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Chapter 822: Defeating Bloody Corpse Realm

"Demonic Blood Realm!" The First Elder yelled and released the Demonic Blood Realm to capture Qingfeng Li inside.

The realm that he mastered was the same as Cold Blood's realm – the Demonic Blood Realm. Evil spirits filled an area three kilometers in diameter. These evil spirits could intrude the human body and bewitch one's consciousness.

Qingfeng Li wouldn't be reckless when it came to the territory power. This was a different kind of power than martial techniques. A realm could only be defeated by another realm. Attacks from martial techniques would not work against another's realm technique.

Qingfeng Li took back Infernal Sword and said, "Inferno Realm."

An enormous flame veil immediately appeared around Qingfeng Li's body. Inside the flame veil was a burning energized blaze. The energized blaze and the Blood Demon Spirit were natural enemies. It was just like cats and mice. It would start to burn as soon as they met each other.


Inside the realm, a loud noise sounded. The Blood Demon Spirit's evil spirit was burned by the flame and decreased promptly. The First Elder's face turned pale and he didn't look good. Now, he finally realized how tough the young man was. No wonder the Second Elder died in a single draw of his sword.

Although Qingfeng Li's Inferno Realm burned the First Elder's Demonic Blood Realm, Qingfeng lost quite a lot of energy as well.

"Bloody Corpse Realm." Wudao Xue laughed coldly and released his Bloody Corpse Realm.

The Bloody Corpse Realm was more powerful than Demonic Blood Realm. The corpse could

be formed within the realm but it was just not a normal human being's corpse. Instead, it was a corpse formed by a Blood Demon spirit and could attack on its own.


A howl came from the bloody corpse's mouth. The bloody corpse's height was around a hundred and eighty centimeters. However, even though it had a human's form, it was filled with an evil spirit. Its teeth was crooked and sharper than a human's.

The bloody corpse could move within the Bloody Corpse Realm. It rushed towards Qingfeng and was opening its jaws to bite at him. Wudao Xue had been utilizing the Bloody Corpse Realm to trap people and used the bloody corpse to suck their fresh blood.

The surrounding people panicked when they saw the bloody corpse rushing towards Qingfeng Li. They had heard about the rumor about the bloody corpse. Anybody would die for sure if the bloody corpse bit them.

"Qingfeng Li is dead for sure. This bloody corpse is very ferocious. An orthodox grandmaster was drained to death by it."

"That's right. I have heard it before as well. That orthodox grandmaster was ranked number thirty-nine on the grandmaster list. He wanted to banish the evil spirits and defend the orthodox path, but he was turned into a corpse instead."

"Unleashing the bloody corpse would cause all rivers to flood with blood. Nobody can stop the power of the bloody corpse."

All the martial warriors were discussing as they already considered Qingfeng Li a dead person.

The bloody corpse was well-known in the Martial

Martial World because numerous masters were killed by it.

Qingfeng Li's body was restricted by two realms. It was impossible for him to move but to watch as the bloody corpse bit his neck.

The bloody corpse was controlled by Wudao Xue. After he made the bloody corpse bite Qingfeng Li's neck, his face was filled with cruelty and hunger for blood.

"Haha, Qingfeng Li, I am going to drain up your blood and avenge for my son." Wudao Xue ordered the bloody corpse to suck blood viciously.

Wudao Xue thought that killing Qingfeng Li would be too easy for him. Only by draining up his blood, turning his corpse into specimen, and poking the specimen with needle daily could peace out his rage.


Bloody corpse's sharp teeth pierced through Qingfeng Li's skin and began to suck his blood. Qingfeng Li's blood flowed outside of his body and wanted to flow inside bloody corpse's mouth.


At this moment, the Devourer Bloodline within Qingfeng Li's body began to revive as if it tasted some gourmet food. The black hole vortex within his body started to swirl.

A dominant suction came from Qingfeng Li's body started to swallow bloody corpse's blood. The situation was turned the other way around.

Bloody corpse was horrified and he wanted to escape. Yet, the Devourer Bloodline inside Qingfeng Li continued to suck his blood and wouldn't let go of him.


All the containing blood within bloody corpse was drained out by Qingfeng Li's Devourer Bloodline. All the blood spirit within were all gone. The buffed body of bloody

of bloody corpse became dry and slim, then vanished into red evil spirit.


Wudao Xue spit out a huge mouthful of blood and his face turned pale due to the severe injuries. The bloody corpse was abstracted throughout his essence blood and was connected to his own body. Now that the bloody corpse was gone, he was also severally injured.

Wudao Xue suffered a huge loss this time. He wanted to use the realm's bloody corpse to suck all Qingfeng Li's blood. It was unexpected that the opponent had Devourer Bloodline and killed his primary weapon.

Everybody was full in astonishment when they saw Qingfeng Li defeated the bloody corpse. Their face seemed like as if they had bumped into ghosts.

This was the bloody corpse! The bloody corpse that we were talking about! How was it gone just like that?

Just a moment ago, everybody was certain that Qingfeng Li would die. The result was completely opposite – Qingfeng Li won, and Bloody Corpse was killed.

If not seen with their bare eyes, the people around wouldn't believe this scene. This Qingfeng Li was even scarier than the bloody corpse.

After Qingfeng Li's Devourer Bloodline took over bloody corpse's blood, its power went to the next level. However, the power didn't become Qingfeng Li's power this time. It was digested by Devourer Bloodline's black hole.

"F*ck, why didn't you take over all the power without sparing me some." Qingfeng Li rolled his eyes and was speechless.

When he took over Yangzi Blood's blood, his level directly jumped into half-step grandmaster realm. He grandmaster realm. He thought he might be able to breakthrough this time, but all the power from bloody corpse was absorbed by the black hole.

Qingfeng Li wasn't satisfied with the result, but the Devourer Bloodline was very satisfied. It clearly liked the bloody corpse's power.

"Sect master, what happened to you?" First Elder asked in concern after seeing Wudao Xue spit out blood.

Cough cough!!

Wudao Xue coughed two times, spit out more blood and said, "The bloody corpse was abstracted from my essence blood. When it was killed, my body suffered from severe injuries."

Wudao Xue was full of regret. If he knew that Qingfeng Li countered his bloody corpse, he wouldn't release Bloody Corpse Realm. He would just attack him with martial technique, but it's all too late now.

He wanted Qingfeng Li to die suffering from pain. Qingfeng Li walked out unscratched, but he was severely injured.

"You guys can die now." Qingfeng Li broke their realms and the power of realms vanished. He could move freely again.

Qingfeng Li stepped on the ground. Every single step he took made a deep pit on the ground. All the stones within were broken into pieces and turned into ashes.

At Qingfeng Li's level, the power was immense. Normal surface wouldn't be able to hold up to his steps.

Qingfeng Li walked step by step and closed up the distance between Wudao Xue and First Elder as he released the killing intent. The murderous atmosphere manifested in the form of black and almost materialized, which made everyone around shiver with horror.

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