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"Little Yao, what are you smiling about? You don't think I'm a good guy?" Qingfeng frowned and questioned.

He had always felt that there was something odd to Mengyao's smile, as if in complaint. I'm your man little lady, you understand? The man that conquers you in bed, how can you be upset with your man?

"I want to ask you, you've tasted my body, but won't call me. Are you planning to ditch me?" Mengyao complained as she pouted her lips.

Yes Mengyao is upset with Qingfeng; this guy hasn't contacted her since their copulation last time. How can someone be so cold?

Qingfeng opened his mouth in attempts to explain, but didn't know how to, he really did neglect Mengyao.

Can you blame Qingfeng? Of course not, he's been terribly busy lately, he had to go into the Elixir King Tomb to save Xue Lin. He killed all those ancient martial art powers to acquire Black Crow Vines, and burned bridges with all those people as a result.

Just a while ago, he was hunted by some of the biggest ancient martial art clan leaders at Sky Mountain mansion in Tianjing city. He had no time to care for Mengyao.

However Qingfeng understood why Mengyao would be mad, but he had no obligation to tell Mengyao his troubles, because even if he did, it wouldn't mean anything to her, it would only cause her to worry.

"Little Yao, after all this, I'll look after you more." Qingfeng smiled

Mengyao raised her little head and showed her shy pride. This meant that Qingfeng should be good to her, and treat her well.

Women in love are always irrational, not only will they like to appear coquettish, they will also pretend to be prideful. Look at her now, she's starting again.

"Come, let me give you a massage." Qingfeng came beside Mengyao and massaged her shoulders.

Mengyao blushed entirely out of shyness. This is the hospital food court, out in public. How scandalous it is that Qingfeng is massaged this gorgeous officer's shoulders in everyone's view.

Even if Mengyao didn't mention the scene, everyone already thought that it was odd; many looked at these two's affairs in jealousy.

"F*ck, this guy is so lucky. Look at him massaging that officer."

"Right? That officer is gorgeous, I wouldn't mind living for a day less just to massage her."

"Cut it out, you look like a shoehorn, she wouldn't even look at you."

People in the food court discussed incessantly, they looked at Mengyao with desire, and at Qingfeng with bitter jealousy.

They felt unfair, this despiteful guy, how can he touch such a pretty woman.

"Stop it Qingfeng, everyone is looking." Mengyao blushed and said shyfully.

Although she was happy inside, she couldn't help but feel uncomfortable with all those onlookers.

Qingfeng didn't care. He massaged Mengyao's shoulders endlessly, from her back, waist, to all over her body, and took full advantage of her figure.

In the end, Mengyao lied on the chair; her alluring face flushed pink, as if it dropped water. She was absolutely stunning, incredibly alluring.

"Villain, you always tease me." Mengyao looked at Qingfeng seductively, her eyes flashing with rays of appeal.

"It's your fault for calling me a bad guy, next time I'll have to punish you." Qingfeng looked at Mengyao's chest and smiled.

Mengyao felt angry, but parts of her enjoyed this. This is a woman who appears to be innocent but is actually very sensual, Qingfeng could easily have his way with her. 

"Qingfeng, this is a maternal hospital, what are you doing here?" Mengyao frowned and asked with suspicion.

Naturally, Qingfeng couldn't tell her about Ruyan Liu's pregnancy. Telling a woman about another woman is a grave mistake, there's no way he would do that.

"I've a friend who is pregnant, I came to visit." Qingfeng smiled and said

A pregnant friend?

Mengyao's seductive face turned suspicious, boyfriends and husbands visit during pregnancy, why are you here?

Mengyao nearly voiced her concerns, she wanted to ask Qingfeng what this friend's name was, but didn't know how to approach it.

Women intuition is always on point, she had always felt that Qingfeng seemed to be lying to her, and didn't tell her the truth.

Qingfeng saw Mengyao was feeling skeptical, he knew she didn't believe her, but he couldn't tell the truth, or Mengyao will definitely be furious.

Qingfeng felt uncomfortable, women are so much trouble, his women are everywhere, and he had no clue how to respond to them.

"Little Yao, why are you at the hospital? Could you be pregnant too?" Qingfeng smiled and teased, he tried to distract her.

"Of course not, would you like me to be?" Mengyao blinked and asked.

"Little Yao, I would be glad if you were pregnant. The baby could be called Mengyao Li, your name with my last name."

"You're crazy, I'm not pregnant."

"Then why are you here if not pregnant?"

"My sister in law, Rou Li is pregnant, I'm visiting her."

"Congratulations, you're an aunt to be." Qingfeng smiled.

Of course, Qingfeng knew Rou Li; she was infertile before, until he cured her.

Mengyao rolled her eyes, she isn't used to the term aunt, because aunts meant old in age, and she was young. She didn't want to be be called old.

"Number 18, your rib corn stew is ready." The cook called out from inside the kitchen.

"Little Yao, my rib stew is ready, bye." Qingfeng walked to the window front, he took the rib stew and left.

Although he had wanted to talk more with Mengyao, Ruyan Liu was waiting to eat in her room, so Qingfeng had to leave.

Qingfeng moved swiftly, it wasn't long that he disappeared from Mengyao's sight.

"Villain, I won't bite, why run away so fast?" Mengyao pouted her red lips and complained as she saw Qingfeng leave.

For Qingfeng, what he felt for Mengyao had always been complicated; he couldn't tell if it was like or love.

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