offend him."

"Yes, this kind of peerless genius is a once-in-century ocurance. He might be able to unify the martial art world later."

"It's impossible, the martial art world only was unified a hundred years ago by the Dark Night Emperor. Then the Dark Night Emperor disappeared, and the martial world became divided again."

"I only said it might be possible, I did not say certainly."

The surrounding ancient martial warriors were from various powerful groups, they knew a lot, especially a lot of secrets. 

Many of them had attached great importance to Qingfeng, even comparing him with the Dark Night Emperor.

The Dark Night Emperor, the peerless genius 100 years ago, reached the grandmaster realm at 20 years old, defeated all the masters on the list and remained invincible within the realm. 

The Dark Night Emperor defeated all the masters in the Orthodox Path, dominating the Orthodox martial arts world. He unified the martial arts world 100 years ago and was number 1 among all the warriors in that world.

Afterwards, the Emperor's younger sister was brutally murdered by the unorthodox. The Emperor was very angry and went to their territory to fight with the 81 devils by himself, and he finally killed all the 81 devils a hundred years ago.

That battle was incredibly hard fought. The mountains and rivers cracked and a city completely vanished after that. We can guess how fierce the fight was from the aftermath. 

Finally, all the 81 devils of the unorthodox path were killed and the Dark Night Emperor disappeared without a trace. Some people said he died together with the 81 devils, some people said he broke through a higher realm and went to another space.

In brief, after fighting, the Dark Night Emperor disappeared, and the martial art world was torn apart once more for areas and self-interest.

 Although the 81 devils from the unorthodox path died in that battle, those below them did not. After 100 years of rebuilding, the evil spirit was resurged. Some geniuses have become the new 81 devils.

Qingfeng had already entered the ancient martial arts world for some time; he had also known something about the Dark Night Emperor. He was a peerless warrior from hundred years ago, the number one talent that suppressed both the orthodox path and unorthodox way. The people around compared him with Dark Night Emperor, which made Qingfeng feel a little bit happy.

However after the happiness, Qingfeng started thinking, if he was asked to kill the evil 81 devils, could he do that? Obviously not.

Certainly, Qingfeng's strength at this time could not do that. If he could practice for a period of time, reaching the peak of the grandmaster realm and completely evolving his bloodline, he might really be able to sweep across the martial art world and kill the unorthodox 81 devils.

Although that Dark Night Emperor was a peerless genius, he began his path of cultivation since a very young age. Qingfeng was different as he was only exposed to ancient martial arts recently. He was only the king of the ordinary world before then.

If looking purely at the time of practicing martial arts, Qingfeng's talent was even higher than the Dark Night Emperor, and his achievements in the future would be limitless.

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