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Qingfeng brought the rib corn stew to Ruyan's room, who was starting to look better now. Her face was no longer pale, and it had recovered some of its rosiness, looking especially pretty.

Ruyan had always been pretty, even when she was ill. She was still very beautiful, and was tempting to others.

Jiaojiao Liu sat beside Ruyan and helped her drink some water.

"Ruyan, how are you feeling now?" Qingfeng walked in front of her and asked with care.

Ruyan nodded and said, "The doctor gave me a shot, and now I'm feeling much better."

"Here, have some rib stew to help your recovery." Qingfeng smiled lightly, held up the spoon and fed it to Ruyan.

"This rib stew is good, it's freshly made, right?" Ruyan tasted a sip, and smiled at how tasty it was.

Qingfeng nodded, and continued to feed Ruyan carefully. Shortly after, she finished the whole bowl.

After Ruyan became pregnant with the baby, her appetite grew. Before, she wouldn't be able to finish a whole bowl of rib stew, but now she had finished it in one breath.

Of course, Ruyan was eating for two; there was a baby inside of her.


As soon as Qingfeng had finished feeding Ruyan the stew, his phone rang. He didn't want to pick it up initially, but when he saw that it was Ziyi, he answered.

Qingfeng picked up the phone and walked outside of the room, he asked, "What are you calling about, Ziyi?"

"Master, sister Xue wants to go to the Jiangnan province."

"Why is she going to Jiangnan? Why didn't you stop her?"

"Master, I couldn't. The CEO of the Emerald Jade Company forced Xue to go, it was the only way for us to get the raw resources to continue production of jewelry."

"Emerald Jade Company, how dare they! How dare they threaten my wife, where is Xue now?"

"Master, sister Xue is boarding the plane now ... she knows that I work for you, so she left me behind and went on her own."

"Dammit, Xue just got out of the hospital, and is a woman. How can she go to Jiangnan?" Qingfeng scolded, anger rising inside of him.

Qingfeng pulled out his phone and called Xue's cell, but it was turned off. She must have already boarded the plane.

"Ruyan, I've to go now, you take care in the hospital," Qingfeng walked out of the room, ordered the people to take care of Ruyan, and left the hospital.

Qingfeng knew how urgent the matter was, he had no time to lose, and he drove to the airport immediately.

On the way Qingfeng called Xianzhi Qin and asked for her to investigate the Emerald Jade Company.

Qingfeng clearly knew that the Fiery Emperor Palace was the biggest and also the most mysterious force in Huaxia, having a large information network established throughout the country.

Xianzhi didn't let Qingfeng down, only ten minutes had past and she called back, "Wolf King, according to my investigation, the CEO of Emerald Jade Company is Li Xue. He is an elder of teh Crimson Blood Sect, meaning that the real owner of the company is also the Crimson Blood Sect."

Crimson Blood Sect?

Qingfeng's face immediately changed after hearing the name, he was deeply concerned.

Qingfeng knew about the Crimson Blood Sect. They were a top-tier force in the unorthodox world. He had met Cold Blood in the Elixir King's tomb before, and he was the young master of the Crimson Blood Sect, and was extremely powerful.

Now the CEO of the Emerald Jade Company, a pawn of the Crimson Blood Sect, told Xue Lin to visit Jiangnan province. This is inevitably a scheme.

Qingfeng knew no time could be wasted, he immediately hanged up on Xianzhi, and sped to the airport. When Qingfeng arrived at the airport, Xue Lin's flight had already left. The next flight would leave in another hour.

Damn it, how can it be so slow. Qingfeng was irritated; he paced around in the airport, and wanted to steal a plane to fly over if he could.

A lengthy hour passed by, and Qingfeng finally got on the second flight.

The plane flew towards Jiangnan province, Qingfeng looked at the white clouds outside with no intention to enjoy the scenery. He felt extremely impatient.

After he found out that Cold Blood controlled the Emerald Jade Company, he knew that it was a scheme against Xue Lin.

No, the target may not be Xue Lin, it may be a scheme targeted towards him. Qingfeng was certain that Cold Blood must have investigated into his background, and went for Xue Lin.

Xue Lin is just an ordinary person, so she obviously didn't know how evil and brutal someone like Cold Blood was.

"I swear Cold Blood, if you harm my wife, I will kill you, and rip you to shreds." Qingfeng looked at the clouds outside with murderous rage.

A pretty stewardess walked past Qingfeng, and was so startled by the killing intent emitting from him that she directly fell to the ground.

"He looks terrifying" the air stewardess grew pale as her heart beat sped up.

She quickly got up to leave, without the guts to look at Qingfeng again…

Xue Lin was on the first flight, and it took four hours before her plane landed in Jiangnan province airport. As she got off the plane, a beautiful woman with red-dyed hair approached her.

This woman was very beautiful. She had an attractive face, smooth white skin, alluring eyes, long eyelashes, and red lipstick on her lips that made her look very sexy.

Although she was sexy, she had hints of deviousness emanating from her body. If one examined closely, she had the stench of blood on her, which had collected within her body from killing too many people.

"President Xue Lin hello, I'm Meier Xue. President Li Xue has arranged for me to pick you up." Meier Xue smiled seductively and said.

Xue Lin frowned, she had a bad impression of Meier Xue. Although she was pretty, she was too sexy. She had an odd presence, but Xue had to hide her concerns.

"Where is CEO Li Xue?" Xue Lin frowned and said. She came to see the CEO of the Emerald Jade Company, not to see this woman.

"Come with me, I will drive you to see CEO Li Xue." Meier Xue smiled lightly and showed Xue into a Ferrari and left the airport.

Meier Xue drove the car while Xue sat beside her. No one spoke in the car.

"Ungrateful woman, you just felt disgusted by me, and didn't think I would notice, just wait. When we get to the company, watch how the CEO and the young sect master will punish you." Meier Xue glanced at Xue and thought to herself with hatred.

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