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Qingfeng Li felt sorrow when he saw King Kong, a huge man as tall as six feet two, crying. The pupils that died were the first batch of pupils who followed King Kong. They were merely gangsters back then.

King Kong felt guilty for his subordinates. They died without a corpse when he was the one in charge of them.

King Kong was deeply aggrieved by their deaths and Qingfeng also felt the same.

"Who are you? Why are you killing my people from the Qingfeng League?" Qingfeng Li said aloofly.

He only knew Cold Blood and had never seen the Crimson Blood Sect's sect master and his crew. Therefore, he did not know these people.

Even though Qingfeng Li didn't know them, he felt a strong antagonistic aura within them. The atmosphere was incredibly solid, to the point that he felt frightened.

"I am the Wudao Xue, the sect master of the Crimson Blood Sect. I am here for my son's revenge." Wudao Xue said ferociously.

Wudao Xue?

When Qingfeng Li heard his name, his face slightly changed. He had never seen Wudao Xue before, but he had heard of him. Wudao Xue was one of the eighty-one devils in the unorthodox world and he was ranked in the top twenty as a supreme devil. Some said that his strength was at the peak of the grandmaster realm.

Regardless of whether it was orthodox or unorthodox, Wudao Xue was a supreme level master. Countless strong masters still looked up to him.

Many martial warriors arrived at Lone Mountain at this time. They were here to see the slaughter but when they heard the name Wudao Xue, their faces turned pale.

Wudao Xue was a supreme devil of the unorthodox world. He completely mastered the Blood Demon Cultivation Technique when he slaughtered a village and sucked all the villagers' blood dry twenty years ago. Three orthodox grandmasters went after Wudao Xue but he not only escaped from them, but also killed one grandmaster.

"Qingfeng Li is so dead this time. Wudao Xue is a super devil and he is known for his Blood Demon Technique."

"That's true. Qingfeng Li defeated three half-step grandmaster realm last time. However, they were just normal masters. Wudao Xue is at the peak of the grandmaster realm."

"Do you see those two people standing beside Wudao Xue? Those are the two elders of the Crimson Blood Sect and they are also supreme devils of the unorthodox path."

The people around were all talking with astonishment in their eyes. It was no surprise how shocked everybody was when three supreme devils arrived at Lone Mountain.

As King Kong and the Qingfeng League's pupils heard the other people's conversations, their face turned pale. They didn't know who these three people were earlier, but it was clear that those people were super devils.

"Wudao Xue, didn't you guys want to kill me? Try me." Qingfeng Li sneered and said.

He knew that this must be a tough combat for what happened today. One of them had to die.

"Sect master, let me go and break his forearms and legs first, then you can suck all his blood." Second Elder, Tao Xue, stood in front and said.

Wudao Xue nodded and said, "Go ahead. Don't kill him though. I have to suck up all his blood and make him suffer indefinitely."

Second Elder nodded and laughed viciously. He walked towards Qingfeng Li as he spread out strong evil spirits.

Second Elder was at the late-stage of grandmaster realm and ranked number forty among all eighty-one devils. His level was about the same as Zhontian Tie, but the Blood Demon Technique was more vicious.

Qingfeng Li smiled calmly. If it were three unorthodox devils going at him at once, he might have trouble dealing with them. However, the Second Elder wanted to kill Qingfeng Li himself, but that would result in only the death of the Second Elder instead.

Qingfeng Li knew that he had to kill Second Elder quickly. If he did, the number of his enemies would become two.

Qingfeng Li was arrogant but not overly confident. He knew he had to play safe because the sect master of Crimson Blood Sect was very strong.

"Blood Demon Palm." The second Elder laughed coldly. His right palm pushed out, turning into a ray of bloody mist, and attacked Qingfeng Li with a powerful force.

Qingfeng Li stood steadily. He didn't draw out his Red Fiery Sword until the Second Elder's attack was in front of him.

"Red Fiery Silver Moon." In order to kill the Second Elder in one move, Qingfeng Li used the strongest move of the Infernal Sword Technique and injected loads of vital essence into the sword.

The Red Fiery Sword turned into an enormous blazing silver moon and chopped towards the Second Elder with a powerful momentum.

The Second Elder's face turned pale as he felt the powerful energy within Qingfeng Li's sword. He wanted to back off, but the close distance made it too late to retreat.


The Second Elder's head was chopped off by Qingfeng Li's sword. His eyes filled with horror and disbelief when blood gushed out of his body.

Needing only one move for chopping off the head of a late-stage grandmaster realm martial artist?! Everybody was stunned with fear.

"Holy shit, this Qingfeng Li is beyond divine. How is he so strong?"

"Yeah, he just killed a half-step grandmaster last battle. It hadn't been that long and he is now capable of killing a late-stage grandmaster!"

"Didn't you see how strong his sword technique is? I guess it's at least a grandmaster-level martial technique."

The people in the crowd around were all discussing the fight. They gazed at Qingfeng Li in disbelief.

All the people here were talented cultivators from all clans in the Martial World. It was very rare for them to admire or yield to anyone, but Qingfeng Li was the first one for them to do so. It was because not anyone could defeat a late-stage grandmaster with one attack.

Killing the Second Elder in one move made Qingfeng Li feel a little bit fatigued. After all, in order to kill the opponent before Wudao Xue and First Elder's rescue, Qingfeng Li had just used his strongest attack.

"Second Elder!" First Elder yelled and grieved as he saw Second Elder died.

The First Elder and Second Elder were very close to each other. They had been doing a lot of bad things together in the past, including sucking fresh human blood. Now when he saw that the Second Elder got killed in a single strike, fury filled his mind.

The First Elder's eyes turned crimson red. He took a step forward and got ready to attach Qingfeng Li, but Wudao Xue stopped him.

"Sect master, why are you stopping me?"

"Hmph, you are on the same level as Second Elder. Do you wanna die?"

"Sect master, I have to avenge the Second Elder."

"Of course we have to. Qingfeng Li is very strong and we should attack him together." Wudao Xue said gloomily.

As the Crimson Blood Sect's master, Wudao Xue was very arrogant. When he wanted to kill someone before, he always did it alone. He wouldn't have someone else did it with him.

Yet, seeing how powerful Qingfeng Li was, Wudao Xue was deeply in shock. He recognized that this person was a peerless master. If he wanted to kill Qingfeng Li, he must cooperate with the First Elder.

The crowd was astonished as they heard what Wudao Xue said. Wudao Xue had to cooperate with the First Elder to kill Qingfeng Li. This was the supreme devil, Wudao Xue, we were talking about.

Think about this - for an unorthodox supreme devil to lower his head and ask for someone's assistance to kill Qingfeng Li, Qingfeng Li should be proud.

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