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Chapter 809: Hidden Crisis

It was Xue Lin's first time in Jiangnan province, so she wasn't familiar with the surroundings. Everything was strange as she looked at the streets and buildings outside.

In fact, Xue Lin wasn't just unfamiliar with Jiangnan province, but also with the Meier Xue beside her.

Xue wanted to bring Ziyi Miao on this visit to Jiangnan province, but the fact that Ziyi served Qingfeng bothered her. If she brought Ziyi along, then Qingfeng would definitely know, so she came alone.

In regards to Qingfeng, Xue is still very angry, because she loved him. If she didn't love him, then Xue wouldn't mind at all.

Women are such strange creatures. She clearly liked someone, but due to one event, she began to hate him as well. Love and hate are often closely tied.

"When will we arrive at Emerald Jade Company?" Xue frowned and said.

Xue had a strong impression of the Emerald Jade Company, because the Ice Snow Corporation bought all their jade sources from them. They've had a great cooperation, but she wasn't sure why they wouldn't source to her company anymore.

If Qingfeng was number one in Xue Lin's priorities, then the Ice Snow Corporation would be number two. Her grandfather left her the company, and she promised her grandfather that she would take good care of it.

"President Xue Lin, don't worry, we'll be there soon." Meier Xue said, but with the same stiff cold look.

The poor girl, you still don't know who you're about to meet. We're talking about the elder of Crimson Blood Sect, a man beyond evil. No one has been able to escape his wrath.

Even Meier Xue felt a chill at the thought of President Li Xue. In the past, she personally saw Li Xue tear a woman's heart out and eat it. It was terror beyond belief.

For outsiders however, Li Xue was the CEO of Emerald Jade Company, an incredibly wealthy man, and a true success. But underneath all the glamour was a dark and evil heart, a devil; he had killed countless women.

Li Xue had a particular hobby, where he drank women's blood in belief that it would increase his strength.

Certainly Meier Xue knew of Li Xue's terror, but she wouldn't tell Xue Lin, because Xue Lin was about to face Li Xue. She was bound to die this time.

Meier Xue felt jealous at the sight of Xue Lin's pretty face. This was a woman who was prettier than her. As another woman, this angered her the most.

However the thought that Xue Lin was about to die from the torments of Li Xue lifted her spirits a

a bit. She hoped to see this beautiful woman's death, because it would make her happier.

Xue trembled at the sight of Meier Xue's cynical smile, as it creeped her out.

Twenty minutes later.

Meier Xue drove Xue Lin to Emerald Jade Company; it was the biggest company in Jiangnan province, which was thirty floors high. The outside was built with crimson marble, making it absolutely stunning, but the area had hints of a bloody stench.

Marbles usually came in white, black, grey, and other colors. Crimson marble rock was extremely rare, and especially expensive.

The construction of the Emerald Jade Company building in crimson marble must have cost at least a million. It was a massive sum; average companies weren't even worth one million, not to mention using one million to construct a building.

Not only was the building exterior grand, there were two blood red lions at the door. The menacing lions were three meters tall, not white, but blood red, each of their eyes were filled with crimson bloodthirsty beams.

The main door was blood red as well, with eight security guards. These guards were more than they appeared. They were disciples of the Crimson Blood Sect who were extremely powerful, at least at the Higher Heaven stage.

The guards being at the Higher Heaven stage clearly demonstrated

clearly demonstrated how formidable the Crimson Blood Sect was.

Xue looked at these eight guards and felt a sudden fear. These guards breathed out the thirst for blood, which terrified her.

"Are all of the Emerald Jade Company people this creepy?" Xue frowned and mumbled to herself. Meier Xue had already unsettled her, and now the company guards have also disturbed her.

The eight guards' eyes lit up with a crimson light as they watched Xue enter the company building. They smiled as if they were watching a tasty little mouse offer itself to the beast.

Xue Lin followed Meier Xue to the top of the company building. There was a massive office of about five hundred square metres. Inside, the walls, the chandelier, and even the desks and chairs were blood red.

Xue was terrified and shocked after she saw the inside of the room. What's wrong with this Emerald Jade Company, why is everything blood red? Did the CEO love blood red this much?

At the same time, a middle-aged man sat on the chair. He had a reddish face with dense and dark eyebrows and a red symbol in-between. He was scarlet colored and extremely creepy.

This middle-aged man was none other than the CEO of Emerald Jade Company, Li Xue.

Li Xue was in awe of Xue's beauty at first sight. What first sight. What a beautiful woman! Her faceias like a delicate flower, porcelain skin as smooth as water, starry eyes, and red lips like fresh roses.

Not only did this woman have an attractive face, her figure was incredibly sexy, with large breasts, and straight long legs. Of all the women Li Xue has seen, Xue Lin was the prettiest.

"Oh, and a virgin. This is incredible, I love the fresh blood of virgins, if I drank this woman's blood, I can definitely excel in my current training." Li Xue thought excitedly.

Cold Blood ordered Li Xue to trick Xue Lin into coming, he had hesitations initially, but now he realized the cleverness of the young master. Just the smell of fresh blood on Xue turned Li Xue's eyes red with lust.

Li Xue had decided; there was no way she would walk out of here today, he must keep her here.

"Welcome beautiful CEO Xue Lin." Li Xue stood up and opened his arms for a hug.

Of course the hug was a decoy to take advantage of Xue and smell the blood in her.

Xue's faced changed as she saw the blood carnage in his eyes, she was terrified and quickly backed up.


Because Xue Lin had backed up too quick, she broke a vase on the ground, which caused a large smash sound.

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