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"Please behave CEO Li Xue, I'm here to discuss the issue with the raw jade supply." Xue's alluring face had hints of anger as she said coldly.

This CEO of the Emerald Jade Company was despicable. His eyes were beaming with green lights, and he wanted to take advantage of Xue Lin, but of course Xue Lin wouldn't let him get away.

Icy rays crossed Li Xue's eyes before he coldly responded, "CEO Xue Lin, you're naïve to think that we've asked you to come here just to discuss the business cooperation."

Immediately after he spoke, a sly smile appeared on his face and he got up to snatch Xue.

"Uncle Xue, you've forgotten what I told you. Xue Lin is to be turned over to me." Suddenly a devious voice came from a room beside them, and from there, Cold Blood walked out. This youth looked at the middle-aged man with discontent. 

"Young master, this woman is a virgin, the blood in her smells delicious. If I get to taste it, my powers will definitely increase."

"No, you cannot drink her blood."

"Young master, why not. Didn't you tell me to trap her here?"

"I've already decided, she's of use to me." Cold Blood said as he looked at Li Xue coldly.


Like a tornado that swept across, Cold Blood's body stood beside Xue with just one move. Xue Lin was shocked as he smacked the back of her head, and immediately caused her to faint.

Poor Xue Lin, she was completely helpless in front of these people, and was so easily knocked over.

"Uncle Xue, I will take this woman away, if Qingfeng finds his way here. Tell him to go to the Blood Demon Cave if he wants to save his wife."

The Blood Demon Cave?

Li Xue was shocked after he heard these three words.

Others may not know the Blood Demon Cave as well as Li Xue, but it was a forbidden zone in the Crimson Blood Sect. Tens of thousands of people have died there, their blood all sucked out by the Crimson Blood Sect Sect members in that inferno hell.

Li Xue wanted to keep Xue Lin for himself, but he knew that if Cold Blood wanted to take Xue Lin, he would have no chance.

Within the Crimson Blood Sect, the young master Cold Blood had the most authority other than the sect master himself.

The headquarters of the Crimson Blood Sect was located within a giant mountain on the outskirts of Jiangnan province. It was a giant mountain surrounded by white mist which made it difficult for outsiders to enter.

On the hillside bend was a massive palace made of red marble, the old lair of the Crimson Blood Sect.

"Young master you're back. Sect master went to the Vampire Sect to participate in the Unorthodox Fair." An elder in red respectfully informed Cold Blood on his way in.

"Left Protector, I'm going to the Blood Demon Cave. Guard the doors and don't let anyone in." Cold Blood smiled coldly and took Xue Lin into a cave in the back of the palace.

This cave was massive; it's entrance was four meters wide, and expanded itself as one went in. Finally at the end, there was a gigantic red platform.

There was a Blood Demon pool beside the platform which had countless crimson blood snakes inside. Littering the floor outside the pool were countless human bones. The victims' blood was sucked dry, and then the blood snakes ate their flesh.

The Blood Demon pool boiled as the blood snakes screeched inside. It was an extremely terrifying scene.

Cold Blood laid Xue Lin on top of the platform in the Blood Demon pool, and kneeled there to train.

Cold Blood opened his mouth as the fresh blood in the Blood Demon pool poured in, and increased his powers.

After Qingfeng defeated him at Elixir King tomb, Cold Blood devoted himself to intense training. His physical strength swelled after he consumed large sums of fresh human blood and now he was in the intermediate stage of the grandmaster realm, the same as Qingfeng.

Not only did his strength surge, Cold Blood also practiced a devious sword skill, the "Crimson Blood Sword Technique", which he discovered in the Blood Demon pool.

Cold Blood kidnapped and brought Xue Lin here to lure Qingfeng in as well. He wanted to kill Qingfeng in the Blood Demon pool, suck his blood, and use the powers in the Demonic pool to further enhance his own.

After a hour flight, Qingfeng finally landed in Jiangnan province.

Naturally, Qingfeng was very unfamiliar with Jiangnan province because he had never been before. However now with technology, GPS systems were very well informed. As long as you paid money, the driver can use the GPS to take you anywhere.

Qingfeng used five hundred yuan to get the driver to drive him to the Emerald Jade Company building.

The driver left as soon as he dropped Qingfeng off. He was scared, because many people have went missing there.

Qingfeng raised his head and saw the massive red building in front of his view. The building was thirty stories tall, extremely grand, and had hints of a bloody stench. The type of bloody scent only someone, like Qingfeng, who had killed countless people before, could recognize.

There were eight security guards at the Crimson Blood Sect. Qingfeng knew that they weren't real guards but were, in fact, accomplished martial art warriors, but of the unorthodox alignment, which was also known as devious.

Devious martial arts were different than the formal martial arts; their bodies reeked of wickedness and blood. That was the mark left from killing too many people.

"Stop. This is the Emerald Jade Company, no outsider is permitted entrance." A guard in red stopped Qingfeng and stated with pride.

"You Crimson Blood Sect use Higher Heaven stage practitioners as security guards, how indulgent." Qingfeng smiled lightly and said.

The red shirted guard's face turned after he heard Qingfeng, his eyes filled with shock. Who was this youth in front of him? How could he tell their strength levels, and state their identities?

The red shirted guard blocked Qingfeng as he tried to enter.


Qingfeng swiftly smashed the guard on his head, shattered it into shreds, and killing him.

For Qingfeng, smashing a Higher Heaven stage practitioner to death was like swatting a fly.

Qingfeng could easily kill them, but the other seven guards didn't realize it. The first red shirted guard was there leader, a key member in the Crimson Blood Sect with supreme powers. How could he have died so easily in the hands of this youth?

"Kill!" the other seven red shirted guards screamed, and attacked Qingfeng together to avenge their brother's death.

Smash smash smash…

With seven consecutive palm strikes, all landing on the heads of the seven guards like swatting seven little flies, they were all killed immediately.

In seconds, the seven red shirted guards all collapsed, their eyes filled with terror at the moment of their deaths.

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