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Eastern Sea city airport

Three people had just arrived at the airport. The leader was the sect master of the Crimson Blood Sect, followed by the First and Second Elders.

"Sect master, Qingfeng Li set up an arena at the Lone Mountain of Eastern Sea City. Anyone who would like to challenge him can go there."

The Crimson Blood Sect had a significant influence in the secular world. Through using their information network, Senior Elder gathered everything they knew about Qingfeng Li as well as the existence of the Qingfeng League.

Qingfeng Li had set up a challenge area at the Qingfeng League and any of his rivals could go and challenge him there.

"Let's go to the Qingfeng League. Also, spread the news about my challenge to Qingfeng Li soon. I want to kill him in front of everybody in the Martial World." Wudao Xue said with a scowl on his face.

"Yes, sect master." Senior Elder said respectfully. He knew that the sect master hated Qingfeng Li so much that Qingfeng Li not only had to die, but also had to lose everything and all the reputation he had.

Wudao Xue's group moved swiftly. It didn't take them long to get to Lone Mountain.

At the same time, all the people from the Martial World sent representatives to Lone Mountain to watch the challenge battle when they received the news of Wudao Xue's intentions.

No, this was not a challenge battle, but a slaughter. It was the slaughter of Qingfeng by an unorthodox grandmaster.

It was eight o'clock at night. King Kong, Black Panther, and the people in Qingfeng League were eating. All of a sudden, a loud noise sounded, followed by someone smashing open the gate of the Qingfeng League.

King Kong and Black Panther went out and saw three men in bloody clothes. Each of them had a powerful aura around them.

"How dare you smash our gate! This is the Qingfeng League!." Black Panther stepped up and said solemnly.


Wudao Xue's right palm turned into a giant whirlwind and slapped at Black Panther's body. Black Panther's body flew up backward and slammed onto the ground. He spat out blood and fainted instantly.

King Kong's pupil contracted and terror filled his eyes. He knew how strong Black Panther was, but he fainted from being hit by the wind coming off of someone's slap. How strong was the opponent?

"Let's avenge brother Panther." Two Qingfeng League's pupils saw that Black Panther fainted. They yelled and ran towards Wudao Xue.

These two pupils were usually Black Panther's attendants and they were very close to him. They held their long knives and swung them towards Wudao Xue.

Wudao Xue laughed coldly, his eyes were hungry for blood. His palm waved and hit at the two pupils of Qingfeng League.

Bang! Bang!

In everyone's horrified gaze, the two pupils' body exploded. There was no corpse left, and the long knife in their hands also turned into fragments.

This bloody scene made everybody in the Qingfeng League panic. They had never seen a powerful enemy like him, who could explode someone with just a slap.

King Kong was horrified. He learned the ancient martial cultivation technique and knew that this person was a master of ancient martial arts. Nobody in the Qingfeng League would stand a chance against him.

King Kong remembered Qingfeng Li's instruction, which was to notify him instead of attacking when a superpowerful master came for a challenge. This way, they would prevent unnecessary injuries.

Reminiscing Grand Daddy Li's words, King Kong took in a breath and said loudly, "I am King Kong, the head of Qingfeng League. Are you guys challenging Qingfeng Li? If you are, I will notify him to come."

"Great! Tell him to come right away. For every minute that passes, I will kill one member in Qingfeng League." Wudao Xue said coldly.

Wudao Xue was very harsh. He wanted to kill the pupils of Qingfeng League and force Qingfeng Li to come.

King Kong's face changed and he didn't dare to hesitate. He took out his cellphone and called Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li just finished cooking. He was sitting in the living room with Xue Lin and others, waiting to eat.

"Honey, eat more meat to take care of your body." Qingfeng Li put a chicken leg in Xue Lin's bowl.

Ring, ring...

Qingfeng Li's phone rang. He took out his cellphone and saw that King Kong called. He answered right away because he knew something must have happened for King Kang to call.

"King Kong, what's the matter?"

"Grand Daddy Li, there's an emergency here. Three powerful masters are at Qingfeng League to challenge you and want you to come now."

"I am eating with my wife right now."

"Please come soon Grand Daddy Li. These people are very strong and savage. A guy said that for every minute you are late, he would kill a pupil in Qingfeng League. So many pupils have exploded from his attacks." King Kong said in horror because he had already seen a few pupils' bodies explode.

Hearing the news, Qingfeng Li's face darkened. He stood up and said loudly, "Wait for me. I am on my way now."

"Honey, you guys eat first. I have to go now." Qingfeng Li moved as fast as lightning and vanished in a moment.

Seeing Qingfeng Li leave in a hurry, Xiaoyun Mu frowned and asked, "Little Xue, what happened to Qingfeng? He was in such a hurry to leave."

"Mother, it must be something really important. I hope he's okay." Even though Xue Lin didn't know what happened, Qingfeng Li's worried expression told her that it wasn't a simple issue.

Qingfeng Li left the mansion and drove crazily towards the Qingfeng League. The people inside were all his subordinates, the very first people to come work under him. He didn't want to see them die.

Lone Mountain, Qingfeng League

The Qingfeng League was in chaos. Wudao Xue and two other elders released their realms and trapped all of the Qingfeng League's pupils. It was impossible for them to run.


Wudao Xue randomly slapped with his right hand and exploded another pupil's body. There were no body parts left for his corpse.

"This is the tenth person. If Qingfeng Li is still not here, I will kill two people per minute." Wudao Xue said gloomily.

King Kong's faced turned pale and his eyes were filled with anger. Those people were all his subordinates, but they were slapped to death like mosquitoes.

Killing one person per minute, It had already been ten minutes, and Wudao Xue already killed ten people.

Bang! Bang!

Wudao Xue slapped two pupils to death and said, "It's been eleven minutes now. Qingfeng Li is still not coming?"

Everyone around was furious and terrified, but they couldn't move within the realm. They had no choice but to get killed.

From Noble Palace to Qingfeng League in Lone Mountain would normally take twenty minutes to half an hour. In order to save people, Qingfeng Li only took twelve minutes, which was half the time than usual.

When Qingfeng Li got to Qinfeng League, the first thing in his sight was Black Panther fainting on the ground and at least ten bloody clumps of cloth remains on the floor.

"Grand Daddy Li, please avenge us! These three demons already killed over ten of us. They were killed by a single smack and there isn't a single piece of their body remaining." King Kong cried in pain.

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